Peter Scott, English Artist ( September 14, 1909 - August 29, 1989 )

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I've always believed the greater danger is not aiming too high, but too low, settling for a bogey rather than shooting for an eagle.~Peter Scott

High Eagle Shooting

I suppose I was very disappointed that I was injured during training for Korea. In fact, I had an argument with a grenade and it won, and consequently I was forced to come back to Australia for twelve months.~Peter Scott

Training Argument Back

I don't think they knew very much about the war in Korea at all.~Peter Scott

War Think Korea

You'd go to a Pakistani party and the men and women would go in at the front door and the women would go to the right and the men would go to the left, and that was the last that we'd see of them until we were coming home.~Peter Scott

Women Home Men

Certainly the Australians were buried in Korea. But I think that from Vietnam on, all the killed were brought home to America or to Australia, in our case.~Peter Scott

Home America Think

They were all famous and fantastic fellows.~Peter Scott

Famous Fellows Were

But it seemed to me that the American way of doing things was to obliterate a complete area, without really knowing exactly what was there and where they were.~Peter Scott

American Me Doing

The battalion, the whole battalion was affected by the two killed just within a week of being there, and I think that that pulled everybody up to make them realise that this was a very serious business.~Peter Scott

Business Week Being There