Sean Paul, Jamaican Musician ( January 8, 1973 - )

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Please remember we all come from the same one and we will all return to that one, so there is no reason for fighting.~Sean Paul

Remember Fighting Reason

By the time my first album was out, I had been out in Jamaica three or four years, but I had hits out at that time that were bona fide hits.~Sean Paul

Time Three Four

On 'Sufferer,' I'm talking about the younger generation that has no other option for success than to find a gun somewhere. I try to appeal to them: 'I know you a sufferer, but it doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't expect any better.' It's a lot different than from what I usually say, like, 'Get busy, shake that thing.'~Sean Paul

Success Generation Busy

Most people are fortunate enough to stay two, three years in this game. I've been in it for seven years, and I feel like now, I'm just beginning.~Sean Paul

Beginning People Game

Sometimes you have to take a break from being a crazy kid. You can't be doing that all the time. Sometimes you just have to pay respect to your own simple-ness.~Sean Paul

Time Respect Crazy

I think kids should have a mentor and a role model, but that they shouldn't take one person's opinion to be what we call final assessment or judgment about how life is supposed to be.~Sean Paul

Life Role Model Opinion

My lyrics come from my experiences growing up in life, trying to find out and express who I am. That's basically it. I'm not trying to be a prophet or anything like that. I'm just reflecting on life.~Sean Paul

Life I Am Growing Up

I do feel I have a responsibility to the youths. For real.~Sean Paul

Responsibility Real Feel

Dancehall is just like hip-hop in that it doesn't always talk about bling; it talks about conscious issues.~Sean Paul

Hip-Hop Talk Always

Music is your own talent and is an important tool. Even if you don't want to be a role model, get ready to be in the public eye. Energy is there, you just have to use it.~Sean Paul

Music Eye Role Model

I see dancehall reggae and hip-hop as fused together, When I was a kid, they were the two kinds of music that spoke to me and said 'Move!'~Sean Paul

Music Together Me

I've been approached by many different people, but I don't really want to be known as a collaboration dude.~Sean Paul

People Collaboration Want

The world still hasn't seen the best of Sean Paul.~Sean Paul

Best World Still

I'm still working on my career, still trying to learn from other artistes and develop my skills and my style.~Sean Paul

Learn Style Trying

With everything that's thrown at you, whether it be problems at home, problems at work - whatever - basically, if you remain positive, you can see your way out of that.~Sean Paul

Positive Work Home

Every time you think a negative thought, it's one step in the wrong direction, for me.~Sean Paul

Time Step Me

Music tells you about the artist and what they were thinking about at the time, because the person has to think about it to sing it.~Sean Paul

Music Time Thinking

I feel like I have things to say. And that's what I'm looking forward to.~Sean Paul

Looking Forward Looking

'Rent-a-tile' means when you go to a dance hall, some people take the middle of the dance floor and do their thing.~Sean Paul

Dance People You

I don't want to do something unproductive with my time, so I decided to do something musical. So it felt good to say, 'Yeah, I'm producing.' It gave me a fresh vibe - inspiring in a different way.~Sean Paul

Time Good Me

I love the idea of the street vibe, having folks together, out in the street at midnight.~Sean Paul

Love Together Street

It's about ladies, as usual. I'm telling the ladies I got the right temperature to keep them warm.~Sean Paul

Warm Right Keep

I know some very political people who rap, and they say very political things and they'll never get a deal.~Sean Paul

Political People Know

I like music when it makes you feel.~Sean Paul

Music You Feel

I remember being a bathtub singer. You know, the type that sings and everybody's like, 'Shut up.'~Sean Paul

Remember You Know

I'm a big hip-hop fan since being a kid. It was the first music that spoke to me and made me feel like, 'Yeah.'~Sean Paul

Music Me Hip-Hop