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I believe that whatever comes at a particular time is a blessing from God.~A. R. Rahman

Time God Blessing

I don't believe in asking God for anything. If I am worthy, He will give it to me. I think we should earn his blessings; I have never believed in mannats.~Abhishek Bachchan

God Blessings I Am

The best gift for an actor is the love of the fans. Many make sweet cards, write letters and even come and meet me wherever I am in India. The love and blessings of your elders is also always cherished, but the extra mile that the fans go to is memorable.~Abhishek Bachchan

Love Best Blessings

Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is holy.~Abraham Joshua Heschel

Blessing Live Holy

It is bad for a young man to sin; but it is worse for an old man to sin.~Abu Bakr

Man Young Sin

I started rejecting the proper way to sing and I started singing.~Adam Lambert

Singing Way Sing

Acting is a business and a political act and a craft, but I also feel like it's a service - specifically, for a military audience.~Adam Driver

Business Service Political

Vanity is my favourite sin.~Al Pacino

Vanity Sin Favourite

One of the problems with hedge funds is that they are changing so rapidly. If you have the balance sheet that closed business last night, by 11 A.M. this morning, that won't tell you very much about what they're doing.~Alan Greenspan

Morning Business Balance

I suppose I had my rock star fantasies while I was singing into my hairbrush in the bathroom mirror, but I never really consciously said, 'OK, this is what I'm going to do for a living and I'm going to be Weird Al.'~Al Yankovic

Mirror Singing Living

Saints need sinners.~Alan Watts

Need Sinners Saints

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.~Aldous Huxley

Music Silence Expressing

To be in this business and have tremendous integrity and only make distinguished choices is very tough.~Alec Baldwin

Business Integrity Choices

The time I have already spent at Harvard has been a stimulating experience, and I look forward to developing my relationship and activities with the students, faculty and friends of the Harvard Business School community.~Alex Ferguson

Time Relationship Business

I don't like losing but I've mellowed. I maybe have a short fuse but it goes away quicker now.~Alex Ferguson

Short Losing Away

Singing was something I always did. I really don't remember a time when I wasn't singing, even as a little child.~Alessia Cara

Time Child Singing

There is something sinister, something quite biographical about what I do - but that part is for me. It's my personal business. I think there is a lot of romance, melancholy. There's a sadness to it, but there's romance in sadness. I suppose I am a very melancholy person.~Alexander McQueen

Business I Am Sadness

The main business of religions is to purify, control, and restrain that excessive and exclusive taste for well-being which men acquire in times of equality.~Alexis de Tocqueville

Business Equality Men

Business? It's quite simple; it's other people's money.~Alexandre Dumas

Business Money Simple

We succeed in enterprises which demand the positive qualities we possess, but we excel in those which can also make use of our defects.~Alexis de Tocqueville

Positive Business Succeed

I think if we get freedom for women, then they are probably going to do a lot of things that I wish they wouldn't do. But it seems to me that isn't our business to say what they should do with it. It is our business to see that they get it.~Alice Paul

Women Business Freedom

In this business, life is one long fund-raising effort.~Alvin Ailey

Life Business Effort

The building up of a new, far-reaching system of inspection on the question of equal pay, with power to investigate every business in the United States, administered by a colossal new government agency with vast enforcement powers, would not be helpful to women, as far as I can see.~Alice Paul

Women Business Power

Parenthood remains the greatest single preserve of the amateur.~Alvin Toffler

Parenting Greatest Single

To think that the new economy is over is like somebody in London in 1830 saying the entire industrial revolution is over because some textile manufacturers in Manchester went broke.~Alvin Toffler

Business Revolution Think

I went to art school when I was little. I took ballet lessons. I played a little kick ball. I was sort of into everything because I had too much energy and I didn't know where to put it. When I was a preteen, I got into singing, and became really obsessed with it.~Amanda Seyfried

Art School Singing

Saint: A dead sinner revised and edited.~Ambrose Bierce

Dead Sinner Edited

Singing is a way of releasing an emotion that you sometimes can't portray when you're acting. And music moves your soul, so music is the source of the most intense emotions you can feel. When you hear a song and you're acting it's incredible. But when you're singing a song and you're acting it's even more incredible.~Amanda Seyfried

Music Soul Singing

Indian actors, because of the format of our stories, need to be good actors, and be able to perform emotional sequences, do a bit of comedy, dance and singing, action, because all of this forms just one film. In many ways I'd say there are greater demands on Indian actors than there are on Hollywood.~Amitabh Bachchan

Good Dance Singing

I've never isolated role models based on gender. I have more male role models due to the mere fact that I've done business with more of them and they're leaders within the verticals I work. Of those, Tony Hsieh, CEO of, is an entrepreneur and personal friend that I have a great deal of respect for.~Amy Jo Martin

Work Business Respect

While strides are being made in the social-media space, the newspaper and news business should continue to embrace social media.~Amy Jo Martin

Business Social Media

I just wanted to see every single musical I could. The very first one I saw was 'Beauty and the Beast,' the only one I could get tickets for, and then 'Les Miserables' and then 'Chicago.'~America Ferrera

Beauty Chicago Single

Cause I'm a musician, I'm not really good at posing and being a model, like, modeling.~Amy Winehouse

Good Modeling Posing

Sin is whatever obscures the soul.~Andre Gide

Soul Sin Whatever

You must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing.~Andrew Jackson

Blessing Wish You

Legislation can neither be wise nor just which seeks the welfare of a single interest at the expense and to the injury of many and varied interests.~Andrew Johnson

Wise Single Welfare

The duty of government is to leave commerce to its own capital and credit as well as all other branches of business, protecting all in their legal pursuits, granting exclusive privileges to none.~Andrew Jackson

Business Government Legal

And while the law of competition may be sometimes hard for the individual, it is best for the race, because it ensures the survival of the fittest in every department.~Andrew Carnegie

Best Business May

It is a blessing to die for a cause, because you can so easily die for nothing.~Andrew Young

Blessing Die Nothing

War is a blessing compared with national degradation.~Andrew Jackson

War Blessing National

Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.~Andy Warhol

Art Best Business

When a change in how some element of one's business is conducted becomes an order of magnitude larger than what that business is accustomed to, then all bets are off.~Andy Grove

Change Business Order

We've never had nannies. We've had great grandparents, great support from family, and the kids have been on every set: they've seen me play Gollum, King Kong, Captain Haddock, the lot. They totally get it, and they want to go into the business. Ruby, my daughter, is very keen to become an actress.~Andy Serkis

Family Daughter Business

I'm a drifter and an outsider. There's not one single environment I can totally belong to.~Ang Lee

Environment Single I Can

If a law commands me to sin I will break it; if it calls me to suffer, I will let it take its course unresistingly.~Angelina Grimke

Law Me Sin

I'm aware of what's missing from my life.~Ang Lee

Life My Life Missing

I used to sing at funeral homes for families that didn't have a vocalist. I didn't get paid. I needed to sing.~Anita Baker

Sing Get Paid

I want 'Vogue' to be pacy, sharp, and sexy - I'm not interested in the super-rich or infinitely leisured. I want our readers to be energetic executive women, with money of their own and a wide range of interests. There is a new kind of woman out there. She's interested in business and money.~Anna Wintour

Women Business Money

The Fashion Fund celebrates the real passion that underlies the fashion business, not the frothy world of glamour and celebrity that so often surrounds it.~Anna Wintour

Business Passion World

You can alter movie singing so much because you go into the recording studio and, just technology for recording has gotten so good, you can hold out a note and they can combine a note from take 2 and a note from take 8.~Anne Hathaway

Technology Good Singing

Work/life benefits allow companies meaningful ways for responding to their employees' needs; they can be a powerful tool for transforming a workforce and driving a business' success.~Anne M. Mulcahy

Success Business Powerful

If we could muster the same determination and sense of responsibility that saves a country like Japan - or a company like Xerox - then investing to save women and children who are dying in the developing world would be very good business.~Anne M. Mulcahy

Children Women Business

The most exhausting thing in life is being insincere.~Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Life Most Insincere

Xerox's innovative technology and service offerings - delivered through an expanding distribution system with a lean and flexible business model - continue to solidify our market leadership, driving consistently strong earnings performance.~Anne M. Mulcahy

Leadership Business

My philosophy is it's none of my business what people say of me and think of me. I am what I am, and I do what I do. I expect nothing and accept everything. And it makes life so much easier.~Anthony Hopkins

Life Business I Am

I asked questions when I was a stripling, and it is not my business to ask questions now, but to teach people what I have discovered.~Apollonius of Tyana

Business People Teach

Advertising is the very essence of democracy.~Anton Chekhov

Democracy Advertising Very

Sometimes I get extremely disturbed with the things that are written. But you can't do anything about it. As a celebrity, you are putting yourself out there to be judged, and that's fine. I am now learning not to get affected by such things. I am building my career and making choices that I think are right while minding my own business.~Anushka Sharma

Learning Business I Am

My life has always been compartmentalized into different aspects. I have my speed skating Olympic pursuits, I have my personal life and have my business life and have my entertainment - TV - Hollywood - whatever have you - always compartmentalizing every aspect of my life.~Apolo Ohno

Life Business My Life

The main business of a lawyer is to take the romance, the mystery, the irony, the ambiguity out of everything he touches.~Antonin Scalia

Business Lawyer Mystery

The gods, as they are beneficent, if they find anyone who is healthy and whole and unscarred by vice, will send him away, surely, after crowning him, not with golden crowns, but with all sorts of blessings.~Apollonius of Tyana

Blessings Healthy Find

Being a competitor, you always believe you can come back. I'll be up at 3 in the morning watching World Cup races in my hotel whether I'm in Asia on a business trip or in New York City and have to get up in 2 hours.~Apolo Ohno

Morning Business World

I sing to the realists; people who accept it like it is.~Aretha Franklin

People Accept Sing

I think the hardest thing is losing weight. That's the hardest thing more than anything else.~Aretha Franklin

Losing Think Hardest

All I have to say is basically if performing, singing, acting, and dancing is what you want to do, then you just have to do it - no matter where it is.~Ariana Grande

Singing Acting Want

Falling out of love is like losing weight. It's a lot easier putting it on than taking it off.~Aretha Franklin

