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There are times in my life when I just want to be by myself.~Aaliyah

Life Myself My Life

My life is full of drama, and I don't have time to worry about something as petty as what I look like.~Adele

Life Time My Life

I know now that everything I write, I'm going to put out, and I'll have to live with it for the rest of my life.~Al Yankovic

Life My Life Rest

There has been a lot of self-doubt and unwelcome events in my life.~Al Pacino

Life My Life Events

I've never been able to plan my life. I just lurch from indecision to indecision.~Alan Rickman

Life Plan My Life

I'm always surprised when some director says, 'When I saw this film, that changed my life.' I don't have that.~Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

Life My Life Director

I've never played for a draw in my life.~Alex Ferguson

Life My Life Never

I see what happens when one gets very attached to material things. That's just not what my life is.~Alicia Keys

Life My Life See

If I learned anything from Betty coming into my life, it's to just be open to all the things that come along.~America Ferrera

Life My Life Open

Marriage, at this point in my life? I'm not interested in it. Yet. Maybe later when I'm 35 or 40.~Amanda Seyfried

Life Marriage My Life

I just lead my life as naturally, as normally as I possibly can. But I can't help it if controversy is hounding me day in and day out. I'm quite amazed sometimes by the way they go about it. I grow a beard and it lands up in the editorial in The Times of India.~Amitabh Bachchan

Life Day My Life

Finding the one is not just a feeling, it's an educated guess. I feel like I chose someone to share my life with who is my friend.~America Ferrera

Life Friend My Life

I have always wanted a bunny and I'll always have a rabbit the rest of my life.~Amy Sedaris

Life My Life Rest

Civil rights leaders are involved in helping poor people. That's what I've been doing all my life.~Andrew Young

Life People My Life

I'm aware of what's missing from my life.~Ang Lee

Life My Life Missing

I worked so hard all my life, and all I want to do now is read.~Annie Dillard

Life My Life Want

My life has always been compartmentalized into different aspects. I have my speed skating Olympic pursuits, I have my personal life and have my business life and have my entertainment - TV - Hollywood - whatever have you - always compartmentalizing every aspect of my life.~Apolo Ohno

Life Business My Life

If I lead my life according to someone else, I've screwed my life up.~Anushka Sharma

Life My Life Someone

I don't think there is a guy that played more gay characters than I have done in my life.~Antonio Banderas

Life Gay My Life

I've never had a job in my life that I was better than. I was always just lucky to have a job. And every job I had was a steppingstone to my next job, and I never quit my job until I had my next job.~Ashton Kutcher

Life Job My Life

Inspiration for my music just comes from, you know, my life experiences.~Avril Lavigne

Life Music My Life

All my life I have been a nomad.~Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Life My Life Nomad

Racing, competing, it's in my blood. It's part of me, it's part of my life; I have been doing it all my life and it stands out above everything else.~Ayrton Senna

Life My Life Me

My life has been a roller coaster ride, but somehow I've always been able to land on my feet and still play the guitar.~Ace Frehley

Life My Life Ride

I have suffered from depression for most of my life. It is an illness.~Adam Ant

Life Depression My Life

My inspiration for new products comes from moments in my life or what's happening around me.~Aerin Lauder

Life Moments My Life

I had to be a grown-up when I should have been a little boy, and now that I'm a grown-up my little-boyness has exploded out of me. I've lived my life backwards.~Alan Cumming

Life My Life Me

Only reality interests me now and I know I could spend the rest of my life in copying a chair.~Alberto Giacometti

Life Reality My Life

I don't want to be totally repetitive and doing the same thing over and over again for the rest of my life. I don't want to do that at all.~Alex Pareene

Life My Life Rest

At 32, I kind of thought I was past the point where I was gonna get a break that really changed my life overnight.~Allison Tolman

Life Past My Life

I've always been a creative workaholic. I have never had a period of my life where I didn't have at least half a dozen projects going on at once.~Amanda Palmer

