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I am dying from the treatment of too many physicians.~Alexander the Great

I Am Medical Dying

It's impossible to write and produce a record when your parents are dying. I really tried, I really, really tried, but it just wouldn't come.~Anita Baker

Parents Impossible Dying

Write as if you were dying.~Annie Dillard

You Dying Write

It's inspirational to see someone who is dying smile.~Arlen Specter

Inspirational Smile Dying

I've always enjoyed studying the small clues that indicate a particular class level.~Anne Tyler

Small Studying Class

I did a term at Cambridge University studying medicine, so I could potentially have followed in Mum and Dad's footsteps and become a doctor.~Alistair Brownlee

Dad Doctor Studying

I got interested in the emotions after studying patients who had lost the ability to emote and feel under certain circumstances. Many of those patients also had major impairments in their ability to make decisions.~Antonio Damasio

Decisions Lost Studying

Is boredom anything less than the sense of one's faculties slowly dying?~Arthur Helps

Dying Boredom Sense

I'm always studying my craft because I want to be the best at what I do.~Aaron Carter

Best Studying Want

I'm not a big fan of talking about dying. And then I make a movie where I kill everybody.~Abel Ferrara

Talking Dying Big

Pacifism as a mass movement aims to avoid suffering; pacifists often say that no cause is worth suffering or dying for. The ethos of Solidarity is based on an opposite premise - that there are causes worth suffering and dying for.~Adam Michnik

Suffering Dying Solidarity

Catholic schools in Indonesia routinely accept non-Catholic students, but exempt them from studying religion. Obama's school documents, though, wrongly list him as being Indonesian.~Aaron Klein

School Religion Studying

After a sound public education, I attended Penn and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. After being drafted into the military and studying Indonesian, I emerged as a writer, not a painter.~Allan Gurganus

Education Studying Arts

How do you observe something you can't see? This is the basic question of somebody who's interested in finding and studying black holes. Because black holes are objects whose pull of gravity is so intense that nothing can escape it, not even light, so you can't see it directly.~Andrea M. Ghez

Light Black Studying

The difficulty about all this dying, is that you can't tell a fellow anything about it, so where does the fun come in?~Alice James

Fun You Dying

I've been studying on my own. I'm not really trained. I went to school for about a year and a half. I never really studied music, but, I mean, I did. I studied for two years, maybe.~Andrew Wyatt

Music School Studying

I studied classical music for a year. Then, I studied jazz for a year at the New School, and then I got kicked out. You had to go to your class, so I don't know if that counts as studying. I didn't study jazz. I was supposed to.~Andrew Wyatt

Music School Studying

You could hear him, literally, half a mile away when he opened up. He was at his peak then. He was, naturally, dying to get out of the place he was in, and he recorded for us his appeal for pardon to the governor.~Alan Lomax

You Place Dying

I spent a few years here in Memphis, in the late '70s and early '80s, where I was studying a lot of country blues players and their styles. So it seems like every record I'll do, I will appropriate these blues styles that I remember.~Alex Chilton

Remember Studying Late

I went to Mexico for three months after college and studied Spanish there. And I went to Cuba and studied at the University of Havana. I loved studying in other countries.~Andrea Navedo

College Loved Studying

I don't mind dying, I'll gladly do that, but not right now, I need to clean the house first.~Astrid Lindgren

Mind Dying Now

I think that, you know, looking at all the systems that I've been studying over the last several years, that paper ballots with a precinct optical scan counters and random audits is the best system that we can have.~Avi Rubin

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