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Earth's dispossessed are vulnerable targets for extremists: those who teach that global justice is meaningless; that satisfaction can come only in violence, division, and intellectual isolation.~Abdullah II of Jordan

Justice Earth Violence

Anyone who has proclaimed violence his method inexorably must choose lying as his principle.~Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Violence Choose Lying

It's not an anti-sex trip. Like, we're taking sex, which is probably another half of American entertainment, sex and violence, and we're projecting it, and we're saying this is the way everything is right now.~Alice Cooper

Violence American Sex

They're reacting and that's wonderful. It's better than them sitting there doing nothing. I say make them react - do whatever's in your power to move the audience, and if that's where it is, and there where it is with America, sex and violence, then I say project it.~Alice Cooper

Power Violence America

Men are distinguished from women by their commitment to do violence rather than to be victimized by it.~Andrea Dworkin

Women Men Violence

There's no problem on the planet that can't be solved without violence. That's the lesson of the civil rights movement.~Andrew Young

Violence Problem Rights

Violence is not more efficient than non-violence.~Andrew Young

Violence Non-Violence More

The stones tear like flesh, rather than breaking. Although what happens is violent, it is a violence that is in stone. A tear is more unnerving than a break.~Andy Goldsworthy

Violence Stone Like

Violence among young people is an aspect of their desire to create. They don't know how to use their energy creatively so they do the opposite and destroy.~Anthony Burgess

Violence People Energy

I think violence can never be justified.~Abbas Kiarostami

Violence Think Never

There is violence in real life but I would never impose violence in a film just to attract the audience.~Abbas Kiarostami

Life Violence Real

The story of Noah, like other stories in the first 11 chapters of Genesis, are archetypal. Noah's story tells us that human beings have an inherent tendency towards violence both towards their fellow human beings and towards the creation itself. The story tells us that this violence grieves God.~Adam Hamilton

God Violence Story

As recently as the September 11 event, the majority of Muslims were, as the rest of the world was, against its violence. However, if despair and humiliation continue in the population of more than one billion Muslims, the world will face increasing risks of conflicts and wars.~Ahmed Zewail

World Violence Rest

There are certain things that they say you can't do, there are all these secret people behind the scenes who make things available for you to do. That's why you have so much crime and violence.~Afrika Bambaataa

Violence People You

Hillary Clinton has a strong and powerful voice regarding ending violence against women and girls.~Amanda Lindhout

Women Strong Violence

Boxing is made for film - there is corruption, violence, tragedy and the chance that the underdog can catch the champion with one lucky punch.~Asif Kapadia

Violence Champion Chance

All the violence in videos and movies, you can't tell me that that wouldn't influence a disturbed person.~Alana Stewart

Influence Violence Me

If we are going to have to worry all the time that we might offend some students' sensibilities, we are not going to be able to teach in a way that actually matters. We're not going to be able to teach about sex, gender, race, religion, or violence.~Alice Dreger

Time Religion Violence

I was motivated to write about violence because I believe it's not unusual. I see it as just a part of life, and I think we get in trouble when we separate people who've experienced it from those who haven't.~Alice Sebold

Life Violence People

I'm a right pain in the hole for my agent. I won't take certain parts if I think they're offensive or banal. For instance, I won't do a film if I think it's full of violence for violence's sake, or a television drama if I don't think it's intelligent writing.~Anne-Marie Duff

Pain Violence Writing

When violence is real and you flinch away from it, violence does not push people to try and imitate that. Often, we shun the violence that makes us flinch, because it disturbs us. And what makes us uncomfortable and disturbs us is not often bad. What disturbs us will not make us imitate that.~Anurag Kashyap

Violence People You

The president welcomes peaceful protests - it is a time-honored tradition. The president agrees violence is not the answer in Iraq, and that's why he hopes Saddam Hussein will disarm.~Ari Fleischer

Violence Tradition Why

Violence is the first refuge of the violent.~Aaron Allston

Violence First Violent

I can think of films that I'm producing right now that are extremely hard-hitting, graphic films, that nobody necessarily wants to see, graphic in terms of violence, of adult content and racial and historical subject matter.~Aaron Eckhart

Violence Think Racial

A movie with nothing but violence is not a good movie. But one that is actually entertaining around the horror is one that people will remember and watch again and again.~Adam Green

Good Violence People

Poverty doesn't imply necessarily violence.~Alberto Fujimori

Violence Poverty Imply

Once you do something violent in a film, you don't have to do too much. You do it once and the feeling of violence just stays there, do you know what I'm saying?~Andrew Dominik

Violence Feeling You

In terms of being vulgar, I don't think you need to be violent unless it's slapstick, violence to yourself. That can be funny - we've all tripped and fallen on our faces.~Andy Dick

Funny Violence Yourself

Obama repeatedly has condemned Hamas as a terrorist organization that should be isolated until it renounces violence and recognizes Israel.~Aaron Klein