Love Love Is Losing

I saw the Supremes when they were still singing in little black skirts and white blouses.~Aretha Franklin

Black Singing White

Fundraising is very, very time-consuming.~Arlen Specter

Fundraising Very

One of the tests of leadership is the ability to recognize a problem before it becomes an emergency.~Arnold H. Glasow

Leadership Business

A consultant is someone who saves his client almost enough to pay his fee.~Arnold H. Glasow

Business Someone Enough

I can not think of any circumstances in which advertising would not be an evil.~Arnold J. Toynbee

Evil Advertising Think

What do I mean by concentration? I mean focusing totally on the business at hand and commanding your body to do exactly what you want it to do.~Arnold Palmer

Business Body Want

The ideal reasoner, he remarked, would, when he had once been shown a single fact in all its bearings, deduce from it not only all the chain of events which led up to it but also all the results which would follow from it.~Arthur Conan Doyle

Events Results Single

I don't care what straight people do, I don't care what gay people do. I don't care what nobody do. That's they business. I just care about what I do. You know what I'm saying?~ASAP Rocky

Business People Gay

In the movies, you want a good story and characters that are honest, but you are also looking for a good director who can lead the ship. That's how we look at business. Everybody has a great idea for a start-up, and so do their relatives, and they tell me, 'You gotta build it.' I say, 'I have to believe in it.'~Ashton Kutcher

Business Good Great

It is not power that corrupts but fear. Fear of losing power corrupts those who wield it and fear of the scourge of power corrupts those who are subject to it.~Aung San Suu Kyi

Fear Power Losing

I'm very free-spirited and crazy. I love to have fun, and I like doing stupid things. At the same time, I'm like a 35-year-old. I have a house. I have a car. I have a steady job. I have a business, and I have to make serious decisions.~Avril Lavigne

Love Time Business

My songs aren't bubble gum pop dance songs and I don't have background dancers on every single song.~Avril Lavigne

Dance Song Single

You cannot get into business for the fashion of it.~Azim Premji

Business Fashion You

I think the most important reason for our success is that very early in our quest into globalisation, we invested in people - and we have done that consistently and particularly in the service business.~Azim Premji

Success Business Service

Being in the consumer business helps us groom talent in areas like marketing, finance and logistics. We can benchmark our outsourcing business to our consumer business and its best practices.~Azim Premji

Best Business Marketing

Money is a strange business. People who haven't got it aim it strongly. People who have are full of troubles.~Ayrton Senna

Business Money People

I feel that business leaders with their ability to create businesses, with their ability to scale, need to play an important role in social service.~Azim Premji

Business Service Important

What we are doing is we are putting in significant training into the people we have currently to upgrade their skill resources, upgrade the presentation resources, and upgrade what we expect from them in terms of not business as usual.~Azim Premji

Business Training People

Thinking back on it, I've been in this business since I was 3, and I grew up in musical theater, so I was raised and surrounded by gay men and gay women. I was hardly around anyone straight.~A. J. McLean

Women Business Men

I'm fulfilling my dreams that I had as a kid every single day.~Aaron Rodgers

Dreams Day Single

I sing around the house, in the shower.~Aaron Neville

House Sing Shower

I'm trying to have some longevity in this business. If that means not working for a while and just picking the right job, so be it.~Aaron Paul

Business Job Trying

The way to write is well, and how is your own business.~A. J. Liebling

Business Way Own

If you want to have a good life, you should focus on your family, on your business, on your dog, on your fun, and you'll have a good life.~Adam Carolla

Life Family Business

I think legislation needs to put an end to doctors profiting on businesses to which they can funnel patients - that is business, not medicine. If you try to call it medicine, then it is corruption. Without legislation, it will keep happening.~Abraham Verghese

Business End Corruption

Well, a lot of people within government and big business are nervous of Hip Hop and Hip Hop artists, because they speak their minds. They talk about what they see and what they feel and what they know. They reflect what's around them.~Afrika Bambaataa

Business People Government

I can't control what's fair and unfair. I can't control the nature of the business or the nature of society or the nature of the world, but what I can control is how I choose to see the world and what I choose to put back into it.~Aisha Tyler

Nature Business World

Everything is a blessing to me.~Akon

Blessing Me Everything

I always feel like 'as long as I'm doin' what I love to do, the money's naturally gonna come.' When you start thinkin' business and you start thinkin' 'What's hot? What's the wave? Who is hot? Let's get at that person,' it becomes a point where you're tryin' to strategize to make money. And that's always a gamble.~Akon

Love Business Money

There's room in the world for one historical folk-rock singer to make a decent living, and I happen to be it.~Al Stewart

World Living Singer

It's always the music first for me. But if the music isn't selling, there isn't gonna be no business. So you gotta make sure music is always the first priority.~Akon

Music Business Me

I am so spoiled. I cannot watch a show where it gets interrupted for ads. I have to TiVo it and skip through the ads, because the culture of advertising is so false and phony that I just... ugh, you know?~Alan Ball

Culture I Am Advertising

Once you discover that you can, then you must. And it's not easy. You have to take direct steps. You really have to count your blessings and you have to make a decided effort to not get seduced by the blues.~Al Jarreau

Blessings Effort You

Learn it well in your head, know it well, pick things you know and bring the old you and all the experience you have from singing these various kinds of feelings that are still related to what I have done in the rest of my career.~Al Jarreau

Experience Learn Singing

No matter what you do or where you are, you're going to be missing out on something.~Alan Arkin

You Missing Matter

I know that if I can't move people, then I have no business being an actor.~Alan Arkin

Business People Know

I'm certainly driven, I hate losing, I can be ruthless and short-tempered and terribly competitive.~Alastair Campbell

Hate Losing I Can

I have always been an honest trader. I come from a school of traders where there was honour in the deal. No contracts, just a handshake and that's it, done. That's the way I prefer to do business but it's not always possible these days, sadly.~Alan Sugar

Business School Way

It's funny: in the middle of making 'The Muse,' I was offered, at the time, the first 'Ice Age,' the part that Ray Romano took: I was offered the elephant. And I couldn't even stop to breathe, so I didn't do it. They've made, like, six of them. And in the animation business, for a voice actor, that's what you want. You want six, you know?~Albert Brooks

Funny Time Business

I'd still like to see 'Survivor' minus the planned show-biz parts. That would be the purest form of show business - I want to see someone so hungry that they eat somebody else's foot.~Albert Brooks

Business Want See

The music business doesn't take up that much of my time. I probably should put a little more energy into it.~Alan Jackson

Music Time Business

On the New York Stock Exchange, all buy and sell orders are routed through a single 'specialist,' guaranteeing that most small trades can be matched directly. But most larger trades are delivered to the specialist on the floor of the exchange by human brokers, a system that big investors view as increasingly inefficient.~Alex Berenson

Small View Single

Would-be drug companies must either produce medicines that stand up to federal scrutiny, demonstrate that their data has value to other companies, or go out of business.~Alex Berenson

Business Value Stand

Rush Holt would be a fine senator. He's an actual physicist, which is neat. He cares very strongly about global warming, which is probably the single most pressing issue of our era.~Alex Pareene

Global Warming Single Most

I don't gamble, because winning a hundred dollars doesn't give me great pleasure. But losing a hundred dollars pisses me off.~Alex Trebek

Winning Great Losing

Perhaps I will stay in Chicago and operate on human beings instead of on dogs. From a business standpoint, it would be excellent. But, as I hate medical practice, I would like better to make little money in doing scientific work than a great deal in doing surgical operations.~Alexis Carrel

Work Business Money

Lying is the greatest of all sins.~Alfred Nobel

Greatest Lying Sins

I've been pretty lucky. Every single thing I've done has meant so much to me and has been like a stepping stone to something different.~Alexandra Daddario

Me Lucky Single

I love hard singing.~Alison Krauss

Love Singing Hard

When I graduated from college in early 2010, I decided that I needed to create a calling card, some kind of business card that people can link to my name and face. So I did this 'Mad Men Theme Song... With a Twist' music video. I released it just as I moved to L.A.~Allison Williams

Music Business College

There are so many great songs yet to sing.~Alison Krauss

Great Sing Many

Sometimes, only one person is missing, and the whole world seems depopulated.~Alphonse de Lamartine

World Missing Sometimes

If one had but a single glance to give the world, one should gaze on Istanbul.~Alphonse de Lamartine

Travel World Single

The thing that helped me get into the film business was that I went to school in Athens, Georgia and managed to get on, um, working on music videos for a band called R.E.M. and that kind of opened up a lot of doors for me.~Alton Brown

Music Business School

So many people comment that I'm much more mature than average. In this business, you can get taken advantage of if you're not aware and you're not tough.~Amanda Bynes

Business People Tough

One of the best things about Kickstarter and crowdfunding and the collapse of the music business is a lot of artists like me have been forced to face our own weird mess about ourselves and what we thought it meant to become musicians.~Amanda Palmer

Music Best Business

I'd actually say that every musician is a human being, and that not everybody likes being social. But with music, there are all these ingredients to the business that have nothing to do with writing songs or playing an instrument.~Amanda Palmer

Music Business Writing

There's a huge cloud of shame around art and business being seen as bedfellows.~Amanda Palmer

Art Business Cloud

In the ancient times, bards went around singing the epics, which were storehouses of philosophy.~Amish Tripathi

Philosophy Singing Ancient

I'm one of those lucky guys making a living out of something I really enjoy doing. That's a blessing. But you never know. What if my subsequent book series flops? I don't come from a wealthy background, so I'd be left with no choice. I'd have to go back into banking!~Amish Tripathi

Book Blessing Choice

A government, for protecting business only, is but a carcass, and soon falls by its own corruption and decay.~Amos Bronson Alcott

Business Government Own

As a singer, if I'm in a room that is too cold, I kind of freak out, so I actually like the humidity, and I love the heat.~Andra Day

Love Kind Singer

Business is a combination of war and sport.~Andre Maurois

Business War Combination

To command is to serve, nothing more and nothing less.~Andre Malraux

Business Nothing Serve

The most important quality in a leader is that of being acknowledged as such. All leaders whose fitness is questioned are clearly lacking in force.~Andre Maurois