Life Creative My Life

I've had a family my entire adult life; I started raising kids when I was 21. I suspect that being part of a family has probably informed my life as a writer as much as anything else has.~Amy Bloom

Life Family My Life

Fatherhood is a very natural thing; it's not something that shakes up my life but rather it enriches it.~Andrea Bocelli

Life My Life Fatherhood

Whatever I'm writing comes organically out of my life.~Ann Voskamp

Life Writing My Life

I'm very grateful for the platform that I've had in my life to speak out about the things I care about.~Anne Heche

Life Grateful My Life

Mickey Mouse... is always there-he's part of my life. That really is something not everyone can call their claim to fame.~Annette Funicello

Life My Life Fame

The Lord has been with me throughout my life. He's never let me down.~Annette Funicello

Life My Life Me

I think that instinct, that storytelling instinct, rescued me most of my life.~Armistead Maupin

Life My Life Me

Whiskey will always be a part of my life.~Artie Lange

Life My Life Whiskey

Idle youth, enslaved to everything; by being too sensitive I have wasted my life.~Arthur Rimbaud

Life Youth My Life

I am not the easiest guy to live with. It is probably the lack of stability in my life.~Artie Lange

Life I Am My Life

Weirdly enough, I live in London - was born there and have lived there all my life - but I hadn't made a film in London for a long time. I hadn't found the right subject. I liked going away, to some far flung place.~Asif Kapadia

Life Time My Life

I reside in a new colony for the Chinese-singing banjo player, with a population of one. At least I have something I have to do with my life.~Abigail Washburn

Life My Life New

I've lived very well all my life, even when I had no money, and there's very little I can't afford.~Ahmet Ertegun

Life Money My Life

I've seen 48 Stanley Cups in my life. I was about six or seven when I started going to games with my dad.~Al Jourgensen

Life Dad My Life

I can cook because my life depended on it when I lived in Thailand. Either I learnt cooking, or I learnt how it felt to starve. I chose cooking.~Akshay Kumar

Life Cooking My Life

In my life, there have been people that I was convinced would be around forever, and yet, somehow they managed to drift away after a couple of years. Likewise there have been people who have begun as casual acquaintances but become more important with each passing year.~Alana Stewart

Life People My Life

I don't have any fear of turning 30. But maybe that's because I know I'm never going to be 30 mentally at any point in my life!~Alfie Allen

Life Fear My Life

The quality of my life has changed dramatically - not the events - but the way I handle them and my priorities and my sense of drama.~Ali MacGraw

Life Quality My Life

I fully expect to be doing yoga for the rest of my life.~Ali MacGraw

Life My Life Rest

From 19 to 28 there was a lot of turmoil in my life, but in a stuck way. Then, around 28, my life started to get shaken up. I realized I wanted to grow more and that anything that wasn't working in my life, I could fix it. I feel like I came into my womanhood. And that was when I got married.~Alicia Silverstone

Life My Life Grow

Philippians 1:21 is very special to me because it helps to keep my life centered.~Allyson Felix

Life My Life Me

I had individuals in my life to help me make the right decisions because it wasn't about them accepting handouts. It was about them making the right decisions for me.~Alonzo Mourning

Life Decisions My Life

I have never voted in my life.~Andres Serrano

Life My Life Never

The future is open, and I never make plans. As long as it's interesting to me, I try to live my life to the fullest.~Ann Demeulemeester

Life Future My Life

Writing has been so much a part of my life that I'm really quite annoyed that I can't do as much as I used to.~Anne McCaffrey

Life Writing My Life

I didn't start jogging or running until I was 37 years old. It was something that really helped me change my life.~Anthony Edwards

Life Change My Life

Literature is my life of course, but from an ontological point of view. From an existential point of view, I like being a teacher.~Antonio Tabucchi

Life Teacher My Life

I wrote a book on life coaching, because my life became my own reference point how to live.~Anupam Kher