Violence Organization

But, I don't know, the violence, I can't even talk about. We don't do a lot of violent shows. When I started in television, breaking a pencil was a violent act.~Aaron Spelling

Violence Television Know

Now it is time to make historic reassessments in order to transform our region into one of stability, freedom, prosperity, cultural revival and co-existence. In this new regional order there should be less violence and fewer barriers between countries, societies and sects.~Ahmet Davutoglu

Time Freedom Violence

You can't change the system through violence.~Alex Cox

Change Violence You

I'm not going to appeal to violence or aggression - of course not.~Alexei Navalny

Violence Aggression Going

There is a cultural factor promoting violence which nowadays undoubtedly is highly effective is the mass media. And particularly everything that enters our minds through pictorial media.~Alva Myrdal

Violence Media Minds

Over the centuries, and even today, the Bible and Christian theology have helped justify the Crusades, slavery, violence against gays, and the murder of doctors who perform abortions. The words themselves are latent, inert, harmless - until they aren't.~Amy Waldman

Today Words Violence

Whether we are talking about access to affordable birth control, feeling safe from violence in our homes, or being able to earn the same amount of money as our male counterparts, these are rights that all people deserve, and they are being threatened.~Ann McLane Kuster

Money Violence People

When I was a kid, my mother's parenting style teetered between benign neglect and intense bouts of violence.~Ariel Gore

Mother Parenting Violence

The actions of the terrorist organizations, Hezbollah, in Lebanon, and Hamas, in Gaza, against Israel are unconscionable. Instead of working towards peace, these terrorist organizations have chosen to perpetuate the violence.~Alcee Hastings

Peace Violence Working

I think the violence in 'The Hills Have Eyes' and 'High Tension' is much more traumatic than 'Piranha.'~Alexandre Aja

Eyes Violence Think

I would not apply the strategy of Calderon. I would look at the causes. Violence in Mexico has its origins in the lack of development and corruption.~Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

Violence Corruption Look

Violence in Mexico has its origins in the lack of development and corruption.~Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador

Violence Corruption Mexico

My work is less violent because we tend to write what we want to read... and I'm not that interested in gruesome books. Any violence, to fit in well with a crime novel, has to have compassion.~Ann Cleeves

Work Compassion Violence

Body language is essential for an actress, even if you don't use your body in an athletic way. Just to be free, to use it like your voice. A body can be small and have incredible violence. A body talks.~Anne Parillaud

Small Violence Language

Hatred, intolerance, poor hygienic conditions and violence all have roots in illiteracy, so we're trying to do something to help the poor and the needy.~Abdul Qadeer Khan

Roots Violence Help

I told the students that we can exert pressure without resorting to violence, and that we can move towards democracy without violence; that way, God will allow it.~Abdurrahman Wahid

God Violence Democracy

I do not like violence.~Abdurrahman Wahid

Violence Like

Resorting to violence and the use of force at holy sites is unacceptable, whatever the reason might be.~Ahmet Necdet Sezner

Violence Reason Force

The Muslim world is deeply hurt by the campaign of violence initiated against our Palestinian brothers.~Ahmet Necdet Sezner

Hurt World Violence

There are some people that just attract violence to them. No matter where they go, they'll find a fight.~Antony Starr

Fight Violence People

You want to free the world, free humanity, from oppression? Look inside, look sideways, look at the hidden violence of language. Never forget that language is where the other, parallel violence, the cruelty exercised on the body, originates.~Ariel Dorfman

World Humanity Violence

For me, the toughest thing for kids to deal with is when the parents are fighting. It's not violence on them - it's the feeling of violence in the family.~Avi Arad

Family Parents Violence

Violence is the repartee of the illiterate.~Alan Brien

Violence Repartee

One of the biggest challenges of writing for middle-grade or even young-adult readers is that I don't want to have too much violence in it - which really limits what you can do. It's important that they're not just bloodbaths or glorifying violence. I always try to show that a person who dies leaves a hole. There's grief in my books.~Alane Ferguson

Grief Violence Writing

I think that the enormous emphasis on violence and sex, and in particular violent sex, may not make rapists of us all, but it predisposes us to accept a kind of world in which these things happen.~Alexander Walker

May World Violence

Foreign audiences are used to seeing Mexico in other sorts of movies. 'Casi divas' is a step toward a more commercially successful cinema, without the violence, blood and exaggerations. The movie reflects a more human Mexico, while remaining a chick flick, although it is not a romantic comedy.~Ana Layevska

Romantic Violence Step

You may gain temporary appeasement by a policy of concession to violence, but you do not gain lasting peace that way.~Anthony Eden

Peace May Violence

You have to give everybody another recourse as some means other than violence, no matter how distasteful it may be to have to deal with them and what they represent.~Anthony Zinni

May Violence You

Justice can help reduce sexual violence: bringing to justice those soldiers responsible for sexual violence discourages other soldiers from committing such crimes.~Augustin Matata Ponyo

Justice Violence Help