Business Fitness Leader

My entire business model is to go on offense.~Andrew Breitbart

Business Go Business Model

In preparing my thesis, I have had the pleasure of collecting testimonies from colleagues such as Placido Domingo but also from singing teachers and musicologists. The entire course of study has confirmed what I already thought, that the value and meaning of opera singing, at the beginning of the third millennium, remain intact.~Andrea Bocelli

Beginning Value Singing

Playing the violin and singing and whistling are just three different ways of making sound.~Andrew Bird

Singing Three Sound

I don't want technology to take me so far that I don't have to use my brain anymore. It's like GPS taking over and losing your internal compass. It's always got to be tactile, still organic.~Andrew Bird

Technology Brain Losing

Under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, a company is not allowed to provide a personal benefit to a decision maker in return for business. But hiring the sons and daughters of powerful executives and politicians is hardly just the province of banks doing business in China: it has been a time-tested practice here in the United States.~Andrew Ross Sorkin

Business Decision Powerful

There's little kids on trains coming up to me, singing my theme song, and they can barely walk.~Andy Milonakis

Walk Singing Me

Anybody who really knows about the TV business knows that it would be impossible to just march in one day and say to your colleagues and bosses, 'Oh yes, I'm hosting my own show.'~Andy Cohen

Business Day Impossible

I'm not a politician. I'm a businessperson.~Angela Braly

Politician Businessperson

Life... is not simply a series of exciting new ventures. The future is not always a whole new ball game. There tends to be unfinished business. One trails all sorts of things around with one, things that simply won't be got rid of.~Anita Brookner

Life Future Business

They thought that I did conceive there was a difference between them and Mr. Cotton... I might say they might preach a covenant of works as did the apostles, but to preach a covenant of works and to be under a covenant of works is another business.~Anne Hutchinson

Business Thought Say

Look at the Quakers - they were excellent business people that never lied, never stole; they cared for their employees and the community which gave them the wealth. They never took more money out than they put back in.~Anita Roddick

Business Money Community

If I had learned more about business ahead of time, I would have been shaped into believing that it was only about finances and quality management.~Anita Roddick

Time Business Management

Since the governments are in the pockets of businesses, who's going to control this most powerful institution? Business is more powerful than politics, and it's more powerful than religion. So it's going to have to be the vigilante consumer.~Anita Roddick

Business Religion Politics

Over the past decade... while many businesses have pursued what I call 'business as usual,' I have been part of a different, smaller business movement, one that tried to put idealism back on the agenda.~Anita Roddick

Business Past Back

When you run an entrepreneurial business, you have hurry sickness - you don't look back, you advance and consolidate. But it is such fun.~Anita Roddick

Business Fun Look

He never admitted anything, even on his deathbed. He was a deluded liar. If it weren't for my father, I don't think I would be so open. So that's a huge blessing.~Anne Heche

Father Liar Blessing

I am still looking for the modern equivalent of those Quakers who ran successful businesses, made money because they offered honest products and treated their people decently... This business creed, sadly, seems long forgotten.~Anita Roddick

Business Money I Am

I didn't go to business school, didn't care about financial stuff and the stock market.~Anita Roddick

Business School Financial

All through history, there have always been movements where business was not just about the accumulation of proceeds but also for the public good.~Anita Roddick

Business History Good

I was not prepared to live as a single parent.~Annette Funicello

Parent Single Parent Live

Globalisation must have, as a critical component, international dispensation in the locality of U.N. institutions. It cannot be, and must not be, business as usual in the establishment and location of international institutions, especially of the United Nations.~Anthony Carmona

Business United Nations

I personally felt that his ad hominen attacks on British architects were not the sort of thing a Prince of Wales should be doing because, apart from anything else, they put various people out of business.~Anthony Holden

Business People Doing

In the political context fair means somebody that will vote for the unions or for the business. It can't mean that in the judicial context or we're in real trouble.~Anthony Kennedy

Business Political Real

The secret of business is to know something that nobody else knows.~Aristotle Onassis

Business Know Nobody

To succeed in business it is necessary to make others see things as you see them.~Aristotle Onassis

Leadership Business You

The making of a whole person and the creation of true individuals can only happen by singing and dancing and making art.~Antony Gormley

Art Singing Creation

That business of relaxation, which is so terribly modern today, is all good and well, but my work interests me so much, and is so varied, that many times it seems relaxing when I go from one aspect to another.~Arne Jacobsen

Work Business Good

He asked if I was a songwriter, and I said yeah, that I was in town because I'd won this contest. He said, okay, then he was gonna play me his hit, and started singing 'When it's time to relax, one beer stands clear... '~Arthur Godfrey

Time Relax Singing

The biggest deal for me was that all 24 winners are placed on the Billboard CD of the Year, which went out to 500 of the biggest Music Reps in the business, from radio and press to management and booking.~Arthur Godfrey

Music Business Management

Of course in show business there are two ways to play it and I am not politically correct so I am not going to get endorsements or anything like that.~Artie Lange

Business I Am Play

It is confusing, because in this culture we really don't have anything that corresponds to geisha.~Arthur Golden

Culture Confusing Anything

What I have found is that, in a family business structure, sometimes what is needed is a sense of discipline rather than creativity. You have to take everyone's ideas and make it work. When you are dealing with money, there is a limitation on how creative you can be.~Ashwin Sanghi

Family Work Business

I think what's at risk is kids losing touch with being a kid. Being a kid is being defined differently than it was when you didn't have all this stuff you could put in front of your face.~Ashton Eaton

Risk Losing You

Anna Wintour doesn't deal with pictures; she is just doing PR and business, and she scares everybody.~Azzedine Alaia

Business Doing She

I've been spending quite a bit of time in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the U.K. as Mint is expanding globally, and I'm personally doing much of the research and business deals to make them happen.~Aaron Patzer

Time Business Research

The danger is we're losing sight of what women really want to wear.~Azzedine Alaia

Women Losing Want

Mint's business model became, 'We'll go for free, and then we'll find these savings opportunities for you.' You know, better interest rate on your credit cards, when should you consolidate your student loans, when does it mathematically make sense to refinance your mortgage, and Mint figures all that stuff out for you.~Aaron Patzer

Business Opportunities

If you think about photo sharing sites, the mobile photo sharing and social, there's no competitive advantage, there's no obvious business model, so I never play with anything like that. I avoid it like the plague.~Aaron Patzer

Business You Play

Kevin Systrom of Instagram used to work for us as a consultant in the early days of Mint. I knew him a long time ago. Maybe I could have gotten in there. But with photo sharing, I don't know if there's an obvious business model. I don't think there's a competitive, sustainable advantage.~Aaron Patzer

Work Time Business

I was in advertising for years. That was cushy, you know? It's pretty cushy in a lot of ways, but I hated it.~Augusten Burroughs

Advertising You Know

I'm always prepared for the worst. I was prepared to have the book come out, sell seven copies, and have to keep working in advertising, so it was just great that it was received so well and by such a huge audience.~Augusten Burroughs

Great Book Advertising

It always surprises me when donors who operate successful businesses assume that just building a school structure means that a community now has access to education. When creating a business, does renting an office space now mean that you're producing goods, training staff and generating revenues?~Adam Braun

Education Business School

If your business is really easy to do, don't gloat. You might be out of a job soon.~Adam Davidson

Business Job You

I'm not vain - I just love make-up and dressing up.~Abbey Clancy

Love Dressing Up

Most of your day is spent working, and being in a band is no different. We're just business travelers in a way.~Adam Schlesinger

Business Day Working

Every year, there's some band that plays guitar-oriented pop music that has a single, but for the most part, it's kind of relegated to the sidelines.~Adam Schlesinger

Music Single Band

I always have to be thinking about who's going to be singing this song, what the context is. I don't sit around just writing in a vacuum, ever.~Adam Schlesinger

Thinking Writing Singing

We're more into expressing ourselves than making radio hits.~Adam Jones

Radio More Expressing

When you think about little league football, high school, and even on to college even more so, you're dealing with a lot of guys that are prideful, that think they're the best - a lot of alpha males. So, typically, you've got to have a guy that can control those guys, and, when he talks, they know he means business. He's a serious guy.~Adrian Peterson

Best Business School

The piano and the singing are two equal things to me - maybe not inseparable but very connected. You can say they are like two equal voices.~Agnes Obel

Singing Me You

I've been in the studio when you go through a track and you run down a track and you know even before the singer starts singing, you know the track is swinging... you know you have a multimillion-seller hit - and what you're working on suddenly has magic.~Ahmet Ertegun

Singing Magic You

I have been blessed with working with the best in the business.~Al Roker

Best Business Blessed

Like so much in Singapore, admission to the Marina Bay's casino is hierarchical: Free for anyone with an international passport, costly for locals, off-limits to migrant workers altogether.~Alan Huffman

Free Singapore Workers

I savour the adulation and love I have been getting from my fans and the blessings of elders in my family.~Akshay Kumar

Love Family Blessings

People see me on the 'Daily Show' or 'About a Boy'. But the reality is that I only got into this business to do standup comedy.~Al Madrigal

Business Daily People

I've always had a great respect for the picture business. It's been good to me.~Alan Ladd

Business Respect Good

I don't mind being single. In fact, I like it.~Alana Stewart

Mind Single Fact

I happily claim expertise in no single aspect of climbing, which is what has kept the passion burning hot all these years.~Alex Lowe

Passion Single Hot

The reason why I take my life is because I want to go to my wife and boy. My usefulness in this world is at an end. I can not be satisfied in any business and can not be without their companionship.~Alex Campbell

Life Wife Business

We, in our Province, are beginning to realize and appreciate that our slowness in keeping up with our North American neighbours may well have been a blessing in disguise.~Alex Campbell

May Beginning Blessing

I didn't go to drama school, so I didn't really have many true friends in the business; 'Game Of Thrones' has definitely brought me that.~Alfie Allen

Business School Friends

The German people is not marked by original sin, but by original nobility.~Alfred Rosenberg

People Sin Original

Discipline is not consistency, and the reason why I say that is - like, for an example, making prayer five times a day, that establishes routine and consistency. That I can do. And having certain fundamental consistencies in business, can do. But time management, outside of that, that's where that's a challenge.~Ali Shaheed Muhammad