Life Book My Life

It was very difficult to leave Argentina when I was kid, so I only spoke Spanish for the first six years of my life.~Anya Taylor-Joy

Life My Life Difficult

I've reached a point in my life where going to the supermarket is a day out.~Ashley Jensen

Life Day My Life

I've felt depressed many times in my life, so I can draw on those times in my life when I need to.~Aubrey Plaza

Life My Life I Can

But I really feel strongly that our kids do way too much homework. The research is on my side. It's easy to make a fuss when you're right. That can be the tagline of my life: 'It's Easy To Make A Fuss When You're Right.'~Ayelet Waldman

Life My Life Research

I write about my feelings, things that happen in my life and experiences.~Aaron Carter

Life My Life Feelings

Animals play a big part in my life, on tour or at home.~Aaron Carter

Life Home My Life

My mom passed away when I was 4 years old, and she came from a very conservative Korean background. I feel like my life would've been incredibly different had she still been alive.~Awkwafina

Mom Life My Life

If there is one constant to my life, it is that you cannot tell me 'no.'~Adam Green

Life My Life Me

They think my life is glamourous. It's not true. I obviously get to come in and do radio interviews. That's the glamour. But other than that, I eat and sleep and that's it. Eat, sleep and do shows.~Adam Garcia

Life Sleep My Life

My life contains so many other things; I have my children, my grandchildren, my two dogs and a big place in the country. I have my own life.~Agnetha Faltskog

Life Children My Life

My life has been a bit special, this is true. I participated in the liberation of my country. I was one of the organisers of its struggle for liberation. I likewise actively participated in all the struggles for liberation.~Ahmed Ben Bella

Life Struggle My Life

I had been working early in my life in films - since I was 11.~Ajay Naidu

Life My Life Early

If I could live my life all over I'd do everything the same; the film in my camera would remain the same; there's no way lord, to leave this love behind.~Al Green

Life Love My Life

Management interests me at some stage in my life, I have always said that. When that will be I really couldn't tell you.~Alan Shearer

Life Management My Life

To me, climbing is like eating or drinking. I have to do it; it's part of my life.~Alain Robert

Life My Life Me

It was when I saw Iggy Pop, that's what did it for me. That changed my life pretty much.~Alan Vega

Life My Life Me

Hip hop was definitely, far and away, the primary influence for at least 10 years of my life. From about 7 or 8 on till about 15 or 16, that's all I listened to.~Alex Ebert

Life Influence My Life

For the better part of my life, I was always trying to manufacture somehow what I would consider 'living.' Because I grew up sort of upper-middle class and I didn't relate so much to that as a life, and I wanted to really find 'living.'~Alex Ebert

Life My Life Living

I don't care who or what judges me, nothing's going to stop me from living my life how I choose.~Amanda Holden

Life My Life Me

I was 11 years old when I saw the first season of 'The Real World.' Initially, I was drawn to the show because it was what I imagined the adult version of my life should be.~Andrea Seigel

Life World My Life

I never told a joke in my life.~Andy Kaufman

Life My Life Never

One of my life principles is that if something isn't working, doing something harder isn't necessarily going to produce the same result.~Angus King

Life My Life Doing

Certainly my life will not ever be as private and discreet, and perhaps I should even use the word insulated, as it was before.~Anita Hill

Life My Life Should

Boyfriends have to understand me and my needs. They have to know what I want out of my life and about my strict regime. I go to bed at 10pm and not later. I separate my professional and private lives.~Anna Kournikova

Life My Life Me

Not sure of my place in the world (still up for debate) and not sure what I wanted to do with my life (not really up for debate).~Armie Hammer

Life World My Life

First and foremost, praying about things and having the good Lord as a part of my life is a huge grounding thing for me.~Ashton Shepherd

Life Good My Life

For some 25 years, I worked as a librarian, first at the New York Public Library, then at Trenton State College in New Jersey. My life has always been with, around, and for books.~Avi

