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I still very much appreciate the storytelling of the best rappers.~Alex Turner

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I appreciate an audience that reacts to the music, even if they jump on stage and try to beat us up, I think that's a fantastic reaction. I think that they're really hearing something then.~Alice Cooper

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We appreciate frankness from those who like us. Frankness from others is called insolence.~Andre Maurois

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All the folks I play with come from jazz backgrounds or at least appreciate spontaneity within the parameters of a pop song.~Andrew Bird

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It is important that you appreciate that the workplace must be a place of empowerment, but the empowerment must not only be connected to the job that you do.~Anthony Carmona

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I appreciate what I have a lot more than I did when I was younger.~Aaron Carter

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Don't get me wrong, some of the mis-informed articles I have read over the last few weeks have been incredibly frustrating, but for my part I fully appreciate the opportunity I have been given and want to grasp it firmly.~Adam Rickitt

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As you can appreciate over my lifetime I've developed a large vocabulary of sounds each requiring certain physical techniques often combined with a specific effect box.~Adrian Belew

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What I try to do is to appreciate every job I have while I'm working on it.~Adam Baldwin

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Every dancer has injuries, and your injury could happen that season that you were getting that one part that you've wanted to do your whole career. So you have to appreciate every single moment until it happens.~Amanda Schull

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Appreciate the power of rumor, often malicious, no matter how preposterous, within the local populations you are seeking to help.~Alvin Adams

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The Americans invaded a country without understanding what eight years of a war with Iran had meant, how that traumatized Iraq. They didn't appreciate what they support for a decade of sanctions in Iraq had done to Iraq and the bitterness that it created and that it wiped out the middle class.~Anthony Shadid

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