Time Business Day

Our records are commodities. We're looking to make a sale. The radio stations are looking to get the advertising dollars. The end.~Ali Shaheed Muhammad

End Advertising Looking

But I love singing, and I've been singing backup for friends' bands.~Alia Shawkat

Love Friends Singing

You know, the fashion business is this legendary repository of young girls on their way to getting husbands. I really wanted to work.~Ali MacGraw

Work Business Young

I think a lot of singers are shy people. I suppose singing on stage is not like talking; you are not as exposed.~Alison Goldfrapp

People Singing You

I went through a string of A&R men who all thought I should be doing something different. One thought I should be a dance diva; another thought I should do Rock n' Roll; and one thought I shouldn't even be singing at all!~Alison Moyet

Dance Men Singing

I was a single parent, and I was prohibited from working.~Alison Moyet

Parent Single Parent

I think when I got drawn to film, I didn't know it was a business. I mean, like most filmmakers, I probably saw more films than a lot of people when I was a kid. But I watched them on TV as well. I was no purist about it. I spent lots of time in movie theaters, but I also watched a lot of films on TV.~Allison Anders

Time Business People

I think a lot of times people look at me and say, 'Well, we can't possibly hand a show over to her to run.' It seemed like executives would be worried about me controlling a room and having power, and I'd say, 'Oh, I can control a room. I can give an order like nobody's business.'~Allison Schroeder

Business Power People

I think in every lesson there's a blessing, and there's so many blessings from all the lessons I've had to go through in life.~Alonzo Mourning

Life Blessings Blessing

The run's the business end of a triathlon: it's where you win or lose the race. I like to get out very hard, make other people hurt sometimes, and other times leave it to the last kilometre and really win the race there.~Alistair Brownlee

Business End Hurt

I can still play this game at a high level; I've proven that. I want to be home. I want to be close to my family. I want to be close to my foundation and my business interests.~Alonzo Mourning

Family Business Home

People in all walks of life, and especially business, do not want to experience the collapse of cities like New York along with global finance and economy in chaos, but this is what business faces if we continue to attribute climate change to fossil fuels alone.~Allan Savory

Life Change Business

I was recently asked about the business side of 'Biggest Loser,' but as long as we entertain people, we can keep coming back and making a difference. It's a delicate balance, but one feeds off the other. I feel so good about the show - it's uplifting and inspiring and entertaining at the same time.~Alison Sweeney

Time Business Good

Aaron Spelling always had his finger on the pulse of pop culture, he knew what the public wanted to see. He was one of the most loyal men in this business and believed in me at a time in my career when no one else would.~Alyssa Milano

Time Business Culture

Aaron Spelling always had his finger on the pulse of pop culture, he knew what the public wanted to see. He was one of the most loyal men in this business and believed in me at a time in my career when no one else would. My prayers are with his family.~Alyssa Milano

Family Time Business

At 13, I realized that I could fix anything electronic. It was amazing, I could just do it. I started a business repairing radios. It grew to be one of the largest in Philadelphia.~Amar Bose

Business Amazing Fix

There was a time when I was wondering about this business of going public, so I visited about a half-dozen companies in the Boston area, all of them formed by MIT faculty and all had gone public.~Amar Bose

Time Business Boston

When you see government leaders really bullying business, you know that government's economic policy is failing. They get angry and they get desperate.~Amity Shlaes

Business Government Angry

And what most people don't understand is the bulk of business in this country is small business.~Alphonso Jackson

Business Small People

I think that there will always be a need for Housing and Urban Development.~Alphonso Jackson

Think Development Housing

I feel like sometimes I get even more goofy onstage than I am offstage. I'm not trying to make the music less than what it is. Even if it's hard for me and I have to think about a lot of details, it's none of the audience's business. I don't want them to feel that I'm having a hard time.~Anat Cohen

Music Time Business

Great investors need to have the right combination of intuition, business sense and investment talent.~Andrew Lo

Business Great Talent

Most small business owners are not particularly sophisticated business people. That's not a criticism; they're passionate about cutting hair or cooking food, and that's why they got in the business, not because they have an MBA.~Andrew Mason

Business Food Cooking

Groupon as a company - it's built into the business model - is about surprise. A new deal that surprises you every day. We've carried that over to our brand, in the writing and the marketing that we do, and in the internal corporate culture.~Andrew Mason

Business Day Culture

There are over 2,000 direct clones of the Groupon business model. However, there's an equal amount of proof that the barriers to success are enormous. In spite of all those competitors, only a handful are remotely relevant.~Andrew Mason

Success Business Equal

I started singing by default, I think. Because there was a guy in the group that thought the group wasn't going to ever be anything. And I was getting ready to record, and I'd never recorded my voice. It was always other people that I featured because I thought they did a much better job.~Andrae Crouch

Job People Singing

I didn't realize how hard it was to run a small business.~Andrew Mason

Business Small Realize

If you have a great business, if you're great at your craft people should be coming in there. It shouldn't be this secret.~Andrew Mason

Business Great People

When I was very young, I thought the theatre was a place where higher beings went about their celestial business, as if they knew nothing of ordinary life and its political mysteries.~Andrew O'Hagan

Life Business Political

It's weird to have people so interested in your personal life. It's a part of the business that grosses me out. I'm always bummed out for people who just happen to be dating a celebrity, and they're also famous, and they can't live their life.~Andy Samberg

Life Business Dating

The entertainment business remains a business of blockbusters, and increasingly so.~Anita Elberse

Business Entertainment

What a joy it is to dance and sing!~Angela Carter

Dance Joy Sing

I recall an 18-year-old girl named Rachel in Zambia who was given a grant to start a business of her choosing. She decided to breed goats so she could sell the meat and the milk, and donate the kids to orphan children. She herself was an orphan, stepping into young adulthood with no resources, and it was her first opportunity to earn her own money.~Ann Cotton

Children Business Money

It is quite lovely being single, and I much prefer it.~Anna Held

Single Lovely Quite

If Nora Roberts were a man, she'd be on the cover of big business magazines as the next Charles Dickens.~Ann Maxwell

Business Man She

I'm very fond of the Talent series, and also the Crystal Singer trio.~Anne McCaffrey

Talent Crystal Singer

I was born to a single mom and raised by her and my grandparents.~Anthony Foxx

Mom Single Mom Born

I'm always dancing in my kitchen. And I love to sing. I've always sung. My father was a lovely singer. Always sang Jim Reeves at parties.~Anne-Marie Duff

Love Father Singer

That's the trouble with the suburbs: it's not a city, so you're not anonymous, and it's not a small town, so that people really care about you, but everybody kind of knows each other's business, so you're very judged.~Anne-Marie Duff

Business Small People

My company in the U.S., Pratt Industries U.S.A., has grown from scratch to become a billion-dollar business based on recycling, as well as the largest Australian-owned employer of U.S. citizens.~Anthony Pratt

Business Company Recycling

I love Australia. I love the people there; they are fantastic. The business opportunities are endless.~Anthony Pratt

Love Business People

Ultimately, innovation depends on the people with advanced skills who have the ideas, and on the business risk-takers willing to back them.~Anthony Pratt

Business Innovation People

I'm proud we have built a billion-dollar business from scratch here in the US. It has been done very much in a slow, building way. It wasn't an instant type of thing. America is a huge market where persistence is very important, and I am a builder by nature.~Anthony Pratt

Nature Business I Am

Imagine a music business where all the music press talked about, all day long, was cover bands of old rock and pop groups. Beatles cover bands, Rolling Stones cover bands, The Who cover bands, Led Zeppelin cover bands. Cover bands, cover bands, everywhere you go.~Antony Johnston

Music Business Day

When you are very idealistic, but caught in a world which is all about business, it creates anguish.~Anurag Kashyap

Business World You

I believe in family values, and I believe that we all ought to be able to have a family and marry if you want to. I don't think the government should be in that business of denying people the fundamental right to marry.~Antonio Villaraigosa

Family Business People

I'm a surprisingly good rapper.~Anya Taylor-Joy

Good Rapper Surprisingly

I have always wanted to become a musician and a singer.~Arijit Singh

Singer Always Become

I've always tried to avoid electronic music in India because whatever songs I got in the genre I didn't really enjoy singing them - I didn't like the arrangements.~Arijit Singh

Music Singing Enjoy

When I'm not singing, I'm a lot of persons: I'm a producer. I'm a badminton player. I'm a writer. I'm a movie freak. I'm a documentary maker.~Arijit Singh

Singing Badminton Writer

I've been singing one kind of genre for a long time but have always tried to push to new auras about picking new songs or the same kind of genre but trying to sing it differently, treating it differently.~Arijit Singh

Time Singing Trying

Singing for a documentary that benefits the underprivileged remains one of my biggest dreams.~Arijit Singh

Dreams Singing Documentary

Doctors quickly learn that how much they make has little to do with how good they are. It largely depends on how they handle the business side of their practice.~Atul Gawande

Business Good Learn

I'm pretty good at weaseling my way into a job, even if I have no business being there.~Aubrey Plaza

Business Good Job

One's mind has a way of making itself up in the background, and it suddenly becomes clear what one means to do.~A. C. Benson

Business Mind Way

Having a dream, living that dream, losing that dream, dreaming again and then having that dream come true again is one of the greatest feelings ever because I'm stronger.~Aaron Carter

Greatest Losing Living

I was singing in a mall, and I picked a girl to come up onstage with me. As I was grabbing her hand, I fell off the stage. It felt like I was in the air forever, flying like Superman.~Aaron Carter

Girl Singing Flying

The business models in enterprise have changed pretty dramatically. A huge problem with enterprise software traditionally has been usually you sell to the customer and then they adopt the technology. The great thing about 'freemium' and the new way enterprise software is being sold is you get to try it first and then buy it.~Aaron Levie

Business Technology Great

I've been working for many years and I think I've managed to work with some of the best people in the business, which has been rewarding and an apprenticeship.~Aaron Eckhart

Work Best Business

There's a lot of pride that business owners have. It's actually really critical that pride and ownership extends to everyone in the organization. I think of everyone is in the same boat in driving the company forward.~Aaron Levie

