Fun Holidays and Observances for 2024

Below is a listing of all major fun and quirky holidays. Click on any holiday below for more details and dates for the next 10 years. Have a look at our calendar with fun holidays pages for ready made printable calendars with fun holidays.


DateDayHoliday NameHoliday Type
Jan 1MondayPolar Bear Plunge DayObservance
Jan 2TuesdayBuffet DayObservance
Jan 2TuesdayRun It up the Flagpole and See If Anyone Salutes It DayObservance
Jan 2TuesdayScience Fiction DayObservance
Jan 3WednesdayFruitcake Toss DayObservance
Jan 3WednesdayFestival of Sleep DayObservance
Jan 4ThursdayTrivia DayObservance
Jan 5FridayBird DayObservance
Jan 6SaturdayBean DayObservance
Jan 7SundayOld Rock DayObservance
Jan 8MondayEarths Rotation DayObservance
Jan 8MondayClean Off Your Desk DayObservance
Jan 9TuesdayStatic Electricity DayObservance
Jan 9TuesdayWord Nerd DayObservance
Jan 10WednesdayCut Your Energy Costs DayObservance
Jan 11ThursdayLearn Your Name in Morse Code DayObservance
Jan 12FridayMarzipan DayObservance
Jan 13SaturdayMake Your Dreams Come True DayObservance
Jan 14SundayOrganize Your Home DayObservance
Jan 15MondayStrawberry Ice Cream DayObservance
Jan 16TuesdayNothing DayObservance
Jan 17WednesdayBenjamin Franklin DayObservance
Jan 17WednesdayKid Inventors DayObservance
Jan 17WednesdayDitch New Years Resolution DayObservance
Jan 18ThursdayThesaurus DayObservance
Jan 19FridayTin Can DayObservance
Jan 19FridayPopcorn DayObservance
Jan 20SaturdaySoup Swap DayObservance
Jan 20SaturdayPenguin Awareness DayObservance
Jan 21SundaySquirrel Appreciation DayObservance
Jan 22MondayHot Sauce DayObservance
Jan 23TuesdayHandwriting DayObservance
Jan 24WednesdayGlobal Belly Laugh DayObservance
Jan 24WednesdayNational Compliment DayObservance
Jan 24WednesdayMacintosh Computer DayObservance
Jan 25ThursdayOpposite DayObservance
Jan 26FridaySpouses DayObservance
Jan 26FridayFun at Work DayObservance
Jan 27SaturdayChocolate Cake DayObservance
Jan 28SundayData Privacy DayObservance
Jan 29MondayPuzzle DayObservance
Jan 30TuesdayCroissant DayObservance
Jan 31WednesdayBackwards DayObservance
Feb 2FridayWork Naked DayObservance
Feb 2FridayDay of the CrepeObservance
Feb 2FridayPlay Your Ukulele DayObservance
Feb 3SaturdayEat Ice Cream for Breakfast DayObservance
Feb 3SaturdayCarrot Cake DayObservance
Feb 4SundayThank Your Mailman DayObservance
Feb 4SundayCreate a Vacuum DayObservance
Feb 4SundayStuffed Mushroom DayObservance
Feb 5MondayNational Weatherpersons DayObservance
Feb 5MondayChocolate Fondue DayObservance
Feb 6TuesdayLame Duck DayObservance
Feb 7Wednesdaye DayObservance
Feb 7WednesdaySend a Card to a Friend DayObservance
Feb 8ThursdayLaugh and Get Rich DayObservance
Feb 9FridayToothache DayObservance
Feb 9FridayBagel and Lox DayObservance
Feb 10SaturdayUmbrella DayObservance
Feb 11SundayMake a Friend DayObservance
Feb 11SundayDont Cry Over Spilled Milk DayObservance
Feb 12MondayClean Out Your Computer DayObservance
Feb 12MondayDarwin DayObservance
