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Imagination is the Discovering Faculty, pre-eminently. It is that which penetrates into the unseen worlds around us, the worlds of Science.~Ada Lovelace

Science Imagination Unseen

That's always the trick with the sequels, is how much do you repeat from the first one. Because we all get bummed out when you go see a sequel and it's beat for beat.~Adam McKay

You Go See

Destroy the seed of evil, or it will grow up to your ruin.~Aesop

Evil Seed Grow Up

The seed is a household object but at the same time it is a revolutionary symbol.~Ai Weiwei

Time Seed Same

If one sticks too rigidly to one's principles, one would hardly see anybody.~Agatha Christie

Principles See Sticks

Very few of us are what we seem.~Agatha Christie

Seem Us Very

Somebody will come up to me after a show and have me sign their arm, and the next time I see them my autograph has been permanently inscribed on their arm.~Al Yankovic

Time Me See

If something is good enough, it can be out there and people will see it.~Al Yankovic

Good People See

Revolutions are something you see only in retrospect.~Alan Greenspan

You See Something

Well, many insane people and seriously mentally ill people seem very reasonable.~Alan Dershowitz

People Seriously Seem

You are that vast thing that you see far, far off with great telescopes.~Alan Watts

Great You See

There are members of the London press who seek to antagonise me, deliberately.~Alex Ferguson

Me London Seek

To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.~Alfred Lord Tennyson

Find Strive Seek

Poets are Damned... but See with the Eyes of Angels.~Allen Ginsberg

Eyes Angels See

I see what happens when one gets very attached to material things. That's just not what my life is.~Alicia Keys

Life My Life See

We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.~Anais Nin

Travel Forever Seek

We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.~Anais Nin

Brainy See Things

My fascination with letting images repeat and repeat - or in film's case 'run on' - manifests my belief that we spend much of our lives seeing without observing.~Andy Warhol

Belief Seeing Repeat

If you're a preacher's kid, you see the church differently.~Andy Stanley

You Church See

When I see something I like, that's all that counts. What they use, how they get there, I never bother them.~Ang Lee

See Never Something

It's like an OCD thing, it's not as much something I enjoy. If I see a chapstick that I've never tried, I have to buy it. And then once that door's been opened, I have to check the whole store to see if there are more chapsticks that I don't have.~Anna Kendrick

Door Enjoy See

Like all Israelis, I yearn for peace. I see the utmost importance in taking all possible steps that will lead to a solution of the conflict with the Palestinians.~Ariel Sharon

Peace Conflict See

Half a psychiatrist's patients see him because they are married - the other half because they're not.~Arnold H. Glasow

Him See Married

I see no difference between Islam and Islamism. Islam is defined as submission to the will of Allah, as it is described in the Koran. Islamism is just Islam in its most pure form.~Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Islam See Allah

The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see.~Ayn Rand

See Explain Hardest

That is the land of lost content, I see it shining plain, the happy highways where I went and cannot come again.~A. E. Housman

Happy Lost See

A femtosecond is comparable to one second in 32 million years. It is like watching a 32-million-year movie to see one second.~Ahmed Zewail

See Watching Like

There are not many people from top-tier venture capital firms who are focused on the seed stage.~Aileen Lee

People Seed Stage

Many entrepreneurs, and the venture investors who back them, seek to build billion-dollar companies.~Aileen Lee

Back Seek Build

Is it possible that software is not like anything else, that it is meant to be discarded: that the whole point is to always see it as a soap bubble?~Alan Perlis

Software Bubble See

If only someone else could paint what I see, it would be marvellous, because then I wouldn't have to paint at all.~Alberto Giacometti

See Someone Paint

It is impossible to do a thing the way I see it because the closer I get the more differently I see.~Alberto Giacometti

Impossible Way See

It was always disappointing to see that what I could really master in terms of form boiled down to so little.~Alberto Giacometti

Down Master See

I'd still like to see 'Survivor' minus the planned show-biz parts. That would be the purest form of show business - I want to see someone so hungry that they eat somebody else's foot.~Albert Brooks

Business Want See

I just don't see the light. Where is the light? What am I in this for?~Alex Rodriguez

Light See Where

Appearances are a glimpse of the unseen.~Anaxagoras

Unseen Appearances Glimpse

The seed of everything is in everything else.~Anaxagoras

Seed Everything Else

I'm going to write a whole pilot and see if anyone's interested, and if not then I'll just live out the tortured life instead of showing it on TV.~Andy Milonakis

Life Live See

Trayvon Martin was 17, Mike Brown was young, Tamir Rice was 12. And so young people are affected by it, possibly the most affected, because they're seeing themselves.~Angie Thomas