Business Boat Pride

Steve Jobs is the most epic entrepreneur of all time. He served as a guiding light for any emerging businessperson who wanted to learn how things should get done. He'll be looked at as one of the best business leaders of all time, and certainly one of the best tech entrepreneurs.~Aaron Levie

Time Best Business

I tend to not discriminate when it comes to people I can learn from. Basically, if someone has built a meaningful business in software, technology or media, faced disruption and adversity, and overcame underdog status, I want to know how they did it.~Aaron Levie

Business Technology People

I know I can't plan in this business, but I'm going to keep going as long as I keep getting close... So far, I feel lucky and infinitely grateful for the successes that I've had. I'm just going to keep working hard, and whatever happens, happens.~Aaron Lazar

Business Grateful

The biggest misconception people have about me is that when they see how young I am, they think, 'Oh, this guy must have always wanted to be in politics; his parents must have been politically connected.' I'm a finance major and always intended to go into business.~Aaron Schock

Business Parents Politics

I believe it is an important project, it makes the cost of doing business lower and they will make us more competitive at the same time, it will also provide some satisfaction to the people who demand services for them of the quality they want and also quickly.~Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Time Business People

You may love football, but that doesn't mean you have any business trying to play the sport. It's the same thing with filmmaking... everybody has a great idea for a movie, but do you have the stamina to get good at your craft and deal with how heartbreaking it is?~Adam Green

Love Business Good

There is a real diversity of talent and background on the A list so as to better reflect our society in all walks. There are people who have been candidates before, Councillors, Doctors, business leaders, charity campaigners.~Adam Rickitt

Business Diversity Society

I'm the first to admit I've had a sheltered life. I grew up in the country and went to a boarding school. It was all just part of the business - be nice to everyone and all that.~Adam Rickitt

Life Business School

The ethics of journalism are one thing. Another thing is the ethics of business.~Adam Michnik

Business Ethics Journalism

Politicians and bureaucrats must learn to stay away from the day-by-day functioning of business.~Adi Godrej

Business Learn Away

We have very strong succession plans across all group companies. But we do not comment on it. The retirement age is 60 years, but it does not apply to family professionals who work in the business.~Adi Godrej

Family Work Business

The hardest thing as an actor is that you work really hard constantly for these roles, and you invest so much in it. And when they don't come to fruition and nobody sees them, there's a part of you that dies a little bit. It's like, 'Ah! But I worked so hard!' But that's the business.~Adrianne Palicki

Work Business You

It's really important to find a humble approach to your own creative work, your own business work. To recognize that you can't do everything yourself.~Adrian Grenier

Work Business Humble

I would like to sing the theme tune of a big film - something like 'Titanic.'~Agnetha Faltskog

Theme Film Sing

When I was 15 I became a full-time singer in a band. At 18 I made my first record.~Agnetha Faltskog

Band Singer First

Writing can be a frightening, distressing business, and whatever kind of structure or buffer is available can help a lot.~Aimee Bender

Business Writing Help

I probably worked every single entertainment medium, including some that don't exist. I worked the circus, carnival, I had my own medicine show, I worked 18 years of radio.~Al Lewis

Medicine Circus Single

I've always felt that I'm in a spontaneous business and if you script something, if you plan something, it will sound that way.~Al Michaels

Business Plan You

In fact, even the perception of a resurgence in crime can be enough to paralyze business momentum and destroy the sense of security that a vibrant and progressive city requires.~Alan Autry

Business Security City

He's sharp, he can score and he doesn't worry about missing.~Alan Hansen

Worry Missing Sharp

So if I die, somebody else from the corporation will take over the business.~Alex Chiu

Business Die Over

Heath Ledger was supposed to put our album on what would have been a new record label. I still feel a little dead after losing him.~Alex Ebert

Losing Feel Dead

The university's business is the conservation of useless knowledge; and what the university itself apparently fails to see is that this enterprise is not only noble but indispensable as well, that society can not exist unless it goes on.~Albert J. Nock

Business Knowledge Society

Maybe 'Can't Stop Feeling' and 'Turn It On' we'll just release as singles. It's a thing The Beatles used to do which I really loved, the idea of releasing something as a single completely on its own.~Alex Kapranos

Loved Feeling Single

I've been a fashion model for 15 years and designing is just an extension of my career. I still plan on modeling lingerie, but at the same time this is a business transition that I plan to have around for a long time.~Alessandra Ambrosio

Time Business Transition

The business of a scientific school is the dissemination of useful knowledge, and this is a noble enterprise and indispensable withal; society can not exist unless it goes on.~Albert J. Nock

Business Knowledge School

I think sometimes there are negative connotations for those who have a business mind as well as a creative side.~Alexander Wang

Business Creative Mind

French is, in many ways, more difficult for an English-speaking person to sing. It is so full of complex and trying vowels. It requires the utmost subtlety.~Alma Gluck

Trying Difficult Sing

From the moment my dad died, from the moment I found out there was the possibility of his dying, there were many surprises - years after, minutes after. The moments I was okay were as surprising as the ones that I wasn't. Making it through the eulogy without losing it. And then the guilt I felt about it. Surprise!~Alysia Reiner

Dad Moment Losing

I remember when I first started in the business, I lost a lot of friends. Some were jealous, some were annoyed at the fact that I was an actress.~Amber Tamblyn

Business Friends Remember

A business like acting is 90% luck. You can be a star one minute and out of work the next.~Amber Tamblyn

Work Business Luck

Time is money in the shipping business.~Ander Crenshaw

Time Business Money

Graphene is a single plane of graphite that has to be pulled out of bulk graphite to show its amazing properties.~Andre Geim

Amazing Single Show

For the whole of Western Europe, I know the business community quite good.~Anatoly Chubais

Business Good Community

To me, regardless of who's in office, the government is strangled by business. And the government's priorities are dictated by business. I mean, why does America, even after healthcare reform, still not have free universal healthcare? I'm sure it has something to do with the insurance lobby.~Andrew Dominik

Business Government

I don't know whether crime is dictating business or business is dictating crime.~Andrew Dominik

Business Know Crime

The problem with cap-and-trade and programs such as carbon capture and storage is that they all assume that business as usual can continue. The financial meltdown and peak oil has pretty much demonstrated that business as usual's not going to work.~Andrew Nikiforuk

Work Business Financial

The most generous part of your philanthropy could be the time you put in to procure the same results and same outcomes and same returns you demand in business.~Andrew Forrest

Time Business You

I have to take time occasionally to get away from the pressures of this business. If I don't, I think I would get stale, and that would show in my music.~Andy Gibb

Music Time Business

I grew up in a show business family, so we've always had a great sense of balance, being so close to my parents. I've always known what is and isn't reality.~Andy Gibb

Family Business Parents

I grew up in a show business family, so we've always had a great sense of balance, being so close to my parents.~Andy Gibb

Family Business Parents

Pure entertainment is not an egotistical lady singing boring songs onstage for two hours and people in tuxes clapping whether they like it or not. It's the real performers on the street who can hold people's attention and keep them from walking away.~Andy Kaufman

Walking People Singing

I think that fashion has become such a big business and with globalization we are on new territory at this point. We are not just designing for a country we are designing for a world now.~Anna Sui

Business World Fashion

A life lesson for me is, how do you muster the courage to take on a new risk? Whether it's starting up a business or taking on a new project or expedition. I think the risks that we take are all relative to the risk-taker.~Ann Bancroft

Life Business Courage

I never intended being a business person I wanted to be a fashion designer.~Anna Sui

Business Fashion Never

Lots of opera singers are just boring.~Anna Netrebko

Boring Opera Singers

I know what I'm missing. I know what I have to work on. Coloratura. And I sing sharp sometimes. It happens when I'm nervous.~Anna Netrebko

Work Know Missing

I was raised with a sense of entrepreneurship - my father owned a roofing business, and I grew up with the idea that you never want someone telling you what you can and cannot do.~Anthony Mackie

Business Father Want

I didn't know a single person who had ever been there. I wasn't even sure how to spell Chechnya.~Anthony Marra

Know Single Person

I read all of the nonfiction that I could find on Chechnya, and all the while, I was searching for a novel that was set there. I couldn't find a single novel written in English that was set in the period of the two most recent Chechen wars.~Anthony Marra

Find Single Most

The problem with growing up in a cafe was the cafe never closed, my parents worked every day of the year from morning to night. So it was a big menagerie of kids, business and cooking!~Anthony Minghella

Morning Business Parents

The only thing wealth does for some people is to make them worry about losing it.~Antoine Rivarol

People Losing Wealth

You can say what you want to about a rapper in a movie, but look at what Ice Cube has done. Ice Cube has created more opportunities for other actors to get jobs in this business than some actors have.~Anthony Anderson

Business Opportunities

I knew going in that being a single parent would be one of the toughest jobs I'd ever have. I'd been a talk-show host, actor, comic, and on and on, but this gig was going to be my defining moment.~Arsenio Hall

Moment Parent Single

I know I did the right thing by taking time off to raise my son. But it also came at a price. I turned down many opportunities over the years because I didn't want to leave him for long periods of time. And in Hollywood, as in any business, the calls stop coming when you don't answer.~Arsenio Hall

Time Son Business

The most wonderful time to be in the art world was in the sixties, because it wasn't a business - there was no business of doing art.~Arne Glimcher

Art Time Business

I hope the business sense that artists like Jay-Z and Nelly are showing rubs off on the young players. I want somebody to stand up and say, Look, these kids got it going on. We want to be a part of them.~Antonio Davis

Business Hope Young

I didn't go in there and tell them I think you should move me, but I also understand the nature of this business.~Antonio Davis

Nature Business Me

I was never in the business of trying to put my name out there - I was really focused on music and records and being in the studio.~Ariel Rechtshaid

Music Business Trying

I was lucky enough to be launched into the marketplace with the blessing of a series like 'Jewel.'~Art Malik

Blessing Lucky Enough

Governments, whether right or left, have become commissioners-in-chief, nudging and cajoling networks into preferred business models without the slightest sensitivity or awareness of what the public wants or the TV industry is capable of.~Armando Iannucci

Business Awareness Without

Firms need to ensure that their ability to provide effective customer service keeps pace with their growth. If you're marketing your firm to new customers, you better be able to provide them service when they do business with you.~Arthur Levitt