Feb 13TuesdayWorld Radio DayObservance
Feb 14WednesdayFerris Wheel DayObservance
Feb 14WednesdayLibrary Lovers DayObservance
Feb 15ThursdayGumdrop DayObservance
Feb 16FridayDo a Grouch a Favor DayObservance
Feb 17SaturdayRandom Act of Kindness DayObservance
Feb 18SundayBattery DayObservance
Feb 19MondayChocolate Mint DayObservance
Feb 22ThursdaySingle Tasking DayObservance
Feb 22ThursdayBe Humble DayObservance
Feb 23FridayInternational Dog Biscuit Appreciation DayObservance
Feb 24SaturdayTortilla Chip DayObservance
Feb 24SaturdayWorld Sword Swallowers DayObservance
Feb 26MondayPistachio DayObservance
Feb 26MondayTell a Fairy Tale DayObservance
Feb 27TuesdayNo Brainer DayObservance
Feb 28WednesdayPublic Sleeping DayObservance
Mar 1FridayWorld Compliment DayObservance
Mar 1FridayPlan a Solo Vacation DayObservance
Mar 2SaturdayOld Stuff DayObservance
Mar 3SundayI Want You to be Happy DayObservance
Mar 4MondayMarch Forth and Do Something DayObservance
Mar 5TuesdayLearn What Your Name Means DayObservance
Mar 5TuesdayCinco de MarchoObservance
Mar 6WednesdayDentists DayObservance
Mar 7ThursdayAlexander Graham Bell DayObservance
Mar 8FridayProofreading DayObservance
Mar 10SundayMario DayObservance
Mar 11MondayOatmeal Nut Waffle DayObservance
Mar 11MondayNapping DayObservance
Mar 12TuesdayAlfred Hitchcock DayObservance
Mar 13WednesdayJewel DayObservance
Mar 14ThursdayPi DayObservance
Mar 15FridayEverything You Think is Wrong DayObservance
Mar 16SaturdayEvery Thing You Do is Right DayObservance
Mar 17SundaySubmarine DayObservance
Mar 18MondayAwkward Moments DayObservance
Mar 19TuesdayLets Laugh DayObservance
Mar 20WednesdayWorld Storytelling DayObservance
Mar 20WednesdayProposal DayObservance
Mar 21ThursdayAbsolutely Incredible Kid DayObservance
Mar 21ThursdayCommon Courtesy DayObservance
Mar 22FridayInternational Goof Off DayObservance
Mar 23SaturdayWorld OK DayObservance
Mar 23SaturdayPuppy DayObservance
Mar 23SaturdayNear Miss DayObservance
Mar 24SundayChocolate Covered Raisins DayObservance
Mar 25MondayEat a Waffle DayObservance
Mar 25MondayTolkien Reading DayObservance
Mar 26TuesdayMake Up Your Own Holiday DayObservance
Mar 27WednesdaySpanish Paella DayObservance
Mar 28ThursdaySomething on a Stick DayObservance
Mar 29FridaySmoke and Mirrors DayObservance
Mar 30SaturdayTake a Walk in the Park DayObservance
Mar 31SundayBunsen Burner DayObservance
Apr 3WednesdayWorld Party DayObservance
Apr 4ThursdayTell a Lie DayObservance
Apr 5FridayRead a Road Map DayObservance
Apr 5FridayFirst Contact DayObservance
Apr 5FridayWalk to Work DayObservance
Apr 6SaturdaySorry Charlie DayObservance
Apr 9TuesdayBe Kind to Lawyers DayObservance
Apr 10WednesdaySiblings DayObservance
Apr 11ThursdayBarbershop Quartet DayObservance
Apr 12FridayGrilled Cheese DayObservance
Apr 12FridayYuris NightObservance
Apr 13SaturdayScrabble DayObservance
Apr 14SundayInternational Moment of Laughter DayObservance
Apr 14SundayReach as High as You Can DayObservance
Apr 14SundayLook up the Sky DayObservance