People Young Seeing

So often, blackness is seen in a negative light.~Angie Thomas

Light Negative Seen

I see that a man cannot give himself up to drinking without being miserable one half his days and mad the other.~Anne Bronte

Man See Without

You do not see the river of mourning because it lacks one tear of your own.~Antonio Porchia

River You See

Open your mouth and shut your eyes and see what Zeus will send you.~Aristophanes

Eyes You See

I usually start with a lyric and see where that takes me.~Adam Schlesinger

Me Start See

The tasks of paleontologists and classical historians and archaeologists are remarkably similar - to excavate, decipher and bring to life the tantalizing remnants of a time we will never see.~Adrienne Mayor

Life Time See

You can only see in someone else what you see in yourself.~Alan Cohen

Yourself You See

The same Source that gave you the idea, will give you the means to see it through.~Alan Cohen

You Same See

However, if we examine the Canadian scene closely enough, we can see signs of this physical and spiritual rot settling into a number of our Canadian urban centres with a troubling spill-over into many of our more rural areas.~Alex Campbell

Spiritual See Enough

I like actors who, when you see them on screen, you sense a person, not just an actor.~Alexander Payne

You Actor See

I'm very uncomfortable with my body, and I'm not interested in people seeing it on screen.~Alicia Silverstone

People Body Seeing

When you're teaching a hard concept and the students all have puzzled looks on their faces and then suddenly you can see that 'aha' moment, that they got it, that's just an incredible thing.~Anant Agarwal

Moment You See

You see the names of places roundabout? They're mine now, and I've turned them inside out.~Andrew Motion

You Places See

The straight man has the best part. He gets to be in the show and see it, too.~Andy Griffith

Best Man See

Anyone can see that, say, superheroes and vampires perform well at the box office. That in turn can trigger competitive bidding situations and soaring fees for people who can bring these properties to the screen. The result can be a dramatic increase in the costs of production.~Anita Elberse

People See Vampires

I can't see potato chips being popular where there's not land to grow potatoes in or where frying in lots of oil isn't easy or convenient.~Ann Leckie

Easy Grow See

Is it possible to run a big industrial corporation in a benevolent fashion? We see these days that even the hippest companies hide some rotten practices to make their profit margins work.~Ann Nocenti

Work Fashion See

See into life, don't just look at it.~Anne Baxter

Life Look See

I see my large nose, like half an avocado. I broke it falling downstairs when I was six, and it now resembles a large blob of play-dough.~Arthur Smith

See Nose Now

My vantage point on the world is the operating room where I see my patients.~Atul Gawande

World See Point

It might seem paradoxical given my profession, but I'm not someone who likes to be in the limelight.~Audrey Tautou

Someone Seem Profession

Definition, rationality, and structure are ways of seeing, but they become prisons when they blank out other ways of seeing.~A. R. Ammons

Seeing Structure Become

Some movies I see today have the most dramatic plot points but the actors are not playing them dramatically.~Aaron Eckhart

Today Movies See

I don't see the point in working just to be working.~Abbie Cornish

Working See Point

When I wrote 'Hatchet,' I knew that I was not re-inventing the wheel. That was never my intention. My goal was to make an '80s-style slasher flick that actually holds up. Basically, I wanted to make the movie that I wanted to see and pay no mind to current trends or conventions.~Adam Green

Goal Mind See

I don't see a lot of movies that portray the East Village as well as I think they can.~Adam Rapp

Movies Think See

I don't see how can I offend Mexicans with the truth. It is what Mexicans want to hear.~Adolfo Aguilar Zinser

Truth Want See

I don't really see myself as a big supermodel.~Agyness Deyn

Myself See Big

I don't see the risk, I enjoy performing stunts, and I don't get scared.~Ajay Devgan

Risk Enjoy See

America makes up its own mind about what it wants to see.~Ajay Naidu

Mind America See

Nobody wants to see teams out of contention showcased in December and January. I'm sure this is something that will be discussed again this off-season.~Al Michaels

Nobody See Something

If I see something dubious, say on a blog or a Web site, and I don't see it anywhere else, I'll just go right to the source and check it out.~Al Michaels

Go See Say

I'm showing some of my sculptures in Holland in the spring, so we'll see.~Alan Vega

Spring See Holland

I had not expected to ever be in a position to able to say, 'Hey, see the magazine with J. Lo on the cover? They reviewed my book inside.'~Alexi Zentner

Book See Say

I never see a novel as a film while I'm writing it. Mostly because novels and films are so different, and I'm such an internal novelist.~Alice Hoffman