Business Growth Service

I'm not a practising Muslim.~Art Malik

Muslim Practising

Today, the forces of competition, technology, and globalization have converged to spur innovation and to transform the way business is done in the securities industry.~Arthur Levitt

Business Technology Today

So I, I knew something in a business sense about semiconductors and I appreciated their possibilities.~Arthur Rock

Business Possibilities

IBM decided they were going to enter the copying business in 1968.~Arthur Rock

Business Going IBM

People come in with business plans and, I mean I know that no one is going to meet everything they say in a business plan but you got to have something to, to guide towards.~Arthur Rock

Business People Plan

There are times in my 30 years in the theater that I have come perilously close to losing faith in the one form of action I have in this life.~Athol Fugard

Life Faith Losing

It's definitely an interesting question: 'Do you need more funding to start a luxury business?' That's something I want to think about a little bit more.~Aslaug Magnusdottir

Business Luxury Start

I just wanted to be a businessman, and to me, the best way to understand business was to be an accountant.~Aubrey McClendon

Best Business Me

American business would be run better today if there was more alignment between CEOs' interest and the company. For example, would the financial crisis of 2008 have occurred if the CEO of Lehman and Morgan Stanley and Goldman and Citibank had to take a very small percentage of every mortgage-backed security... or every loan they made?~Aubrey McClendon

Business Today Small

While my trips are most often focused on business, I always try to take some time to experience the local culture.~Aslaug Magnusdottir

Time Business Experience

Coming from my bedroom in San Antonio to this big world and going from singing covers off my laptop to making music in this nice studio, making professional-sounding music - it's just weird.~Austin Mahone

Music World Singing

Write. Enjoy writing. Then, and only then, worry about the business end of it. Start loving your hobby, and then you can't go too wrong.~Arthur Phillips

Business End Writing

I don't think that when Zionism began there was a claim that we were losing - even in part - our capacity to contribute to other peoples.~A. B. Yehoshua

Losing Think Capacity

The older I get, the more I realize the importance of maintaining an even temperament - not getting too emotional, focusing on the task at hand. You don't want to make a business deal based on your emotions.~Aaron Diehl

Business Emotions Want

I've always loved singing and the catharsis of it.~Autre Ne Veut

Singing Loved Always

My father was trained as a saddler, but in fact as a young man worked in his father's business of rearing and selling cattle, so he grew up in the countryside.~Aaron Klug

Business Father Man

The buzz you get when you're playing a song and everyone is screaming and dancing and what have you and singing along is incredible.~Aaron Johnson

Singing You Song

Well, filming in Hawaii, you know, is a blessing. It's one of the most beautiful places on this planet. It has a very mystic energy which informs you as an actor.~Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Beautiful Blessing Energy

I felt completely at home in Mexico - speaking Spanish to my cousins, running around Acapulco and stuffing my face with mole and homemade tortillas. Mexico opened my heart.~Aimee Garcia

Home Heart Cousins

If you can serve everyone who visits you, you must be doing well in business.~Ahmet Davutoglu

Business Doing You

All of a sudden I'm in the major leagues and we're traveling from town to town. I see the other players dressing different every day. I've got only one suit and I keep wearing it over and over. I'm really embarrassed.~Al Kaline

Day See Dressing

There's a fundamental problem with how the software business does things. We're asking people who are masters of hard-edged technology to design the soft, human side of software as well. As a result, they make products that are really cool - if you happen to be a software engineer.~Alan Cooper

Business Technology Cool

I'm constantly looking for ways to learn and elevate your craft, patience for yourself, and patience for this business. It's not a fair business. You may be great, but it may take years for someone to notice what you're capable of because of politics.~Aldis Hodge

Business Patience Politics

I saw part of The Singing Detective on TV in New York. I said, Something is going on here.~Alain Resnais

Singing Said New

Once you understand business models you can then start prototyping business models just like you prototype products.~Alexander Osterwalder

Business Start You

The same products, services or technologies can fail or succeed depending on the business model you choose. Exploring the possibilities is critical to finding a successful business model. Settling on first ideas risks the possibility of missing potential that can only be discovered by prototyping and testing different alternatives.~Alexander Osterwalder

Business Successful

You need to be naive enough to do things differently. No big publishing house would have allowed us to co-create a fully designed, four color business book in landscape format - because it was contrary to the publishing industry logic. However, we thought of Business Model Generation as a product, not just a book - similar to Apple products.~Alexander Osterwalder

Business Book Generation

Founders go wrong when they start to believe their business plan will materialize as written. I advise entrepreneurs to burn their business plan - it's simply too dangerous to the health of your business.~Alexander Osterwalder

Business Health Believe

To play for Chelsea is a blessing.~Alexandre Pato

Blessing Play Chelsea

Of course there are depressing periods when nothing appears to be happening. But whenever anything was happening, and even when nothing was happening, it was fun just to do phage experiments.~Alfred Hershey

Fun Nothing Depressing

Virus particles contain single molecules of nucleic acid.~Alfred Hershey

Single Virus Acid

Greece is not an easy country to do business in.~Ali Babacan

Business Easy Country

To say the Internet is the death of books and movies is like saying someone invented a new, more efficient kind of cup and it heralds the death of coffee - a new improved form of carrying something, which is essentially what the Internet is, should be helpful to our business.~Alison Owen

Death Business Coffee

The luckiest person in the world is somebody who is born into a small, shabby-genteel town on a major railway connection with 24,000 souls and a bird sanctuary and whose grandfather owns a farm and whose father owns a business -whose family is mildly prosperous but not rich, which means you can leave the town.~Allan Gurganus

Family Business Father

I'm in a stage where I feel like I need to retrain my mind, because since the beginning of my career, I've been such a fighter and a little hustler and someone who just tried to stay afloat in this business.~Ali Larter

Business Beginning Mind

We have never seen a sport as a business, and we have this great passion for football. QPR are not a trophy asset. If we had wanted a trophy asset, there were more glamorous clubs we could have bought.~Amit Bhatia

Business Passion Great

I write poems like some people sing in the bathroom.~Amit Bhatia

People Bathroom Sing

My family couldn't be more supportive. They're worried and they're always in my business, and my mother does send me grad-school applications every now and again.~Ana Ortiz

Mother Family Business

Losing yourself in the character opens you up in a way that no amount of precise preparation can.~Ana Gasteyer

Character Yourself Losing

Other people sing in the shower, but I don't.~Andrea Corr

People Sing Shower

I really love singing.~Andrea Corr

Love Singing Really

As an actor, particularly in theatre, you're trying to get jobs on TV; but you're also losing jobs in theatre to people who are on television.~Andrew Rannells

People Theatre Losing

This is a very screwed-up business. Record labels don't sign a lot of bands these days. We just want to find a home and stay there and make records and do our thing and not have to look over our shoulder.~Andy Taylor

Business Home Look

I don't like the fashion world. It's too nasty, too rip-off, too hard. And now it's all Gucci and Prada; it's very difficult to make your own business.~Anita Pallenberg

Business World Fashion

I've been in this business for a long time, and I no longer think that anything that I do by way of clarification is ever going to eradicate the mistakes.~Ann Beattie

Time Business Mistakes

You have always had individual directors who begin in the advertising or commercial world, but they are probably exceptions rather than the traditional pattern.~Ann Macbeth

World Advertising You

I started in the restaurant business at the age of 19 as a waitress. I loved the atmosphere and the camaraderie of the restaurant business. I loved not having to go to an office. I loved making people happy.~Anne Burrell

Business Happy Age

In an ideal world, I'd be able to do my shows in my pajamas. Luckily I've got one of the best stylists in the business, Rebecca Allen - she knows what looks good on camera and gives it a sexy kick.~Anne Robinson

Best Business Good

The business of the law is to make sense of the confusion of what we call human life - to reduce it to order but at the same time to give it possibility, scope, even dignity.~Archibald MacLeish

Life Time Business

We never set up Yandex to imitate what others were doing. We've been in the business longer than other search engines and have created many original products.~Arkady Volozh

Business Doing Search

Any good business is a hobby. We have an integrated company culture, and I can honestly say that many people who come here to work make Yandex a central part of their lives.~Arkady Volozh

Work Business Good

You talk about the values that you have whether they're in favor or not in favor. That's how you lead. The reality is, we're losing more and more elections.~Artur Davis

Reality Losing Values

If a lobbyist sets up shop, or a lawyer, in which they're receiving income through what is something like a tax loophole so that it's not counting as corporate income, that is what this is counting as a small business.~Austan Goolsbee

Business Small Lawyer

When people say Jerry Lee Lewis invented rock n' roll, they forget Little Richard. People talk about Elvis Presley and forget he was singing black music. I don't blame Elvis. It was the music business figuring it could make more money from this music if it weren't presented from the original source.~Ato Essandoh

Music Business Money

For policy makers interested in using tax policy to stimulate investments or especially to smooth business cycle fluctuations, the results are not promising.~Austan Goolsbee

Business Tax Results

I believe - I'm not a political expert, but I believe there is a broad consensus, a middle ground if you will, that Democrats and Republicans, business people and workers can agree on, to get this - the economy growing faster, getting people back to work.~Austan Goolsbee

Work Business Political

The share of income that small business people are paying in taxes is the lowest it has been in 65 years - since Obama has cut taxes 18 or 22 times for small business.~Austan Goolsbee

Business Small People

I'm kind of an animated person. I was given this really big blessing that my voice just kind of carries the emotion.~Auli'i Cravalho

Blessing Voice Emotion

When I sing, it's different from when I speak in a very interesting way. I think that, when you're singing, a message is carried in a different way. I don't know if that emotion needs a melody.~Auli'i Cravalho

Singing Speak You

I don't think any business has to give up legal protections in order to simplify. The main consideration is that whatever protection, rights and remedies a corporation wants, they should be put in terms that are understandable to the consumer.~Alan Siegel

Business Legal Think

I run in practically every single road race in my country, 5k, 10k just to promote the sport.~Alberto Juantorena

Road Single Country

I've always known that I wanted to sing, and I wanted to dance, and I wanted to act.~Alex Newell

Dance Sing Always

Losing my anonymity in this world I think is something that I find terrifying.~Alex O'Loughlin