Apr 16TuesdayEggs Benedict DayObservance
Apr 16TuesdayWear Pajamas to Work DayObservance
Apr 17WednesdayHaiku Poetry DayObservance
Apr 18ThursdayColumnist DayObservance
Apr 20SaturdayLook Alike DayObservance
Apr 22MondayJelly Bean DayObservance
Apr 23TuesdayTake a Chance DayObservance
Apr 23TuesdayImpossible Astronaut DayObservance
Apr 23TuesdayLovers DayObservance
Apr 25ThursdayDNA DayObservance
Apr 25ThursdayTake Our Daughters and Sons to Work DayObservance
Apr 26FridayPretzel DayObservance
Apr 26FridayRichter Scale DayObservance
Apr 28SundayWorld Pinhole Photography DayObservance
Apr 29MondayZipper DayObservance
Apr 30TuesdayHonesty DayObservance
May 3FridayNo Pants DayObservance
May 3FridaySpace DayObservance
May 4SaturdayStar Wars DayObservance
May 4SaturdayHerb DayObservance
May 4SaturdayFree Comic Book DayObservance
May 6MondayBeverage DayObservance
May 8WednesdayNational School Nurse DayObservance
May 9ThursdayEurope DayObservance
May 9ThursdayLost Sock Memorial DayObservance
May 10FridayClean Up Your Room DayObservance
May 11SaturdayTwilight Zone DayObservance
May 11SaturdayEat What You Want DayObservance
May 12SundayLimerick DayObservance
May 13MondayFrog Jumping DayObservance
May 14TuesdayDance Like a Chicken DayObservance
May 15WednesdayChocolate Chip DayObservance
May 17FridayPack Rat DayObservance
May 17FridayPizza Party DayObservance
May 18SaturdayAstronomy Day 1stObservance
May 18SaturdayNo Dirty Dishes DayObservance
May 19SundayMay Ray DayObservance
May 20MondayBe a Millionaire DayObservance
May 21TuesdayTalk Like Yoda DayObservance
May 22WednesdayBuy a Musical Instrument DayObservance
May 24FridayScavenger Hunt DayObservance
May 25SaturdaySing Out DayObservance
May 25SaturdayTowel DayObservance
May 26SundayWorld Lindy Hop DayObservance
May 27MondaySun Screen DayObservance
May 28TuesdayHamburger DayObservance
May 29WednesdayPut a Pillow on Your Fridge DayObservance
May 30ThursdayMy Buckets Got a Hole DayObservance
May 31FridayMacaroon DayObservance
Jun 1SaturdaySay Something Nice DayObservance
Jun 2SundayLeave the Office Early DayObservance
Jun 3MondayRepeat DayObservance
Jun 4TuesdayHug Your Cat DayObservance
Jun 6ThursdayDrive In Movie DayObservance
Jun 7FridayNational Doughnut DayObservance
Jun 7FridayVCR DayObservance
Jun 8SaturdayBest Friends DayObservance
Jun 9SundayDonald Duck DayObservance
Jun 10MondayIced Tea DayObservance
Jun 11TuesdayCorn on the Cob DayObservance
Jun 12WednesdayRed Rose DayObservance
Jun 13ThursdaySewing Machine DayObservance
Jun 14FridayBourbon DayObservance
Jun 15SaturdayNature Photography DayObservance
Jun 15SaturdayWorld Juggling DayObservance
Jun 16SundayBloomsdayObservance
Jun 17MondayEat Your Vegetables DayObservance
Jun 18TuesdayInternational Picnic DayObservance
Jun 19WednesdaySauntering DayObservance
Jun 21FridayDaylight Appreciation DayObservance
Jun 21FridayTake Your Dog to Work DayObservance
Jun 22SaturdayOnion Ring DayObservance
Jun 23SundayTypewriter DayObservance
Jun 24MondaySwim a Lap DayObservance