Writing See Different

We are what we see. We are products of our surroundings.~Amber Valletta

See Surroundings Products

When you see two writers named on a movie, one of them did some drafts and got the boot.~Andrew Davies

You See Two

I see myself as an educator.~Anita Hill

Myself See I See

I love going to flea markets especially when I am traveling, because I love seeing the stuff of other cultures, handicrafts and things with historical content.~Anna Sui

Love I Am Seeing

Every time that I wanted to give up, if I saw an interesting textile, print what ever, suddenly I would see a collection.~Anna Sui

Time Interesting See

The courts are as a stage, people love to see attractive players.~Anna Kournikova

Love People See

A court is like a scene, people want to see attractive people.~Anna Kournikova

People Want See

You will not see me dressed in plain, modest outfits.~Anna Netrebko

Me You See

I like seeing what the comedian thinks is funny, not just what they think I'll think is funny.~Anthony Jeselnik

Funny Think Seeing

You never see girls running after engineers.~Anthony Mackie

You Engineers See

Set your heights more than what you see around you, see beyond.~Anthony Anderson

You Heights See

Draw what you see.~Arne Glimcher

You See Draw

I would like to go to Iceland to see the northern lights.~Art Malik

Go See Iceland

It is always a pleasure to see what NYC, London, Paris and Milan have to offer.~Aslaug Magnusdottir

London Paris See

If I see a mountain, I just pick up and hike it.~Aurora

Mountain See Up

We must see what in the Israeli identity - in the Israeli - we can give to other people rather than speaking so often of taking, expanding territory.~A. B. Yehoshua

People Identity See

That's a very odd notion because it involves seeing money up there on the screen - if something cost $5 million to make, they want to see that $5 million up there.~Atom Egoyan

Money Want Seeing

The dearest days in one's life are those that seem very far and very near at once.~Abraham Cahan

Life Far Seem

I was always tearing stuff apart to see how it worked.~Adam Yauch

See Always Tearing

I'm not auditioning to play convenience-store clerks. I don't see any benefit in that.~Adhir Kalyan

Play See Auditioning

As an academic, this was not the lifestyle I had planned for myself. Now I see myself everywhere.~Ahmet Davutoglu

Myself Lifestyle See

All of a sudden I'm in the major leagues and we're traveling from town to town. I see the other players dressing different every day. I've got only one suit and I keep wearing it over and over. I'm really embarrassed.~Al Kaline

Day See Dressing

I was the weirdest kid: I wanted to see the police file - in grade school! I was convinced I could crack the case if I just had that file.~Alafair Burke

School Police See

I see myself as a comic but the acting helps sell tickets for gigs.~Alan Davies

Myself Acting See

Sometimes there's something that a writer doesn't see or a producer doesn't see when he's looking at a shot.~Aldis Hodge

Looking Sometimes See

When the tour is done, that's the end of the U.S. tour. We'll regroup and see what we're going to do.~Alex Van Halen

End Done See

That's my curse, I see the politics within these things and so I don't say yes to them.~Alex Cox

Politics See Within

And it says something about our level of disassociation, that we can provoke these wars abroad but we're not allowed to see people get killed as a result.~Alex Cox

People See Abroad

Those looking from Europe see Turkey as an economic success, whereas others from the Middle East see Turkey as a democratic success.~Ali Babacan

Success Looking See

I still love to see the ballet. And I love to boogie.~Alicia Vikander

Love Ballet See

In L.A., you seem to meet only one sort of person.~Amanda Eliasch

You Meet Seem

Compared to overdeveloped islands like Nassau, Bimini has kept its original charm. Walk the streets to see colorfully painted houses, funky shops, and trade greetings with friendly Biminites.~Amanda Hearst

Walk See Streets

One of the big mysteries about the black hole at the center of the galaxy is, 'Why don't we see emission from matter falling onto the black hole, or, rather, the black hole eating up its surroundings?'~Andrea M. Ghez

Black Matter See

One of my favorite poets, Neruda, writes close to the bone. Though I know only a little Spanish, I like to compare the Spanish and English lines and see how the translator worked.~Anita Diament

Favorite Know See

I'm always crying. I get a lump in my throat when I see intimacy between parents and their children.~Anna Chancellor

Children Parents See

I would love to do a big-budget movie musical - I feel like there is one big musical movie a year. And I'm always there at the theater to see them - I love them.~Autumn Reeser

Love Feel See

I was a lawyer for about ten years. The law teaches one to see things from all different angles.~Alex Flinn

Law Lawyer See

Since I've written many of my books from a less-than-sympathetic viewpoint, I think that being able to see things from all sides is a useful talent.~Alex Flinn

