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It is always dangerous to underestimate anybody.~Abdullah II of Jordan

Underestimate Always

I like working on my birthday, so I always do.~Abhishek Bachchan

Birthday Working Always

Failure is always an option.~Adam Savage

Failure Always Option

Interesting things always come from being really exhausted and really sick.~Adam Driver

Sick Interesting Always

Bigger is always better.~Adam Savage

Better Bigger Always

But I would have executed much greater things, had not government always opposed my exertions, and placed others in situations which would have suited my talents.~Adam Weishaupt

Government Others Always

Accuracy to a newspaper is what virtue is to a lady; but a newspaper can always print a retraction.~Adlai E. Stevenson

Virtue Lady Always

The thing I always default to is that I'll always be here to write songs.~Alanis Morissette

Always Here Default

In politics shared hatreds are almost always the basis of friendships.~Alexis de Tocqueville

Politics Always Almost

I always feel the movement is a sort of mosaic.~Alice Paul

Feel Movement Always

I've always been strong-minded, but I wonder.~Alicia Keys

Wonder Always I Wonder

I always want more.~Alvin Ailey

Want Always More

Everyone must accept that we will age and age is not always flattering.~Amitabh Bachchan

Age Accept Always

I have always been afraid of banks.~Andrew Jackson

Money Afraid Always

Mountaineering has always been a huge hobby of mine.~Andy Serkis

Always Hobby Mine

I always felt caged, closed in, like I was punching at things that weren't there. I always had too much energy for the room I was in.~Angelina Jolie

Energy Too Much Always

I've always been an optimistic guy, to tell you the truth.~Antonio Banderas

Truth You Always

A trusty comrade is always of use; and a chronicler still more so.~Arthur Conan Doyle

Always Still More

Crimes sometimes shock us too much; vices almost always too little.~Augustus Hare

Sometimes Too Much Always

I'm the kind of person who always likes to be doing something.~Avril Lavigne

Doing Kind Always

I'm just in love with Burberry. Always have been, always will be.~Aaron Paul

Love Always Will

When we make the show, we are always talking about how the show is really in between what we make and what the viewer thinks of it.~Abbi Jacobson

Talking Thinks Always

Honestly, I've always had difficulty relaxing, unwinding and going to bed - that kind of stuff.~Adam Carolla

Kind Always Going

I've always felt a little misrepresented in the world.~Adam Levine

World Always Little

I always feel over-appreciated but underestimated.~Alan Bennett

Feel Always Underestimated

Children always assume the sexual lives of their parents come to a grinding halt at their conception.~Alan Bennett

Children Parents Always

The computing field is always in need of new cliches.~Alan Perlis

New Always Need

Oklahoma's always been good to me.~Alan Jackson

Good Me Always

I've always wanted to make a bluegrass album.~Alan Jackson

Always Album Bluegrass

It always seemed to be a constant that my parents were political.~Alexei Sayle

Parents Political Always

Who can't like pigs? They're wonderful creatures! I've always liked pigs.~Alexander McCall Smith

Wonderful Pigs Always

I was always a bit of a jokester.~Alison Brie

Always Bit

In my personal life, I'm hilarious! I was always a bit of a jokester.~Alison Brie

Life Personal Always

What is right is not always popular.~Allison Tolman

Right Always Popular

I'm a major breath person, so I always have gum, mints.~Allison Williams

Always Gum Person

I've always believed in the adage that the secret of eternal youth is arrested development.~Alice Roosevelt Longworth

Youth Development Always

People are always very nice.~Alison Krauss

People Nice Always

I've always been a private person, and I've always valued my private life.~Amber Heard

Life Private Person Always

Kindness is always fashionable, and always welcome.~Amelia Barr

Kindness Welcome Always

I always felt more comfortable with a full face of makeup.~Andra Day

Makeup Face Always

The Hogwarts houses are really gangs. They have their own colours, their own hideouts, and they are always riding for each other, like gangs.~Angie Thomas

Riding Own Always

I hadn't grown up always aspiring to be a CEO.~Angela Ahrendts

Up Always CEO

I'm always honest, whether I'm in the limelight or not.~Anne Heche

Honest Always Limelight

There is always a 'but' in this imperfect world.~Anne Bronte

World Imperfect Always

I always considered myself a dancer before anything else.~Annette Funicello

Myself Always Dancer

MS is not really a degenerative illness. It is not fatal, nor is it always progressive.~Annette Funicello

Illness Progressive Always

He who goes step by step always finds himself level with a step.~Antonio Porchia

Step Always Level

I didn't even know I would be an actor; I always wanted to be a cameraman.~Arjun Kapoor

Know Actor Always

It's always great to be able to go to a premiere with the actors there.~Asif Kapadia

Great Go Always

My interest in filmmaking was always very much the visuals and images.~Asif Kapadia