Life College My Life

Those seven years in the cloister were the key to my life.~Abbe Pierre

Life My Life Key

Oh, yes, that never happened to me in my life before. It was a risky film, and I warned the producer.~Alain Resnais

Life My Life Me

When I first started acting I was about nine years old. I had never been to audition in my life and my agent sent me out. It was just a commercial for 'Harry Potter.' That was the first thing I ever went out for and I got the 'Harry Potter' commercial which was really cool, but I didn't play Harry Potter.~Alexander Ludwig

Life Cool My Life

My Mother is an actress, so it's always been a part of my life.~Alicia Vikander

Mother Life My Life

Chess is my life, but my life is not chess.~Anatoly Karpov

Life Chess My Life

Even though I'm from the Midwest, the majority of my life has been spent on the coasts where being gay wasn't really much of a conversation.~Andrew Rannells

Life Gay My Life

There was a period when I'd just come out of college where I'd been playing classical guitar and I suddenly realised that it wasn't what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.~Andy Summers

Life College My Life

I've spent my life supporting myself.~Ann Beattie

Life Myself My Life

I don't feel my capabilities in cookery are as big as my desire - as with so many aspects of my life.~Anna Chancellor

Life My Life Desire

I've found in my life that the parts that you're right for are the parts that you get. It's really usually quite easy because you're kind of right.~Anna Torv

Life My Life You

Being pregnant was the healthiest I've ever been in my life. Except for the cupcakes.~Ashlee Simpson

Life My Life Ever

I have those songs as well. It depends on what I'm going through in my life but I'm a huge fan of Bjork. Sometimes I get so emotional because she's so amazing.~Ashlee Simpson

Life Amazing My Life

I'm never scared, so I don't watch horror movies. Back in the day, I was. I was scared of 'It' - you know, the one with the clown. That's the thing I found scariest in my life, but since then, not really - I don't watch them.~Ashley Thomas

Life Day My Life

I was a young kid; I did a little time in the Billerica House of Correction, and it basically turned my life around because I said, 'Oh, I'll never be locked up again. They're not taking away my privacy.' So I flipped a coin: heads - Miami, tails -California.~Alex Rocco

Life Time My Life

In my life, I don't need to have my face plastered everywhere. It's not really something I want.~Alexis Bledel

Life My Life Want

I must have been heavily schizophrenic all my life. The me who hears what the other me can't play is the dominant one.~Alexis Korner

Life My Life Me

So I'm very grateful for everything that has happened in my life.~Alice Barrett

Life Grateful My Life

If you want me to swim fast, you have to let me enjoy my life.~Amanda Beard

Life My Life Me

I was born in a University campus and seem to have lived all my life in one campus or another.~Amartya Sen

Life My Life Born

I think it's amazing that I'm 45 and it is the most creatively successful year of my life.~Amy Landecker

Life Amazing My Life

I've never been to a black-tie thing in my life. I didn't even go to my prom.~Andrea Barrett

Life Prom My Life

All my life, books have felt alive; some more so than people, or rather, some people. Alive - this has to do with me, I know, and not the books - in a way that some people aren't. Alive as teachers, alive as minds, alive as imaginative triggers.~Andrea Barrett

Life People My Life

I just hated the law. I wasn't cut out for it. I couldn't imagine spending my life doing that, so I quit before I began.~Andrew Pyper

Life Law My Life

I find that I've tried to become a better hockey player every year and not just hold on. At the same time, I've also made it a point to increase or grow in some other area of my life. If I were just playing hockey, I would probably be done with the sport.~Angela Ruggiero

Life Time My Life

I still love hockey. It's just I'm at a different stage of my life and I think I'm just ready to grow in other ways outside of just being a hockey player.~Angela Ruggiero

Life Love My Life

Right now, I'm standing behind the glass, and I guess that's a metaphor for how my life will be going forward.~Angela Ruggiero

Life My Life Forward

In the end, I want to be able to say, 'My life was what I made it.'~Ann Curry

Life End My Life

I did not want to go out at 5:30 in the morning with my stocking cap and my navy pea coat on and shoot lines and grades for the rest of my life.~A. James Clark

