Sonny Bill Williams, New Zealander Athlete ( August 3, 1985 - )

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To be part of something special, to be an Olympian and have the chance to win a medal - it's an amazing feeling.~Sonny Bill Williams

Amazing Chance Win

If you go about trying to please everyone, there's going to be endless struggles.~Sonny Bill Williams

Trying You Please Everyone

When I first went to rugby, I wanted it all; I just wanted it all, and you know, I thought it was just going to happen just like that, but I've come to learn that good things take time.~Sonny Bill Williams

Time Good Learn

We're so lucky where we live, but we're so out of touch. Everyone's mindset is made to feel that refugees are a problem, but it's more than that. They're human beings, too. They were forced from their homes.~Sonny Bill Williams

Live Problem Lucky

One thing I've learned over my career is that simplicity is the key: on the field, off as well.~Sonny Bill Williams

Simplicity Career Key

I definitely want to play rugby at the top level, international rugby.~Sonny Bill Williams

Want Play Rugby

My parents were always living from pay cheque to pay cheque. They were always struggling.~Sonny Bill Williams

Parents Living Always

Sometimes they are big hurdles, but good players can overcome them. I am trying to do my best.~Sonny Bill Williams

Best Good I Am

The biggest thing for me is earning the respect of my fellow players and coaches. I think that is why I was a little bit emotional. You don't get a haka done to you from the brothers for no reason if they don't respect you.~Sonny Bill Williams

Respect Me You

The pleasing thing is being able to be in an environment where, even though I'm a rookie, everyone wants to help you out.~Sonny Bill Williams

Environment Help You

For myself, it's trying to do my best in whatever I am doing. At this time, it is boxing; then when I get home, I want to be the best father, the best husband, the best man I can be.~Sonny Bill Williams

Time Best Home

My mindset at this stage, especially after having a daughter... it's just changed my whole outlook.~Sonny Bill Williams

Daughter Mindset Outlook

It was a fairly normal happy upbringing. Not a lot of money, but a lot of love.~Sonny Bill Williams

Love Money Happy

You always feel for your fellow players when they are going through tough times, losing and things like that.~Sonny Bill Williams

Tough Times Losing Tough

Being a young Kiwi lad, a young Polynesian boy, I was pretty close to my family. But when I moved to Sydney, I went from training twice a week, playing touch footy with my mates, to working full-time as a labourer and training professionally.~Sonny Bill Williams

Family Week Training

I rock up to training, and Folkesy, Steve Folkes - someone that, to be honest, has never paid any interest in my personal life - he comes up to me and starts saying, 'You're not turning Muslim are you?'~Sonny Bill Williams

Life Training Me

I've become a true Muslim. It's giving me happiness. It's made me become content as a man and helped me to grow. I've just got faith in it, and it has definitely helped me become the man I am today.~Sonny Bill Williams

Happiness Faith Today

If I could go back and change how I left the NRL, I would. My name will forever be tarnished but I wasn't the man I am now.~Sonny Bill Williams

Change Man I Am

I would say I have become a lot smarter in the way I understand things.~Sonny Bill Williams

Way Say Understand

I don't need a pool room with medals and everything hanging up.~Sonny Bill Williams

Everything Pool Up

You can't have eyes on the wall, or the angels won't come in. That's what we believe.~Sonny Bill Williams

Eyes Believe You

I grew up in a commissioned house in the next suburb over, Mount Abbot. It was a two-bedroom house with me, my brother, and my two sisters. Mum and Dad slept in the lounge, and we didn't have wallpaper.~Sonny Bill Williams

Dad Brother Me

It's been a long while, but, thank God, now I've been able to get my mum a house.~Sonny Bill Williams

God Thank God Long

OK, I floss, I brush my teeth, and I use mouth wash. Does that mean that I love it? That means that I, you know, like to look after my teeth!~Sonny Bill Williams

Love Look You

A young fella snuck out on to the field somehow, but when he was coming up to give me a hug, he got smoked by the guard. He was lucky the guy didn't break his ribs.~Sonny Bill Williams

Me Young Lucky

I just don't want to fail, to be honest.~Sonny Bill Williams

Want Fail Honest