Talent Think See

You can never connect on a deeper level if you idolise someone - you don't see the real person.~Alexander Skarsgard

You Real See

Experimental economics is about conducting experiments: bringing economics into the laboratory or creating controlled conditions in the field that allow us to understand better what we are seeing in less controlled circumstances.~Alvin E. Roth

Better Economics Seeing

Well, I wasn't going to tell anyone, but I've been seeing this really sweet guy for the past few weeks.~Amber Frey

Past Sweet Seeing

I see myself starring in and producing major feature films.~Amy Weber

Myself See I See

Being from the Midwest, I would say that I like that East Coast mentality, it's more direct. What you see is what you get.~Angie Everhart

You See Say

An outsider can see some things much better.~Anil Kapoor

Better See Outsider

What I've understood is that to be funny is not my job. To see funny is my job.~Anna D. Shapiro

Funny Job See

A novel is, hopefully, the starting point of a conversation, one in which the author engages readers and asks that they see things from a different point of view than they might otherwise.~Anne Fortier

View Conversation See

Harry S. Truman had his moods. His birthplace is the only tourist attraction in America where you don't see Japanese with cameras.~A. Whitney Brown

America You See

We need to see a Palestinian state.~Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

See Need Palestinian

I don't have to lay on the couch and see a therapist because my therapist is in my paint brushes.~Abbey Lincoln

See Couch Paint

I couldn't tell if any frames were removed. Seen as a whole it shows that I have seen. Seeing you have 18 frames a second you can take out one or two and I couldn't tell.~Abraham Zapruder

You Seeing Two

We know we cannot plant seeds with closed fists. To sow, we must open our hands.~Adolfo Perez Esquivel

Plant Hands Seeds

You get to be wiser by storying the world and seeing it through other forms of consciousness than your own.~Aidan Chambers

World You Seeing

We seem to be made to suffer. It's our lot in life.~Anthony Daniels

Life Suffer Seem

I quite like post-apocalyptic films, things like 'Mad Max' for instance, because they are so full on and there is something quite cleansing about the post-apocalyptic because you can see where we all think we're heading.~Anthony Daniels

You Think See

Most authors would love to see their characters made for the screen, especially one that's quite colourful.~Arthur Slade

Love See Most

The fact is that the economy is really posed for the kind of recovery that people can see and understand.~Al D'Amato

People Economy See

I don't like to leave anything unfinished. I have an absolute need to see that every phone call is returned, every letter answered.~Alan W. Livingston

See Leave Phone

In these troubled times we live in, we should remain vigilant and see through populist arguments.~Albert II of Belgium

Live See Should

We do not even see the sun for several months in the north of Sweden.~Alexander Ahndoril

Sun See Sweden

For Gazprom, 2015 is turning out auspiciously. We already see the possibility for additional investments in our investment program.~Alexey Miller

See Possibility Investment

Thus, we see that one of the obvious origins of human disagreement lies in the use of noises for words.~Alfred Korzybski

Words Human See

No, the horror genre is not my first love. I don't run to the theater to see horror films.~Amanda Righetti

Love See Run

People see me as Andre first. Then they see me as someone who happens to be a Muslim.~Andre Carson

People Me See

The conductor has the advantage of not seeing the audience.~Andre Kostelanetz

Seeing Audience Conductor

Do not seek for information of which you cannot make use.~Anna C. Brackett

You Information Seek

Now I say that with cruelty and oppression it is everybody's business to interfere when they see it.~Anna Sewell

Business Oppression See

I see myself as a recovering journalist.~Annalena McAfee

Myself See I See

You see a gorgeous woman on your screens in a flak jacket, and it's almost like entertainment.~Anne Sebba

Woman You See

For I do not seek to understand in order to believe, but I believe in order to understand. For I believe this: unless I believe, I will not understand.~Anselm of Canterbury

Believe I Believe Seek

Self-love seems so often unrequited.~Anthony Powell

Self-Love Seems Often

I have to go with the approach I had in Triple-A. I need to take a lot of those fastballs I am seeing to left field. Also must gear up for the changeup and take them up the middle.~Anthony Rizzo

I Am Go Seeing

We fully believed, so soon as we saw that woman's suffrage was right, every one would soon see the same thing, and that in a year or two, at farthest, it would be granted.~Antoinette Brown Blackwell

Woman Same See

At the end of 'Illusions,' readers should see the inevitable coming.~Aprilynne Pike

End See Should

I see the beard and cloak, but I don't yet see a philosopher.~Aulus Gellius

Beard See I See