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I have an inner satisfaction of having done what I thought was right at the time which I thought was propitious.~A. Philip Randolph

Time Thought Satisfaction

We have too many high-sounding words, and too few actions that correspond with them.~Abigail Adams

Words Actions Many

Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile.~Abu Bakr

Knowledge Action Useless

I was critical of race-based affirmative action early on in my career and I've changed my mind. And I've publicly acknowledged that I was wrong.~Alan Dershowitz

Mind Career Action

I must lose myself in action, lest I wither in despair.~Alfred Lord Tennyson

Myself Action Lose

To make one good action succeed another, is the perfection of goodness.~Ali ibn Abi Talib

Good Perfection Action

Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in.~Andrew Jackson

Time Thinking Action

The most decisive actions of life are most often unconsidered actions.~Andre Gide

Life Most Actions

Some kind of affirmative action is important in a democracy and for economic competitiveness and national security. The Army was the first to realize that you had to have desegregation of a military to have it working properly.~Andrew Young

Democracy Security Action

Human beings are born solitary, but everywhere they are in chains - daisy chains - of interactivity. Social actions are makeshift forms, often courageous, sometimes ridiculous, always strange. And in a way, every social action is a negotiation, a compromise between 'his,' 'her' or 'their' wish and yours.~Andy Warhol

Wish Action Strange

The tension I feel is the moment they say, 'Action!' Movies are like lightning in a bottle, and you always want to find when you possibly can catch a surprising moment.~Annette Bening

Moment Action Want

Wrestling is not an action; it is a sport.~Anushka Sharma

Action Wrestling

Expressions of disobedience naturally encourage terrorist organizations and motivate them to intensify their actions.~Ariel Sharon

Encourage Motivate Actions

An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied.~Arnold H. Glasow

Politics Brain Action

History not used is nothing, for all intellectual life is action, like practical life, and if you don't use the stuff well, it might as well be dead.~Arnold J. Toynbee

Life History Action

Ideas not coupled with action never become bigger than the brain cells they occupied.~Arnold H. Glasow

Brain Action Ideas

A life which does not go into action is a failure.~Arnold J. Toynbee

Life Failure Action

We can't command our love, but we can our actions.~Arthur Conan Doyle

Love Actions Our Love

Where choice begins, Paradise ends, innocence ends, for what is Paradise but the absence of any need to choose this action?~Arthur Miller

Innocence Choice Action

Only when the voice of duty is silent, or when it has already spoken, may we allowably think of the consequences of a particular action.~Augustus Hare

May Silent Action

Be thou incapable of change in that which is right, and men will rely upon thee. Establish unto thyself principles of action; and see that thou ever act according to them. First know that thy principles are just, and then be thou.~Akhenaton

Change Men Action

I always like to break out and address the audience. In 'The History Boys', for instance, without any ado, the boys will suddenly turn and talk to the audience and then go back into the action. I find it more adventurous doing it in prose than on the stage, but I like being able to make the reader suddenly sit up.~Alan Bennett

History Doing Action

Painting is almost like a sport. It's like this action thing. When I do it, I'm really not thinking. The paintings are like a diary that I might not want to read again.~Alison Mosshart

Thinking Painting Action

I only make storyboards for action scenes. Once you make a storyboard, you don't film; it can be a stiff move.~Anton Corbijn

Action You Move

Courage is never to let your actions be influenced by your fears.~Arthur Koestler

Courage Never Actions

I won't back down. I get a satisfaction from being tested and defeating the test.~Ashton Eaton

Down Satisfaction Test

Thrills are much more about anticipation than action. An unfired bullet is more dangerous than one that has already met its target.~Ashwin Sanghi

Action Target Anticipation

I'll do at least one action film every year because of my fans. This is my promise to them.~Akshay Kumar

Action Fans Film

Man, like other organisms, is so perfectly coordinated that he may easily forget, whether awake or asleep, that he is a colony of cells in action, and that it is the cells which achieve, through him, what he has the illusion of accomplishing himself.~Albert Claude

May Man Action

Sooner or later something had to give. But President Bush, faced with the unprecedented affront of 9-11, could not wait to take action. So he had to do what we were capable of doing, and he did it brilliantly.~Alexander Haig

Doing Action Wait

I don't think I've ever been called up for an action film with a male lead - which is a shame. I'd love to take on Bond.~Allison Schroeder

Love Action Bond

One of the hard truths about the new digital world is that we have to be prepared to acknowledge when an experiment is not going to work, and to take action.~Andrew Rosenthal

Work World Action

When some people get angry, they turn into victims, but when I get angry, I turn to action.~Art Alexakis

People Action Angry

An ethical action, like an unethical action, is usually analyzed by politicians purely in pragmatic terms.~Adam Michnik

Action Ethical Pragmatic

My favorite action movie growing up was 'Supergirl.' It wasn't good by any stretch of the imagination, but it was my favorite because I wanted to be her. I have a Supergirl tattoo.~Adrianne Palicki

Good Imagination Action

When al-Qaeda was on the run from Afghanistan crossing through Iran, some were arrested and they are imprisoned. Some of them are charged with some actions in Iran.~Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

Run Afghanistan Actions

I have no idea what the U.S. intends to do further there and what would be the reaction of the Iraqi people. I only know that the sole option is to leave Iraq to the Iraqi people.~Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani

People Know Reaction

Iraq will not allow any action on its soil that could harm the U.S. We don't want any action from our soil to target our neighbors.~Ahmed Chalabi