Filmmaking Interest Always

A woman is like an actress: she's always onstage.~Azzedine Alaia

Woman She Always

I've always said I'm the worst representative of Muslim-Americans that's ever existed, because I've been inside more bars than mosques.~Aasif Mandvi

Worst Said Always

I watch a lot of television. I always have.~Aaron Tveit

Television Always Watch

Your barber always knows everything that goes on in the town, doesn't he?~Adam Peaty

Everything Always Barber

As a writer, I've always been somebody who's been productive and hustled hard.~Adam Mansbach

Always Writer Hard

I like to always have humour in whatever I do.~Adam Brody

Humour Always Like

With Fountains Of Wayne, I almost always start with lyrics - maybe not the entire lyric, but I almost always need a couplet or something, and then I work from there. With Ivy, it's much more about the atmosphere and the vibe.~Adam Schlesinger

Work Start Always

I've always been involved in the visual arts and music.~Adam Jones

Music Arts Always

I always want more glory. Always.~Adolfo Cambiaso

Want Glory Always

I've always helped polo to grow.~Adolfo Cambiaso

Grow Always Polo

When I was in bands, I always liked the demo best.~Agnes Obel

Best Always Bands

You can always tell what you believe by what you are getting.~Alan Cohen

Believe You Always

I guess I've always been drawn to roles that have smart characters commenting on what's happening around them.~Alia Shawkat

Smart Always Happening

I'm always looking for inspiration.~Alicia Silverstone

Looking Inspiration Always

I always want to give more than I gave yesterday.~Allyson Felix

Want Yesterday Always

It's nice to be important, but it's important to always be nice.~Alyssa Milano

Important Nice Always

The clarinet has always been my baby. I just didn't know that for a while.~Anat Cohen

Baby Know Always

I have always felt that my work is religious, not sacrilegious.~Andres Serrano

Work Always Religious

I have always felt that I am the sum total of my parts.~Andres Serrano

I Am Always Sum Total

I didn't realize how much people liked to bash SNL until I was on. I've always just liked it, and I've always watched it and been into it.~Andy Samberg

People Realize Always

I've always done things my way.~Ann Demeulemeester

Way Done Always

I've always been one of those people who wondered 'What if...'~Ann Maxwell

People What If Always

My music has always been my solo project.~Ariel Pink

Music Solo Always

I have always wanted to become a musician and a singer.~Arijit Singh

Singer Always Become

I used to be an athlete and even ran the 400 metre stretch for Tamil Nadu. I have always been active.~Arjun Rampal

Athlete Always Stretch

I'm an armchair kind of guy, especially when it's raining, which it always is and always will be.~Arthur Smith

Kind Always Raining

I always have loved witches.~Ashley Madekwe

Loved Always Witches

Attacking innocent people is always obscene.~Ayman Odeh

People Innocent Always

I have always been interested in politics. I was in the student union before, very active.~Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Politics Student Always

I've always been a huge fan of the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movies.~Abigail Breslin

Movies Always Caribbean

I'm always writing lyrics. I have so many lyrics on so many stray pieces of paper. Everywhere.~Abbie Cornish

Writing Paper Always

I'm always having to get rid of reporters.~Ada Yonath

Always Reporters Get

I always wanted to act.~Adam Rickitt

Always Act Wanted

What a couple. I'm consumed into ashes. And he's always raking up the ashes and setting them on fire again.~Agnes Smedley

Fire Up Always

My brother is a comic-book writer, and I was always in love with comics.~Adrianne Palicki

Love Brother Always

I've always got on with lads, more than I have with girls.~Agyness Deyn

Always More Got

I have always had this mentality because I hated to break anything on the car.~Alain Prost

Car Always Break

What I always do is just look at the players, look at the best 11 they can put on the pitch.~Alan Hansen

Best Look Always

If you don't try your hardest, and you're unsuccessful, you always have that excuse.~Alexi Zentner

You Try Always

Oh! this opponent, this collaborator against your will, whose notion of beauty always differs from yours and whose means are often too limited for active assistance to your intentions!~Alexander Alekhine

Beauty Always Intentions

My friends always joke that I run on batteries.~Alexander Wang

Friends Run Always

I've always been a fighter and always competitive.~Alistair Overeem

Fighter Always Competitive

Songwriting isn't always something that's directly proportionate to the experience.~Amos Lee

Experience Always

I always do like to write love stories, even if they end tragically.~Andrew Davies

Love End Always

I will always put family first. Every time I haven't, I have regretted it and apologised.~Andrew Forrest

Family Time Always

There are always different influences each season. It could be a person, it could be a piece of furniture; it depends on what I'm obsessing about.~Anna Sui