Jun 25TuesdayPlease Take my Children to Work DayObservance
Jun 26WednesdayChocolate Pudding DayObservance
Jun 27ThursdayHelen Keller DayObservance
Jun 28FridayTau DayObservance
Jun 29SaturdayCamera DayObservance
Jun 30SundayMeteor Watch DayObservance
Jul 1MondayInternational Joke DayObservance
Jul 2TuesdayI Forgot DayObservance
Jul 2TuesdayWorld UFO DayObservance
Jul 3WednesdayCompliment Your Mirror DayObservance
Jul 3WednesdayInternational Plastic Bag Free DayObservance
Jul 4ThursdaySidewalk Egg Frying DayObservance
Jul 5FridayWorkaholics DayObservance
Jul 6SaturdayWorld Kissing DayObservance
Jul 7SundayTell the Truth DayObservance
Jul 8MondayVideo Games DayObservance
Jul 8MondayMath 20 DayObservance
Jul 9TuesdaySugar Cookie DayObservance
Jul 10WednesdayTeddy Bears Picnic DayObservance
Jul 10WednesdayClerihew DayObservance
Jul 11ThursdayCheer Up the Lonely DayObservance
Jul 12FridaySimplicity DayObservance
Jul 13SaturdayEmbrace Your Geekness DayObservance
Jul 14SundayPandemonium DayObservance
Jul 15MondayGummi Worm DayObservance
Jul 16TuesdayCorn Fritters DayObservance
Jul 17WednesdayYellow Pig DayObservance
Jul 17WednesdayWorld Emoji DayObservance
Jul 18ThursdayInsurance Nerd DayObservance
Jul 18ThursdayCaviar DayObservance
Jul 19FridayStick Out Your Tongue DayObservance
Jul 20SaturdaySpace Exploration DayObservance
Jul 21SundayJunk Food DayObservance
Jul 21SundayIce Cream DayObservance
Jul 22MondayPi Approximation DayObservance
Jul 23TuesdayVanilla Ice Cream DayObservance
Jul 24WednesdayCousins DayObservance
Jul 25ThursdayCulinarians DayObservance
Jul 26FridayUncle and Aunt DayObservance
Jul 27SaturdayTake your Pants for a Walk DayObservance
Jul 28SundayMilk Chocolate DayObservance
Jul 29MondayLasagna DayObservance
Jul 30TuesdayNational Cheesecake DayObservance
Jul 31WednesdayUncommon Musical Instrument DayObservance
Aug 1ThursdayGirlfriends DayObservance
Aug 2FridayIce Cream Sandwich DayObservance
Aug 2FridayInternational Beer DayObservance
Aug 3SaturdayWatermelon DayObservance
Aug 4SundaySingle Working Womens DayObservance
Aug 4SundaySisters DayObservance
Aug 5MondayWork Like a Dog DayObservance
Aug 6TuesdayFresh Breath DayObservance
Aug 7WednesdayLighthouse DayObservance
Aug 8ThursdayHappiness Happens DayObservance
Aug 9FridayBook Lovers DayObservance
Aug 10SaturdayLazyload DayObservance
Aug 11SundaySon and Daughter DayObservance
Aug 12MondayMiddle Child DayObservance
Aug 13TuesdayLeft Handers DayObservance
Aug 14WednesdayCreamsicle DayObservance
Aug 15ThursdayRelaxation DayObservance
Aug 16FridayTell a Joke DayObservance
Aug 17SaturdayThrift Shop DayObservance
Aug 18SundayMail Order Catalog DayObservance
Aug 19MondayWorld Photo DayObservance
Aug 20TuesdayChocolate Pecan Pie DayObservance
Aug 21WednesdaySpumoni DayObservance
Aug 22ThursdayBe An Angel DayObservance
Aug 23FridayRide Like the Wind DayObservance
Aug 24SaturdayPluto Demoted DayObservance
Aug 25SundayKiss and Make up DayObservance
Aug 26MondayDog Appreciation DayObservance
Aug 27TuesdayThe Duchess Who Wasnt DayObservance
