Steven Adams, New Zealander Athlete ( July 20, 1993 - )

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I stuck with a mustache because... do you know Magnum P.I.?~Steven Adams

You Know Mustache

People just don't like me, and it's unfortunate, because I'm trying to get people to come down and visit New Zealand. I'm an ambassador for New Zealand... it's kind of sad.~Steven Adams

Sad People Me

One thing that's good is I don't lose it if some old mate goes 'bang!' and hits me in the face.~Steven Adams

Good Me Face

I was upset about getting $40 haircuts, like, every month. That's a lot of money, and so, man, that's a lot of food. That's a waste. No more. So I'm, like, letting it go so I have more food. My budget's good for food now.~Steven Adams

Food Money Good

I think I look really weird with short hair. So I figured if I've got a mustache, I think it looks less creepy with long hair. Like a wild look.~Steven Adams

Short Hair Weird

I seem to get a general reaction at just, like, 'Oh! A mustache!' but mostly people are fine with it. But I don't actually do it for the ladies. It's more a guy thing, an appreciation. All the dudes want to do it, but they don't have the balls to do it, so they just give me the nod.~Steven Adams

Appreciation People Me

I wash it every second day, and I use Kerastase shampoo and conditioner. I just stick to that. But I also have a mustache comb, and I shampoo and condition my mustache as well.~Steven Adams

Day Mustache Well

Probably the biggest thing is the private planes. Wow, that thing's amazing. Got all the food on there, a bunch of drinks. I don't know, It's just amazing, never seen nothing like it. Tables, tables on planes, that's amazing. That was probably the biggest 'whoa' for me, like, 'I made it'. This big private jet, you're like, 'Whoa.'~Steven Adams

Food Amazing Me

I got a lot of restaurants I like to eat at, smash out some food.~Steven Adams

Food Eat Like

If you can break bread with a guy, you will actually go the extra mile on the court; that just happens.~Steven Adams

You Bread Go

Hate bread. Too many carbs.~Steven Adams

Hate Bread Many

My brothers bullied me, so I cried a lot as a kid. It was the only defense I had. Telling them to stop wouldn't work. The crying would bring my dad. Dad was my cavalry.~Steven Adams

Work Dad Me

I just got addicted to getting better. My coach gave me a goal to get a tip dunk in a game - you know, a putback dunk off a rebound. I had never done that. He told me that he'd get me a pair of new shoes if I did it. I just kept trying. I couldn't get it, couldn't get it, couldn't get it. It took me a year or so. Finally, one game, I got it.~Steven Adams

Shoes Goal Game

I'll try anything, but the pig testicles in Taiwan were a little much. Eh, it wasn't half bad. There was this one dish I had there, the translation is, 'The Monk Jumps over the Fence.' It's a fish dish with all these spices. It was beautiful, man - it was poetry. It had a whole story.~Steven Adams

Beautiful Poetry Man

I'd never worn a tie before. I was a bushman.~Steven Adams

Never Tie Before

Defense is gonna help me in particular and help my team, so that's what I've really focused on.~Steven Adams

Team Me Help

Al Jefferson. One-on-one on the post, man, can't guard him.~Steven Adams

Man Him Post

All in all, we'll just do well as a team. We've got a great group of guys, and they're just willing to work. That's what I like being around, just dudes who want to enjoy it and just work really hard.~Steven Adams

Work Team Great

You don't really get to witness what athletes go through. Like, the sacrifices and stuff like that. It's by far the most amazing, beautiful thing.~Steven Adams

Beautiful Amazing You

What's being considered now is solidifying my place in the NBA. Keep focusing on the grass roots, because I want the next guys to be good. Right now, all I'm doing for camps and academies and stuff, I'm just finding the next NBA player.~Steven Adams

Good Roots Finding

I don't envy guards. They're quick little monkeys, those guys.~Steven Adams

Envy Quick Monkeys

If I eat a food and throw it up, I'm off that food for life. It sucks. I've actually had some favorite foods that I no longer like because of it.~Steven Adams

Life Food Favorite

You kind of did fight for food, so I filled up my plate. My dad would make us finish it, and I'd sit there crying because I'd have to finish all that food. I think that forced my stomach to stretch.~Steven Adams

Food Dad Fight

I hope that basketball gains momentum and kids understand that you can actually make a living from it. Not just the N.B.A. You can get a scholarship, a free degree - like, no student loan you have to pay off. That's huge in life. Once they realize that in New Zealand, I hope they get inspired.~Steven Adams

Life Hope Living

I don't pay attention to Australia, mate.~Steven Adams

Australia Attention Pay

Of course cake is not bread. Is this why Americans are fat? You confuse cake with bread?~Steven Adams

Cake You Fat