World Losing Think

Singing is my passion, regardless of anything else that I've ever done. That's the one thing that no one can ever take away from me is my voice, and that is what I really want to do.~Alex Newell

Passion Singing Me

Other than my sexuality, I am vulnerable regarding my physical appearance, as I am not what people considered ideal by most standards. For the entertainment business, I am not the body type of what is typically cast for television or movies.~Alex Newell

Business I Am People

I do not think I'm a great talent. I think I'm a medium talent, but I think I understand the business and enjoy the business.~Alex O'Loughlin

Business Great Talent

I studied at Guildhall and did the acting course, but because I could sing a bit, I kept being cast in musicals.~Alexander Hanson

Acting Sing Musicals

My construction business represents 10 or 20 times what I'll ever invest in football. But from the moment I bought the Chargers, I would become forever known as the owner of that NFL franchise.~Alex Spanos

Business Football Moment

All my kids have worked in the family business. I've been successful at that. My family knows how to work. We all started working very young.~Alex Spanos

Family Work Business

One of the biggest problems out there that I hear from my friends in the business community is that there's no lending, that it's tough to get a loan today.~Alexi Giannoulias

Business Today Community

I can tell you that when I travel the state, when I talk to people, they are really struggling, in a very real way. They're losing their jobs, they're losing their homes, they're dealing with financial challenges.~Alexi Giannoulias

Travel People Losing

If you're nasty to me in my place of business, I'm going to be really nasty back.~Alexis Stewart

Business Me You

I'm very close to my mother, but not a single other person in my family.~Alexis Stewart

Mother Family Single

But this is called show business, not show family.~Alice Barrett

Family Business Show

I wanted to be a columnist so badly that I took a huge pay cut to leave Forbes, which wouldn't give me a column, and join Newsday, which wanted my column for its Sunday business section.~Allan Sloan

Business Sunday Me

When I started writing a business column 15 years ago, I knew I'd found the perfect job for myself. As a columnist I could pick my own topic, do my own analysis, say what I wanted to say and attribute it to myself. Best of all, I could write in my own voice.~Allan Sloan

Best Business Myself

There are many questions, but I cannot answer because I'm not a businessman, I am a climber.~Anatoli Boukreev

I Am Questions Businessman

I am not sure the others are as committed as Rob Hall and Scott Fischer. I think there is more business now, and I know it will be impossible to stop this Everest business.~Anatoli Boukreev

Business I Am Impossible

I'm not a good enough singer to pull off the effect.~Andre Braugher

Good Singer Enough

I stuck around in Hollywood for too long. I was there a long time, and when I left, I was smart enough to realise that what I was leaving was not just the movie business. I wanted to get rid of the whole atmosphere.~Andre Previn

Time Business Smart

Whoever heard of an electric violin, electric cello or, for that matter, an electric singer?~Andres Segovia

Matter Violin Singer

You have to grow! You grow as a person, and then you will grow in business.~Andrew Cherng

Business You Grow

My father was a chef but hadn't owned his own business. I didn't like that. In my heart of hearts, I knew I wanted to be in business.~Andrew Cherng

Business Father Heart

My favorite way to do business is the Landmark Education Forum.~Andrew Cherng

Education Business Way

This is our 40th year in business. We don't have a single penny from outside investors, and we never borrowed heavily from the banks. We have a healthy balance sheet and more credit than we can use.~Andrew Cherng

Business Balance Credit

Business is where you practice your human skills. It's where you grow.~Andrew Cherng

Business Practice You

The business of being a popular entertainer in England is just too hard.~Andrew Eldritch

Business Popular Hard

That's all I want, to keep losing myself.~Andrew Garfield

Myself Losing Want

I was a writer for 'New York' magazine. I had been to business school, but what did I know? Still, everybody from the receptionists on up to the editor would ask me what they should do with their money.~Andrew Tobias

Business Money School

When you feel like this isn't your business, get out of the business.~Andy Lau

Business You Feel

I hope we business people can invest more aggressively outside Metro Manila, whether in real estate, factories, or other enterprises, in order to give equal opportunities to all other regions.~Andrew Tan

Business Hope People

One way to mitigate our risk is to invest in companies with understandable business models.~Andrew Tan

Business Risk Way

I believe this Emperador Distillers investment in Whyte & Mackay is good for the Philippines as a whole, not only beneficial to our business.~Andrew Tan

Business Good Believe

I tried talking to a psychologist once. Two minutes in, I said, 'Ciao!' Never again. There's no way, no way, I'd continue! I couldn't buy into a single thing the guy was saying.~Angel Cabrera

Saying Talking Single

I'm sure that the meaning of the songs that I've written will change for me over the years, the same way that I can't even say what inspired some of the songs that I've been singing for a long time anymore.~Angel Olsen

Change Time Singing

I was never one to seek out the spotlight. I am kind of a private person, so I don't miss that part of show business at all.~Angela Cartwright

Business I Am Kind

Rejection is a big part of show business. It can be tough on anyone who doesn't have fairly good self-esteem. Especially kids, as they try to discover who they are.~Angela Cartwright

Business Good Tough

I am kind of a private person, so I don't miss that part of show business at all. Looking back on my career in television and making a movie like 'The Sound of Music' from an adult point of view, it actually seems kind of unreal. I was involved in shows that people grew up with - that hold memories for them - and it's a cool feeling.~Angela Cartwright

Music Business Memories

I don't know how much love David felt - I suspect very little. My main appeal to him was as a nurse, cook, housekeeper, creative ally, and business adviser.~Angela Bowie

Love Business Creative

Show business is the best possible therapy for remorse.~Anita Loos

Best Business Remorse

To some extent, the idea that rock 'n roll used to have this sort of free antediluvian identity, frolicking in the 1950s with Elvis or something, is totally wrong. It's insane. Elvis' relationship with Colonel Parker, his manager, was one of the most possibly corrupt, certainly lucrative, and intense business partnerships ever in rock n' roll.~Ann Powers

Relationship Business Free

I went to School of the Arts in Winston-Salem, and we had a bunch of singing classes. My first job in New York was an Off-Broadway musical.~Anna Camp

School Job Singing

I went to college at North Carolina School of the Arts and took a lot of singing classes, and it really is so connected to emotions.~Anna Camp

School College Singing

Now, occultism is not like mystic faculty, and it very seldom works in harmony either with business aptitude in the things of ordinary life or with a knowledge of the canons of evidence in its own sphere.~A. E. Waite

Life Business Knowledge

I never went to college. But the structure I grew up with was planted so deep that when it came to doing business, I knew how to be disciplined, create teamwork, and persevere. It set me up to be an entrepreneur and a successful franchiser.~Anne F. Beiler

Business Teamwork Deep

It's so important for business leaders to discover what their purpose is. In the days when the business seems overwhelming, or you aren't certain you can continue, it is your purpose that will compel you to push through.~Anne F. Beiler

Business Purpose Important

Auntie Anne's is a modern-day business miracle that never should have happened.~Anne F. Beiler

Business Miracle Should

If you knew my life and understood where I came from, you would agree that Auntie Anne's, Inc. is a modern day business miracle.~Anne F. Beiler

Life Business Day

We are in the business of gathering the news. We're not in the business of talking about the news.~Aaron Brown

Business News Talking

I never wore a single fedora filming 'L.A. Noire.' It took about an hour and a half to do the hair - it was a very precise process.~Aaron Staton

Hair Process Single

I feel like after acting, the other half of why I love this business is the opportunity to work with and meet people who inspire you. That it pays my rent is a good bonus.~Aaron Yoo

Love Work Business

I've been around the track a lot. I've had the best of the years, and I don't want a single year back.~Abraham A. Ribicoff

Best Want Single

Nothing surprises me when it comes to people in the entertainment business.~Adam Goldberg

Business People Me

There just is exponentially more money in the movie business than in the music business. As a result there are more people involved in the creative process.~Adam Duritz

Music Business Money

But what you realise after you've been in the business for a while is that people develop opinions about you that don't have anything to do with your music, they like or dislike you for a million reasons, they like or dislike you for your last record.~Adam Duritz

Music Business People

I attended a post-college program in L.A. for Music Business and Production. Took several courses involving Music Production, Arrangement, and Songwriting.~Adam Kluger

Music Business Production

I initially wanted to work in the music industry more on the A&R side. While I was in school, I began working in the New Business department of an advertising firm, and very quickly I was responsible for roughly 70% of their business, so you could say I had a natural knack for the advertising world.~Adam Kluger

Work Music Business

An open-minded person running a business might catch a problem faster than a closed-minded person. And when they identify a problem, they can fix it much faster.~Adeo Ressi

Business Problem Catch

The more you're out there singing, learning, and adding roles to your repertoire, it reforms the next piece.~Ailyn Perez

Learning Singing You

Run a home like you would a small business and treat it with the same seriousness.~Anthea Turner

Business Home Small

Business analytics or predictive modelling is a $100 billion industry, and $41 billion is spent on outsourced business analytics every year. I think that's about twice the size of the movie industry - it's really big.~Anthony Goldbloom

Business Think Industry

I've been getting into Nick Drake lately, the folk singer. Sad, gorgeous stuff.~Anthony Doerr

Sad Singer Gorgeous

It always makes me sad when I think of how I saw Wagner wasting his vitality, not only by singing their parts to some of his artists, but acting out the smallest details, and of how few they were who were responsive to his wishes.~Anton Seidl

Sad Singing Details

I have often heard the statement made by foreign singers, as a demonstrated fact, that the German artists are artists in feeling indeed, and serious in their devotion, but that their singing is crude.~Anton Seidl

Singing Feeling Devotion

There is no sinner like a young saint.~Aphra Behn

Young Sinner Like

It will never do to plead sin as an excuse for sin, or to attempt to justify sinful acts by pleading that we have an evil heart. This instead of being a valid apology, is the very ground of our condemnation.~Archibald Alexander

Heart Evil Sin

God is not glorified in any transaction upon earth so much as in the conversion of a sinner.~Archibald Alexander

God Earth Sinner

I remember my mom saying that after you have a baby you get really thin. So you gain all that weight and then you just lose it and keep losing it.~Arizona Muse

Mom Baby Losing

It's a blessing and a curse. But it's not always the best situation to be in. As a profession, I don't recommend acting at all.~Armand Assante

