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I was completely with the reality TV boom for a while. I really liked a lot of the reality TV, and the one that lost me was the ballroom dancing one they do, 'Dancing with the Stars.' That was the one where I watched it and I was perplexed. I thought it was really boring.~Adam McKay

Stars Reality Lost

'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.~Alfred Lord Tennyson

Love Loved Lost

Jealous, adj. Unduly concerned about the preservation of that which can be lost only if not worth keeping.~Ambrose Bierce

Jealousy Lost Jealous

A career in journalism suddenly lost its appeal.~Andy Grove

Lost Journalism Career

My definition of winning at squash is playing and surviving, and I've never lost a match.~Arlen Specter

Winning Lost Never

That is the land of lost content, I see it shining plain, the happy highways where I went and cannot come again.~A. E. Housman

Happy Lost See

When I was a model, I started with an opinion, but was encouraged to lose it. It began as play-acting, but then I lost sight of myself a bit: so when I did the audition for 'Popworld' and they asked my opinion, I felt like crying with happiness.~Alexa Chung

Happiness Myself Lost

On the Web we all become small-town visitors lost in the big city.~Alison Gopnik

Lost City Big City

I feel French is very close to Urdu. Both languages are beautiful. Sadly, their beauty is lost in translation.~Amisha Patel

Beauty Beautiful Lost

It is not I who have lost the Athenians, but the Athenians who have lost me.~Anaxagoras

Lost Me Who

I was a daredevil before, and after I lost my sight I was the same. I loved riding bikes, scooters and horses. I even learned to box. Muhammad Ali is my hero.~Andrea Bocelli

Hero Loved Lost

There's more than one way to get to the goal that you want to get to, but once you compromise your own principles, then you're lost. You're really lost.~Anthony Fauci

Goal Lost Want

I haven't lost faith in human nature and I haven't decided to be less compassionate to strangers.~Armistead Maupin

Nature Faith Lost

I thank those people that thought I had lost the agility to play shortstop, because they gave me more motivation.~Asdrubal Cabrera

People Motivation Lost

I've had to fight for roles and I've lost a hundred roles, but 'Smoking' and 'Smith' were phone calls. That's the dream.~Adam Brody

Fight Lost Dream

I don't like anything about 2013. Too many things have happened, including 'Bhai.' I lost my way. Sometimes it happens, and I definitely feel bad about it.~Akkineni Nagarjuna

Lost Feel Bad

I have lost and put on big batches of weight in my life many, many times. But what concerns me is the idea of being an obese old woman, because I don't like the idea of being physically incapable in someone else's hands.~Alison Moyet

Life Woman Lost

When the new ownership came in, they made some decisions I wasn't pleased with. And when they changed the whole aspect of it, I just totally lost interest.~Alonzo Mourning

Decisions Lost New

The leadership lost its nerve. Instead of taking the lead in the reform movement... they pulled the plug on it. They tried and are still trying to return the church to the dry ice of the previous century and a half.~Andrew Greeley

Leadership Lost Trying

I have spent too long with too many people who have lost loved ones to healthcare-associated infections not to be determined to act on this. There is no tolerable level of preventable infections. The only acceptable strategy is a zero-tolerance strategy.~Andrew Lansley

People Loved Lost

I long ago lost track of the number of times the Obama administration has assured everyone that its vacuum-cleaner approach to electronic surveillance does not threaten the privacy or the rights of Americans.~Andrew Rosenthal

Lost Long Privacy

New York lost a classic. Carmine was an old school New Yorker.~Anthony Weiner

School Lost New

My books are about losers, about people who've lost their way and are engaged in a search.~Antonio Tabucchi

People Lost Search

I got interested in the emotions after studying patients who had lost the ability to emote and feel under certain circumstances. Many of those patients also had major impairments in their ability to make decisions.~Antonio Damasio

Decisions Lost Studying

State governments generate less revenue in a recession. As state leaders struggle to make up for lost revenue, legislatures tend to cut funding for higher education. Colleges, in turn, answer these funding cuts with tuition hikes.~Arne Duncan

Education Struggle Lost

Once you lose your parents, you get this numbness, this feeling of having to really be able to connect yourself with someone. I depended on my brothers for that connection, but to have that feeling of being taken care of... I lost it when my parents passed away.~Adam Beach

Parents Yourself Lost

The political parties have lost their loyalties.~Adolfo Aguilar Zinser

Political Lost Loyalties

When you love someone, and you've lost that one, then nothing really matters.~Agnetha Faltskog