Different Always Furniture

Composers are always going back to the past.~Anne Dudley

Past Back Always

Memory always obeys the commands of the heart.~Antoine Rivarol

Heart Memory Always

I have always believed that there is a need for life-affirming films.~Anthony Minghella

Always Need Believed

I was one of five very clever kids, the other kids were cleverer than I was and still are and are very achieving. The girls were always first at everything and I was always 101st!~Anthony Minghella

Achieving Clever Always

You say you're a comedian, you always have to be on guard.~Anthony Anderson

You Say Always

I get on well with everybody. I've always been like that.~Anthony Martial

Always Like Well

I've always had this impression that notoriety came when you're trying to get notoriety.~Ariel Rechtshaid

Trying You Always

Luckily my parents were not against my ambition, they've always been very supportive. But they were adamant that I went to university first.~Archie Panjabi

Parents Ambition Always

I was always Armie. There couldn't be a 90-year-old Armand and a 9-day-old one. And I heard enough jokes about baking soda.~Armie Hammer

Baking Enough Always

I've always been crazy for the American songbook.~Ashley Judd

Crazy American Always

I'm always in disguise in one form or another in my plays.~Athol Fugard

Always Disguise Form

I've always loved singing and the catharsis of it.~Autre Ne Veut

Singing Loved Always

I was always tearing stuff apart to see how it worked.~Adam Yauch

See Always Tearing

Art shouldn't be prohibited in public schools when kids in private schools always get it.~Agnes Gund

Art Always Public

I always said that Wahhabism is unacceptable for the Chechen nation.~Akhmad Kadyrov

Nation Said Always

I've always regarded nature as the clothing of God.~Alan Hovhaness

Nature God Always

The future is always a dystopia in movies.~Alex Cox

Future Movies Always

It's always nice when the eccentrics show up.~Alex Cox

Nice Up Always

I'm a professional, and I have to always do my job.~Alexandre Pato

Job Professional Always

Ever since I've been a little kid I've always wanted superpowers, which is the coolest thing in the world.~Alexander Ludwig

World Kid Always

I don't always buy organic food. It is more expensive.~Alexandra Paul

Food Always Expensive

I've always preferred food be on the blander side.~Alexandra Paul

Food Side Always

No, I always wanted to be an actress.~Amanda Burton

Always Actress Wanted

I've always been comfortable with my size.~Amber Riley

Size Always Comfortable

I've always lived in a city.~Ana Gasteyer

City Always Lived

I've always tried to be nice to people, so that sort of translates into popularity, I guess.~Andy Richter

People Nice Always

Melodic songs that people can relate to has always been our thing.~Andy Taylor

People Always Relate

Papa continually emphasizes how much remains unexplained. With the other psychoanalytic writers, everything is always so known and fixed.~Anna Freud

Everything Always Papa

A first visit to a madhouse is always a shock.~Anna Freud

Always First Shock

I always wanted to be an actress. I couldn't imagine being anything else.~AnnaLynne McCord

Imagine Always Anything

I need a guy who's confident and is secure in himself, because we're always apart.~AnnaLynne McCord

Confident Secure Always

I always found it satisfying that gravity was described by Einstein's geometric theory of general relativity.~Antony Garrett Lisi

Theory Gravity Always

I love playing outsiders, I always do.~Antony Sher

Love Always Playing

I've always been a good kid.~Ashley Scott

Good Kid Always

It's good to always do some sort of exercise.~Ashley Scott

Good Exercise Always

I've been acting since I was 7, and I always knew it was what I wanted to go into.~Autumn Reeser

Acting Go Always

I've always wanted to act and I can't think of anything else I'd want to do, honestly.~Alanna Ubach

Want Think Always

I've always wanted to act since I was little.~Alanna Ubach

Always Act Little

I've always been completely autocratic. I've never learned to be diplomatic or democratic.~Alan Parker

Never Always Learned

I'm a pluralist. I've always argued that as many different films as possible should be made.~Alan Parker

Should Different Always

In England, 'Doctor Who' has always been considered a children's show, at least by children.~Alex Kingston

Children Doctor Always

I've always known that I wanted to sing, and I wanted to dance, and I wanted to act.~Alex Newell

Dance Sing Always

I always wanted to be on 'Glee.' As soon as the pilot aired, I said I needed to be on the show.~Alex Newell

Said Always Soon

I've actually always been a big fan of seafood. Sushi is one my favorite things.~Alexander Gould

Favorite Sushi Always

A soft refusal is not always taken, but a rude one is immediately believed.~Alexander Chase

Always Soft Rude

In general, I almost always watch foreign films.~Alexandra Fuller

Always Almost Watch

Things they don't understand always cause a sensation among the English.~Alfred de Musset

Understand Always English

I have always done what I wanted to do.~Alfre Woodard

Done Always Wanted

I make it a rule always to believe compliments implicitly for five minutes, and to simmer gently for twenty more.~Alice James