Aug 28WednesdayBow Tie DayObservance
Aug 29ThursdayAccording to Hoyle DayObservance
Aug 30FridayFrankenstein DayObservance
Aug 31SaturdayEat Outside DayObservance
Sep 1SundayEmma Nutt DayObservance
Sep 1SundayNo Rhyme or Reason DayObservance
Sep 2MondayBison Ten Yell DayObservance
Sep 3TuesdaySkyscraper DayObservance
Sep 4WednesdayEat an Extra Dessert DayObservance
Sep 5ThursdayBe Late for Something DayObservance
Sep 5ThursdayCheese Pizza DayObservance
Sep 6FridayFight Procrastination DayObservance
Sep 6FridayRead a Book DayObservance
Sep 7SaturdaySalami DayObservance
Sep 8SundayPardon DayObservance
Sep 9MondayTeddy Bear DayObservance
Sep 10TuesdaySwap Ideas DayObservance
Sep 11WednesdayMake Your Bed DayObservance
Sep 12ThursdayChocolate Milkshake DayObservance
Sep 13FridayPositive Thinking DayObservance
Sep 13FridayRoald Dahl DayObservance
Sep 14SaturdayHug Your Hound DayObservance
Sep 15SundayMake a Hat DayObservance
Sep 16MondayCollect Rocks DayObservance
Sep 16MondayWorld Guacamole DayObservance
Sep 17TuesdayInternational Country Music DayObservance
Sep 18WednesdayRice Krispie Treat DayObservance
Sep 19ThursdayNational Gymnastics DayObservance
Sep 19ThursdayInternational Talk Like a Pirate DayObservance
Sep 20FridayPunch DayObservance
Sep 21SaturdayNational CleanUp DayObservance
Sep 21SaturdayBatman DayObservance
Sep 21SaturdayMiniature Golf DayObservance
Sep 22SundayHobbit DayObservance
Sep 23MondayCheckers DayObservance
Sep 24TuesdayPunctuation DayObservance
Sep 25WednesdayComic Book DayObservance
Sep 26ThursdayLove Note DayObservance
Sep 27FridayCrush a Can DayObservance
Sep 28SaturdayAsk a Stupid Question DayObservance
Sep 28SaturdayGood Neighbor DayObservance
Sep 30MondayHot Mulled Cider DayObservance
Oct 1TuesdayInternational Coffee DayObservance
Oct 1TuesdayBalloons Around the World DayObservance
Oct 2WednesdayPhileas Fogg Wager DayObservance
Oct 4FridayTaco DayObservance
Oct 4FridayWorld Smile DayObservance
Oct 5SaturdayChic Spy DayObservance
Oct 5SaturdayCard Making DayObservance
Oct 6SundayMad Hatter DayObservance
Oct 7MondayFrappé DayObservance
Oct 8TuesdayPierogi DayObservance
Oct 9WednesdayCurious Events DayObservance
Oct 10ThursdayHandbag DayObservance
Oct 11FridayIts My Party DayObservance
Oct 12SaturdayOld Farmers DayObservance
Oct 12SaturdayAstronomy Day 2ndObservance
Oct 13SundayInternational Skeptics DayObservance
Oct 15TuesdayI Love Lucy DayObservance
Oct 16WednesdayDictionary DayObservance
Oct 17ThursdayWear Something Gaudy DayObservance
Oct 18FridayChocolate Cupcake DayObservance
Oct 19SaturdaySweetest DayObservance
Oct 20SundayInternational Sloth DayObservance
Oct 21MondayNational Clean Out Your Virtual Desktop DayObservance
Oct 21MondayCount your Buttons DayObservance
Oct 22TuesdayCaps Lock DayObservance
Oct 23WednesdayWorld Mole DayObservance
Oct 24ThursdayBologna DayObservance
Oct 25FridaySourest DayObservance
Oct 26SaturdayHowl at the Moon Day and NightObservance
Oct 27SundayAmerican Beer DayObservance