Love Lost Nothing

To be lost is as legitimate a part of your process as being found.~Alex Ebert

Lost Process Found

The red directors were one of the main political forces. Another force was the former Soviet ministers who lost everything because of the transformation of the Soviet Union to Russia.~Anatoly Chubais

Political Lost Red

I prefer department stores. In boutiques, they come up and ask you if you need help. I can't get lost in the experience.~Anna Netrebko

Experience Lost Help

I've been shooting the ball and running a little bit. It's just going out here now and forgetting that I've been out and try to get back in and make sure I know what's going on out there on the floor and that we're just not lost as a team.~Antonio Davis

Team Lost Try

Lost in much of the national debate about immigration reform is how Democrats ultimately stand to gain electorally with any legislation or executive action that would put the newly legalized residents on a path to voting.~Aaron Klein

Path Lost Immigration

I was a bit of a lost lamb in my twenties, trying to find my higher calling.~Abigail Disney

Lost Trying Find

Of course, the outcome of the war would not have been changed. The war was lost perhaps, when it was started. At least it was lost in the winter of '42, in Russia.~Adolf Galland

War Lost Winter

And most of these pilots were lost during the first five flights.~Adolf Galland

Lost Pilots Most

At 12 I dropped out of school but I had lost interest in it at a much earlier age. For me, school was very very stressful.~Ahmet Zappa

Age School Lost

I wish - I wish instead of just recommending these books, I could set them down at your doorstep. The collected stories of John Updike, the second volume of T.C. Boyle's collected stories, and Stanley Crouch's book about the rise and times of our genius saxophone player Charlie Parker. These are deep books, books that you can get lost in.~Alan Cheuse

Deep Book Lost

No, no, I didn't know him. He lost his mind around 1917 because of the tragedy of the Armenians.~Alan Hovhaness

Mind Lost Tragedy

The real Mary Poppins got lost when Hollywood turned her into a cream puff.~Anita Diament

Lost Real Her

Children usually do not blame themselves for getting lost.~Anna Freud

Children Blame Lost

It is only when parental feelings are ineffective or too ambivalent or when the mother's emotions are temporarily engaged elsewhere that children feel lost.~Anna Freud

Mother Children Lost

I lost my father was I 10 years old, and I always looked for a father. I missed my father very much.~Anthony Quinn

Father Lost Old

So more than 8 million people lost their jobs. It's going to take a significant push on our part and time before that comes down. I don't anticipate it coming down rapidly.~Austan Goolsbee

Time People Lost

For me, personally, the most interesting music comes from the popular sector - from film and pop music - since contemporary classical music got stuck and went into directions where it lost a lot of the public by over-intellectualizing.~Aleksey Igudesman

Music Lost Me

I lost twins at 14 weeks, and I had to have an D and C on my birthday.~Amy Weber

Birthday Lost Twins

I'd read 'Paradise Lost' as an undergrad at university but remembered little about it. No, not true: I remembered few details, but carried with me with the persuasive arguments and pitiable dilemma of its arguable protagonist, Satan.~Andrew Pyper

Lost Details Me

No star is ever lost we once have seen, we always may be what we might have been.~Adelaide Anne Procter

May Lost Star

In TV, sometimes you get lost in the fog of the scene, and when you're working with such good actors, they can bring you into the scene.~Adriano Giannini

Good Lost You

We've all had stress creep up on us without even noticing it until we lost it on someone who didn't deserve it, and then we realize that we probably should have checked in with ourselves a little earlier.~Ariel Garten

Stress Lost Deserve

Nothing except a battle lost can be half so melancholy as a battle won.~Arthur Wellesley

Battle Lost Nothing

Sitcoms are incredibly limiting. When you do a sitcom and it becomes a signature part for you, it's harder to do something else; but if you do a drama, you can get lost in it and have a role to do other things.~Aunjanue Ellis

Lost You Drama

Irish poetry has lost the ready ear and the comforts of recognition. But we must go on. We must be true to our own minds.~Austin Clarke

Poetry Lost Be True

Even the poorest in Israel are looked upon as freemen who have lost their possessions, for they are the sons of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.~Akiva ben Joseph

Lost Possessions Sons

I lost a lot of territory I really enjoyed having, but there was no doubt I had to do it to help Democrats.~Albert Wynn

Lost Help Doubt

In the long run of history, the censor and the inquisitor have always lost. The only sure weapon against bad ideas is better ideas.~Alfred Whitney Griswold

History Lost Better

By the will art thou lost, by the will art thou found, by the will art thou free, captive, and bound.~Angelus Silesius

Art Lost Free

Is there something we have forgotten? Some precious thing we have lost, wandering in strange lands?~Arna Bontemps

Lost Strange Precious