Countdown to Christmas

Are you wondering how many days until Christmas this year? Everyone looks forward to the holidays at different months throughout the year. However, the countdown begins as soon as you start feeling the holiday spirit. You don't have to wait until December to get excited about the holidays - you can start now.

When should I start?

Day after Christmas
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December 26th

For some, the countdown begins as early as the day after Christmas. Most people are still enjoying the current holiday season, but that doesn't stop others from getting ready for next year. When we start the Christmas countdown right away, we keep the spirit alive for 365 days a year.

July 25th
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July 25th

Christmas in July has become a common celebration around the world. This is the perfect time to start the countdown to Christmas, as it is the halfway point to your favorite holiday.

November 1st - countdown to Christmas
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November 1st

For many people, the Christmas countdown begins the day after Halloween. With another favorite holiday out of the way, we can slowly prepare for Thanksgiving, and then the holiday season. This is the time when many families get out the decoration box from the attic and start decorating.

After Thanksgiving

The holiday season starts for many Americans once the plates are cleared and people are heading to the mall to shop. You'll hear Christmas music in shopping centers, and advertisements for deals on gifts take over the TV.

December 1st

December arrives, and the world is ready for holiday cheer! In the days leading up to the holiday season, counting down to Christmas is a fun activity for millions of people to do.

December is a month of countdowns: anticipating each day until Christmas Eve as well as New Years Eve brings joy to people for weeks. Here's how:

• Families participate in countdown traditions such as buying advent calendars. Each day in the month of December the calendar presents a new piece of chocolate or candy, usually in a pop out plastic mold. Whether you're an adult or child, you can look forward to a different sweet treat as you count down each day.
• Children count down the days, hours and even how many sleeps until Santa and his reindeer arrive and they finally get to see the presents they want under the tree.
• The countdown makes its way into group activities, such as caroling. If you're a caroler, get ready to count down through "Twelve Days of Christmas."

When Will You Start Counting the Days Until Christmas?

If you're a true holiday season enthusiast, you can track the days till Christmas for up to ten years. Check our calendar to track the days, hours, minutes and even, seconds until your favorite holiday.