Oct 28MondayInternational Animation DayObservance
Oct 29TuesdayInternet DayObservance
Oct 30WednesdayCandy Corn DayObservance
Oct 31ThursdayHalloweenObservance
Oct 31ThursdayMagic DayObservance
Nov 1FridayAuthors DayObservance
Nov 2SaturdayDeviled Eggs DayObservance
Nov 3SundayWorld Sandwich DayObservance
Nov 3SundayZero Tasking DayObservance
Nov 4MondayCommon Sense DayObservance
Nov 6WednesdaySaxophone DayObservance
Nov 7ThursdayMen Make Dinner DayObservance
Nov 7ThursdayBittersweet Chocolate with Almonds DayObservance
Nov 8FridayTongue Twister DayObservance
Nov 9SaturdayChaos Never Dies DayObservance
Nov 10SundayForget Me Not DayObservance
Nov 10SundayVanilla Cupcake DayObservance
Nov 11MondayOrigami DayObservance
Nov 12TuesdayHappy Hour DayObservance
Nov 13WednesdayWorld Kindness DayObservance
Nov 13WednesdaySadie Hawkins DayObservance
Nov 14ThursdaySpicy Guacamole DayObservance
Nov 14ThursdayPickle DayObservance
Nov 15FridayClean Out Your Refrigerator DayObservance
Nov 16SaturdayFast Food DayObservance
Nov 17SundayTake A Hike DayObservance
Nov 18MondayPush Button Phone DayObservance
Nov 20WednesdayNational Absurdity DayObservance
Nov 21ThursdayUse Less Stuff DayObservance
Nov 21ThursdayWorld Hello DayObservance
Nov 22FridayGo For a Ride DayObservance
Nov 22FridayBuy Nothing DayObservance
Nov 23SaturdayFibonacci DayObservance
Nov 24SundayCelebrate Your Unique Talent DayObservance
Nov 25MondayShopping Reminder DayObservance
Nov 26TuesdayCakes DayObservance
Nov 28ThursdayRed Planet DayObservance
Nov 29FridayElectronic Greeting Card DayObservance
Nov 30SaturdayComputer Security DayObservance
Dec 1SundayEat a Red Apple DayObservance
Dec 2MondayFritter DayObservance
Dec 3TuesdayMake a Gift DayObservance
Dec 4WednesdayWear Brown Shoes DayObservance
Dec 5ThursdayDay of the NinjaObservance
Dec 6FridayPut on Your Own Shoes DayObservance
Dec 6FridayMicrowave Oven DayObservance
Dec 7SaturdayLetter Writing DayObservance
Dec 8SundayPretend to Be a Time Traveler DayObservance
Dec 9MondayChristmas Card DayObservance
Dec 10TuesdayDewey Decimal System DayObservance
Dec 10TuesdayJane Addams DayObservance
Dec 11WednesdayNoodle Ring DayObservance
Dec 12ThursdayGingerbread House DayObservance
Dec 14SaturdayOfficial Lost and Found DayObservance
Dec 14SaturdayMonkey DayObservance
Dec 16MondayChocolate Covered Anything DayObservance
Dec 20FridayUnderdog DayObservance
Dec 20FridaySangria DayObservance
Dec 21SaturdayUgly Sweater DayObservance
Dec 21SaturdayInternational Dalek Remembrance DayObservance
Dec 22SundayDate Nut Bread DayObservance
Dec 23MondayFestivusObservance
Dec 24TuesdayEggnog DayObservance
Dec 25WednesdayGrav Mass DayObservance
Dec 25WednesdayA phabet Day or No L DayObservance
Dec 26ThursdayThank You Note DayObservance
Dec 27FridayNo Interruptions DayObservance
Dec 28SaturdayCard Playing DayObservance
Dec 29SundayPepper Pot DayObservance
Dec 30MondayBicarbonate of Soda DayObservance
Dec 31TuesdayMake Up Your Mind DayObservance
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