Best Blessing Acting

It is not the business of generals to shoot one another.~Arthur Wellesley

Business Generals Shoot

We spend more than a million dollars a year on our colleges and university, and it is money well spent; but we must have education that fits not the few but the many for the business of life.~Arthur Capper

Life Education Business

County government can be simplified greatly by reorganizing and consolidating some of the offices, making others appointive, and reducing salaries in keeping with the salaries paid by private business for the performance of similar duties.~Arthur Capper

Business Government Others

Be mindful of what supermarkets are doing and demand to see their business practices. Stop throwing away food. Compost as much as you can, eat as locally and as seasonally as you can. Share knowledge and information.~Arthur Potts Dawson

Business Knowledge Food

I'm a hockey coach and a single mother of two who commutes. I don't watch TV. I watch news, and that's it!~Ashleigh Banfield

Mother Single Mother Coach

If I have been fortunate enough to have risen to a level in this business where people would actually listen to me, then I think I have a duty to convey all truths that I encounter.~Ashleigh Banfield

Business People Me

I have everything in my house organized to an unnecessary T, and I love it! The only downside: I have no excuses for losing my to-do lists.~Ashley Rickards

Love Losing Excuses

With any entertainment business, you sort of have to be OK with just going with it. I've learned very much to just go with the flow and see what happens with my life, and what happens happens.~Aubrey Peeples

Life Business My Life

This is the best thing that could've happened for the 2011 season - Bolt losing like this and having to go away.~Ato Boldon

Best Losing Go

Managing can be more discouraging than playing, especially when you're losing because when you're a player, there are at least individual goals you can shoot for. When you're a manager all the worries of the team become your worries.~Al Lopez

Goals Team Losing

When I was losing, they called me nuts. When I was winning they called me eccentric.~Al McGuire

Winning Losing Me

Pulling the plug on the BlackBerry could cost corporate America millions of dollars. The BlackBerry is more than e-mail but a handheld office, and if you shut down the BlackBerry, you shut off the data that powers American business.~Al Smith

Business American America

I traveled the world as a DJ, as a singer, as a songwriter, as a producer.~Al Walser

World DJ Singer

Winning in my business is everything.~Al Unser

Business Winning

We're in the business of selling pleasure. We don't sell handbags or haute couture. We sell dreams.~Alain Wertheimer

Business Dreams Selling

I don't give interviews on Chanel because it is not useful for the Chanel business.~Alain Wertheimer

Business Because Useful

Hitler's dictatorship rested on the constitutional foundation of a single law, the Enabling Law.~Alan Bullock

Law Foundation Single

If you can run one business well, you can run any business well.~Alan Bleasdale

Business You Run

Ask anybody who has ever remodeled their house. There's always problems. They open up walls, they find this, they find that. There is always something. I'm in a business where you have to control those variables.~Alan Casden

Business Problems Control

There will always be nations. The United States will last a long, long time, I believe. France and Germany and Japan, China, other nations, they're going to exist. But they're losing their significance and ability to deal with certain matters.~Alan Cranston

Time Believe Losing

Nobody who has even kicked a ball in the street likes losing.~Alan Oliveira

Losing Street Nobody

Your initial instincts about investments and people are usually correct. We do a lot of due diligence in this business and most of the time it comes out where we started.~Alan Patricof

Time Business People

I decided to combine my musical background, business education and creative abilities - and go into the record business.~Alan W. Livingston

Education Business Go

I guess that my life has been a series of flukes in the record business. The first thing I ever did was the biggest record that I'll ever have.~Alex Chilton

Life Business My Life

I started taking music lessons and singing when I was about ten.~Alex Winston

Music Singing Lessons

One of the things I find really hard and view as a massive drag... is that I'm losing my ability to be completely anonymous.~Alexander Karp

Losing View Find

You can't do business without money, of course, because that's how it works, but I'm not in business only for money.~Alexander Mamut

Business Money You

Being effective at social media, whether for business or personal use, means capturing people who have short attention spans. They're only a click away from a picture of a funny cat, so you have to make your thing more compelling than that cat. And that can be a high bar.~Alexis Ohanian

Funny Business People

Singing instrumental music is most important because, while you play an instrument, you are singing through the instrument... actually, you are singing inside.~Ali Akbar Khan

Music Singing Important

Singing is a form of admitting that I'm alive.~Alfredo Kraus

Singing Alive Admitting

I don't have the will for singing but I must do it.~Alfredo Kraus

Singing Will Must

Business is tough, and the fashion industry is particularly tough.~Ali Hewson

Business Tough Fashion

To say of shame - what is it? Of virtue - we can miss it; Of sin-we can kiss it, And it's no longer sin.~Algernon Charles Swinburne

Kiss Sin Virtue

I just started writing for my own amusement and occasionally singing in little clubs around Los Angeles. Then I wrote 'The Rose,' and through a series of divine things that I had no control over and had no idea were going to happen, it got in the movie, and that changed everything.~Amanda McBroom

Rose Writing Singing

I wasn't even going to do acting. I don't know how it even happened, to be honest. I was going to go into psychology or something like that. Or business. And then some moment of madness took over and I decided, 'Oh, I'm gonna go to London and try to be an actor.'~Amrita Acharia

Business Moment Acting

War coverage should be more than a parade of retired generals and retired government flacks posing as reporters.~Amy Goodman

War Government Posing

The music business is rougher than the movie business. In film you get noticed in a small role, even in a movie that bombs. But in records you better have that hit or else it's 'See you later.'~Amy Madigan

Music Business Small

You have to have your heart in the business and the business in your heart.~An Wang

Leadership Business Heart

Markets change, tastes change, so the companies and the individuals who choose to compete in those markets must change.~An Wang

Change Business Choose

I have seen players and coaches come and go, but through it all, I have always known Cleveland is where I want to retire. But life doesn't always work the way you want it to, and at the end of the day, the saying, 'This is a business,' is unfortunately true.~Anderson Varejao

Life Work Business

I don't think it ever does any harm in any business to feel that there is someone there who cares about it. If you look at any business, fashion being the most obvious, the aura, or the reality of the designer, is part of what creates it. It's true in luxury goods stores and in good food stores. It leaves a palpable sense that someone cares.~Andre Balazs

Business Food Good

There are things coming from me that I felt I wanted to talk about. My search for my own blend of spirituality, my acknowledgement of my sexuality, my being the single mother of a young man.~Ana Castillo

Mother Man Single Mother

Be fair in all your dealings, may it be in your family or in your business. At the end of it all, what matters is not how much money you make but how honest you are.~Andrew Gotianun

Family Business Money

Do things fairly, especially with your children. Girls deserve equal opportunities, especially in getting educated as well as equal sharing in business.~Andrew Gotianun

Children Business Deserve

There's one thing very important to me in business and for the long-term: always be honest with people. For the past 60 years, I always pay my debts.~Andrew Gotianun

Business Past People

The business of funding digging journalists is important to encourage. It cannot be replaced by bloggers who don't have access to politicians, who don't have easy access to official documents, who aren't able to buttonhole people in power.~Andrew Marr

Business Power People

Initially we both did a bit of everything towards making each game but as we began to hire people and the business grew we naturally went in different directions, and away from the coalface of development.~Andrew Oliver

Business People Game

One of the things that frequently gets lost in descriptions of depression is that the depressed person often knows that it is a ludicrous condition to feel so disabled by the ordinary business of quotidian life.~Andrew Solomon

Life Business Depression

I am hoping the four new players can bring in some energy and fresh enthusiasm because they do not have the baggage that comes from being part of a losing side.~Andy Pick

I Am Losing Energy

I never tried to sing like anybody else, fortunately I didn't sound like anybody else. It just happened.~Andy Williams

Sound Never Sing

I guess I've never really been aggressive, although almost everybody else in show business fights and gouges and knees to get where they want to be.~Andy Williams

Business Want Never

I know some of those 'Glee' people, and they can really sing! I wish we could hear them live, because I know some of them and they can really sing like nobody's business.~Anika Noni Rose

Business People Wish

When we share our personal data with business, its use should be transparent and secure.~Anna Eshoo

Business Data Personal

When I started in the business years ago, people would always say, 'You better get as much work as you can now, because once you get over 40, it's over.'~Anna Silk

Work Business People

I'm no relation to Lillian or Dorothy Gish. Not even way back. But when I first became interested in acting, I wrote a letter to Lillian Gish. She wrote back, discouraging me from entering the business.~Annabeth Gish

Business Me Acting

Now I say that with cruelty and oppression it is everybody's business to interfere when they see it.~Anna Sewell

Business Oppression See

Actors are trusting souls, and we must go by gut-level instinct, even after our agents and business managers weigh all the odds.~Anne Archer

Business Go Odds

All of my friends in the business ask, 'Why is this woman not a star? Why is she not a household name?'~Annie Golden

Business Woman Friends

The wireless segment is approximately 50 percent of our business... we believe this is an industry-wide phenomenon and that we are, in fact, maintaining if not gaining market share.~Antonio Perez

Business Believe Share

The digital business is a fantastic business to be in. The only thing you have to do is build a cost structure for a declining business, which is different from the structure for a growing business.~Antonio Perez

Business You Growing

I try not to think about anyone's expectations but rather focus on always doing my personal best. Modeling was never a thought in my mind growing up, but my mom felt it was important for me to be open to business opportunities and expand my horizons.~Anwar Hadid

Mom Best Business

Nobody feels any worse than I do about losing.~Art Rooney

Losing Nobody Feels

I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain; What a wonderful feeling, I'm happy again.~Arthur Freed

Happy Rain Singing

Now, everybody, I suppose, is aware that in recent years the silly business of divination by dreams has ceased to be a joke and has become a very serious science.~Arthur Machen

Business Dreams Science

The whole business of reading English Literature in two years, to know it in any reputable sense of the word - let alone your learning to write English - is, in short, impossible.~Arthur Quiller-Couch

Learning Business Alone

They were singing in French, but the melody was freedom and any American could understand that.~Audie Murphy

Freedom American Singing

I really believe God has put me in the entertainment business, and he's taken real good care of me along the way. I want to do all I can to give him all the credit.~Austin O'Brien

Business Good God