Action Want Target

Our case, we used the organometallic compounds. Additionally, we need one important element, that is base. Without base, the acidic coupling reaction using organoboron compounds cannot proceed nicely. So, that is very important point in our cross-coupling reaction.~Akira Suzuki

Important Reaction Without

The palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction between different types of organoboron compounds and various organic electrophiles including halides or triflates in the presence of a base provides a powerful and general methodology for the formation of carbon-carbon bonds.~Akira Suzuki

Powerful Reaction Presence

The coupling of aryl halides with copper at very high temperature is called the Ullmann reaction, which is of broad scope and has been used to prepare many symmetrical biaryls. However, when a mixture of two different aryl halides is used, there are three possible biaryl products.~Akira Suzuki

Three High Reaction

I prefer that for my own satisfaction over radio, there's no audience. TV, there's no audience. I need the response of the audience, even if it's a silent response.~Al Lewis

Silent Satisfaction My Own

There's no federal government agency that ought to be immune from having to explain the potential financial impact of an action they've taken or intend to take. We deserve the specifics.~Ander Crenshaw

Government Impact Action

Therefore, let us not despair, but instead, survey the position, consider carefully the action we must take, and then address ourselves to our common task in a mood of sober resolution and quiet confidence, without haste and without pause.~Arthur Henderson

Confidence Action Quiet

But to cut off relations with an aggressor may often invite retaliation by armed action, and this would, in its turn, make necessary some form of collective self-defence by the loyal members of the League.~Arthur Henderson

May Action Loyal

In the course of my stay there, I also showed how one could analyse the experimental kinetic curves for the reaction of haemoglobin with carbon dioxide or oxygen by simulations in the computer, and so fit the rate constants.~Aaron Klug

Reaction Curves Oxygen

The guys I grew up with, my cinematic heroes, have always been men of few words, but of action. Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach.~Adam Baldwin

Men Words Action

I mean, I love action films, you know, good action films.~Adam Scott

Love Good Action

I just want to keep the diversity and the options open. In terms of what I'm looking for, I'd like to do a lead action role.~Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Diversity Looking Action

Satisfaction isn't a state that comes easily to me.~Adrian Nicole LeBlanc

Me Satisfaction Easily

Being a director, just to begin with, is just, I think, one of the hardest jobs just because you have to work in every way. You have to work with actors, you have to be involved with the producers and the writing and the action. Every department comes to you; you have to deal with everything.~Agnes Bruckner

Work Writing Action

Nothing is better than the moment you have Michael Bolton dressed as Forrest Gump and you see it in action.~Akiva Schaffer

Moment Better Action

Personally, when I go to Tulum, I prefer to be near the action but not in the midst of it.~Amanda Hearst

Action Go Personally

As a doctor, I understand how actions can affect lives.~Ami Bera

Doctor Understand Actions

I think paranormal experiences are very personal, again, if they are that. Yes, sometimes I've felt that some things I would personally believe enough for me to take action on it... like, you know, I felt something happen in a hotel once that made me never stay there again.~Andrea Corr

Believe Me Action

With every movie, I try to do something different, whether it's action, comedy or drama.~Andrew Lau

Action Try Comedy

I love doing action.~Ashley Scott

Love Doing Action

When I was four or five, I would organise my cars and my action figures. I needed some kind of structure, I think.~Alexander Skarsgard

Action Think Kind

We had a single find of BSE in this country. And we believe that what we're doing is appropriate action taken in an abundance of caution under the circumstances. And I believe it's the right thing to do.~Ann Veneman

Believe Doing Action

I would not be allowed to be in the web series without playing 'Halo.' I'm awful, by the way. I'm much better at the live action version.~Anna Popplewell

Live Better Action

There is no doubt that counterterrorism takes time because it is not action against a regular army.~Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

Time Action Doubt

Dreams grow holy put in action.~Adelaide Anne Procter

Dreams Action Grow

Why did I spend all these years playing boring Europeans? I was made for action movies.~Asia Argento

Action Movies Boring

I was made for action movies.~Asia Argento

Action Movies Made

In many cases of inflammation, the vascular changes develop slowly and long after the application of the stimulus which is responsible for the inflammatory reaction.~August Krogh

Changes Long Reaction

I've always been really into action movies. Since I was little, that was my favorite type of film.~Austin Butler

Action Movies Favorite

He learned through the way that my father and I felt about his songs, his country songs, that they were great songs. And then he went out and sang them for the audiences that we found, and he found a tremendous reaction to that.~Alan Lomax

Father Great Reaction

Logic, sometimes has very little to do with political action.~Alexander Mackenzie

Political Action Logic

The modern individual is committed to being successful, not to being a person. He belongs rightly to the 'action generation' whose motto is 'do more but feel less.'~Alexander Lowen

Motto Generation Action

Climbing is unadulterated hard labor. The only real pleasure is the satisfaction of going where no man has been before and where few can follow.~Annie Smith Peck

Man Real Satisfaction

I have always wanted to do something high octane. I've wanted to tackle an action role where I play a tomboy but empower myself as a woman.~Annie Ilonzeh

Myself Woman Action

But whatever the POV, and the difficulty of forcing the action into a particular frame, stay within it.~Arthur Herzog

Action Within Frame

Fluorine has a protecting action against caries, but this is a local effect. If you drink it, you are running the risk of all kinds of toxic actions.~Arvid Carlsson

Risk Action You

The Obama administration took rapid and decisive action to restructure GM and Chrysler. Within a fairly short period of time these companies were working effectively again.~Austin Ligon

Time Short Action

As a businessman, I know President Obama understands what it takes to spark economic growth, because I have seen him in action.~Austin Ligon

Growth Action Know