Life Morning My Life

All my life I have fought corruption.~A. K. Antony

Life Corruption My Life

'Fallen Too Far' was my first NYT bestseller. That changed my life.~Abbi Glines

Life My Life Far

My life isn't necessarily more important than anyone else's: I'm just better in talking about it.~Adam Duritz

Life My Life Important

The discovery of dance has changed my life in unimaginable ways.~Adam Shankman

Life Dance My Life

I never said that I wanted to be an actor when I was a kid. I didn't know. I thought I was going to be a singer and musician. That's what I had been doing, for a huge part of my life.~Adan Canto

Life My Life Doing

My life isn't going to be about Jar Jar Binks.~Ahmed Best

Life My Life Going

I'm going to move on and do other things. My life isn't going to be about Jar Jar Binks.~Ahmed Best

Life My Life Move

Music and opera are a big part of my life.~Ailyn Perez

Life Music My Life

I guess you could say I've been writing all my life.~Anthony Doerr

Life Writing My Life

My sister-in-law is a painter, and I'll say, how long did it take you to paint that painting. She'll say, It took me maybe three days, but it took me all my life to get the skills to paint that painting.~Anthony Doerr

Life My Life Me

I see my boys about 10 days every month. And, yes, they are the most important people in my life.~Arpad Busson

Life People My Life

I never lied to a person in my life; my kids didn't, either.~Art Modell

Life My Life Never

Ray Santos is one of my personal heroes. I model my life on people like him.~Arturo O'Farrill

Life People My Life

I grew up in the countryside riding horses, and I also ride every holiday in Spain, which is where I was born. It's a big part of my life.~Astrid Berges-Frisbey

Life My Life Ride

For me, Chanel just makes sense - like a story or a film. It's part of my life.~Astrid Berges-Frisbey

Life My Life Me

With any entertainment business, you sort of have to be OK with just going with it. I've learned very much to just go with the flow and see what happens with my life, and what happens happens.~Aubrey Peeples

Life Business My Life

Peterson was the most coachable athlete I have had in my life, and I coach many athletes.~Ato Boldon

Life My Life Coach

I guess that my life has been a series of flukes in the record business. The first thing I ever did was the biggest record that I'll ever have.~Alex Chilton

Life Business My Life

I took opera lessons. I can't read music to save my life, but I would just copy and get away with it. I think that they thought I could read music, but I can't. I would just listen.~Alex Winston

Life Music My Life

I get very involved in my characters. Sometimes I have a very hard time separating my characters from my life.~Alexia Fast

Life Time My Life

I know how I want to try and live my life. I know I don't want to leave any darkness behind me.~Ali Hewson

Life Darkness My Life

Grupo Limite is always going to be a major highlight of my life. We worked so hard, sometimes touring for 10 months at a time.~Alicia Villarreal

Life Time My Life

I'm sure I'll be doing something of social or political worth the rest of my life.~Amy Carter

Life Political My Life

In my 20 years as a photographer, covering conflicts from Bosnia to Gaza to Iraq to Afghanistan, injured civilians and soldiers have passed through my life many times.~Anja Niedringhaus

Life My Life Soldiers

I'm passionate about people. I've spent my life in advocacy. People matter - whether or not we agree on the issue, people matter.~Ann Marie Buerkle

Life People My Life

When a governor asks you to come and serve... or a president, subsequently in my life - you do so.~Ann Wagner

Life My Life You

The one thing that shaped my life was when I was 15 or 16: I knew I wanted to be a journalist. And not just a journalist, but a journalist in the Middle East, and to go back to the Arab world and try to understand what it meant to be Lebanese.~Anthony Shadid

Life World My Life

I would like to get married, actually. I've done everything else in my life now except that, but where do I find the real thing? The non-phony? In Los Angeles? I am not so sure.~Aviv Nevo

Life I Am My Life