Believe Always Compliments

There is always room for coincidence.~Alva Noto

Coincidence Always Room

I've always been a big fan of books.~Amber Benson

Always Big Books

I've always liked wearing black. Hats with veils would suit me just fine.~Amy Gerstler

Black Me Always

I'll always identify as a Chicagoan; if it wasn't so cold, I'd be there forever.~Amy Landecker

Forever Always Cold

In science, read by preference the newest works. In literature, read the oldest. The classics are always modern.~Amy Lowell

Science Literature Always

I always need to keep moving.~Ana de Armas

Moving Keep Moving Always

I'm always a fan of a good horror film.~Andre Braugher

Good Film Always

I don't always understand my worth.~Ann Curry

Worth Understand Always

I have always been an independent voice for the folks in my district.~Ann Kirkpatrick

Voice Independent Always

The why of murder always fascinates me so much more than the how.~Ann Rule

Me Why Always

Steppenwolf has always been at the center of everything in my professional life.~Anna D. Shapiro

Life Professional Always

I've always kept a low profile, and I like it that way.~A. James Clark

Way Profile Always

I feel very competitive with Robert Morse off-set. We often duke it out. He always wins.~Aaron Staton

Feel Always Competitive

I always try not to overload my music with orchestration and to use only those instruments that are absolutely necessary.~Abel Korzeniowski

Music Try Always

There is always going to be a little bit of me in each character.~Abraham Benrubi

Character Me Always

I've always tried to fit what I do professionally into my family, rather than the other way around.~Adam West

Family Way Always

We always may be what we might have been.~Adelaide Anne Procter

May Always Might

There have always been poets who performed. Blake sang his Songs of Innocence and Experience to parties of friends.~Adrian Mitchell

Experience Friends Always

It's always a little nerve-wracking to do a love scene, more than anything because it's just awkward.~Annie Parisse

Love Awkward Always

I'm a Laker fan, always have been. And the New York Yankees, for sure.~Antonio Sabato, Jr.

New New York Always

From when I was about seven, I thought I wanted to be an architect. I've always loved spaces and dwellings in general.~Arizona Muse

Loved Thought Always

The compromise will always be more expensive than either of the suggestions it is compromising.~Arthur Bloch

Compromise Always Will

I have always been able to write on the spot. It is a talent that I guess comes naturally.~Ashanti

Talent Always Guess

I don't even think twice about wearing a swimsuit because it's always been a part of my lifestyle.~Audrina Patridge

Think Lifestyle Always

I have always been into music. That's my number one passion.~Audrina Patridge

Music Passion Always

I always do whatever is best for the character.~Avan Jogia

Best Character Always

Once a Raider, always a Raider.~Al Davis

Always Once Raider

Every song I write, including 'Too Close,' always starts on the guitar.~Alex Clare

Guitar Song Always

Every culture loves scatological humour. That's always a favourite.~Alex D. Linz

Culture Humour Always

I have always had the sea as my playground.~Alexander Dale Oen

Sea Playground Always

I was raised with three bothers, no sisters. I've always been a tomboy.~Alexis Knapp

I Was Raised Three Always

I'm proud to be a Lohan, and I will always will be.~Ali Lohan

Proud Always Will

They had always told me that I wrote like a man.~Ama Ata Aidoo

Man Me Always

If you get a script and it's really well written, that's always exciting.~Amanda Abbington

You Always Well

I've always found that sci-fi fans are unbelievably generous.~Amanda Tapping

Fans Always Sci-Fi

I've always been obsessed with Audrey Hepburn.~Amy Acker

Always Obsessed Audrey

I realized early on that I always hated girls who used their femininity to get what they wanted.~Amy Locane

Early Always Femininity

Once a Catholic always a Catholic.~Angus Wilson

Always Once Catholic

I've always been round, strong, and muscular.~Anita Morris

Strong Always Round

Theater was something that I always wanted to study.~Anna Diop

Study Always Something

We have to achieve what we can, and if we haven't yet learned that we are not always going to get our way this could be frustrating.~Anne Northup

Achieve Way Always

I always tried so hard to fit in, and then I figured out that I didn't want to fit.~Anthony Davis

Want Always Tried

Everyone is always in favour of general economy and particular expenditure.~Anthony Eden

Economy Always Everyone

The sexes in each species of being... are always true equivalents - equals but not identical.~Antoinette Brown Blackwell

True Always Identical

Things always happen in series.~Arthur Adamov

Happen Always Series

I've always loved Don Cheadle and Jeffery Wright and even Sam Jackson.~Andre Royo

Loved Always Even

I haven't always been fashionable, but I've always not really cared so much about how I dress.~Ashton Moio

Dress Always Really

We deny and have always denied having the slightest link with al-Qaeda.~Aslan Maskhadov

Always Link Deny