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Maimonides taught that it is better that 10 criminals go free than let one innocent man be executed. The Innocence Project represents that point of view.~Norman Lamm

Man Innocence Free

Modern Orthodoxy has a highly positive attitude toward the State of Israel. Our Ultra-Orthodox brethren recognize only the Holy Land, but not the state.~Norman Lamm

Positive Attitude Land

No religious position is loyally served by refusing to consider annoying theories which may well turn out to be facts.~Norman Lamm

May Facts Turn

Conventional dogmas, even if endowed with the authority of an Aristotle - ancient or modern - must be tested vigorously. If they are found wanting, we need not bother with them. But if they are found to be substantially correct, we may not overlook them.~Norman Lamm

May Authority Wanting

I was not the midwife of the Law School, but its fraternal twin.~Norman Lamm

School Law Law School

However, the word madda in modern Hebrew specifically means science.~Norman Lamm

Science Word Modern

My mother, whose family was heavily rabbinic, said she wanted me to continue the family tradition in the rabbinate. My father said he wanted me to be a scholar of the Talmud, but he wanted me to make my living in science.~Norman Lamm

Mother Family Father

In Judaism, there are 613 biblical commandments, and the Talmud says that the chief commandment of all is study.~Norman Lamm

Study Judaism Chief

Judaism is an intellectually based religion, and the single most important theme is that of study.~Norman Lamm

Religion Important Study

At Cardozo, study of law is part of a larger culture. You can get a law degree and make a good living, but it is best that you do that having studied the discipline for its own inherent merit, because you love studying.~Norman Lamm

Love Best Good

I showed that privacy was an implicit right in Jewish law, probably going back to the second or third century, when it was elaborated on in a legal way.~Norman Lamm

Law Legal Privacy

As a result of this article, I was invited to testify in the Senate Judiciary Committee on privacy law.~Norman Lamm

Law Privacy Committee

I think our vision heretofore has been and should continue to be to have Cardozo be the kind of law school that we can be proud of. I would like to see it gain recognition as one of the three best law schools in New York City.~Norman Lamm

Best School Vision

Most Modern Orthodox are religious Zionists. Despite all differences and nuances among us, we consider the founding of the State a historic change. We accept it as something that came from Providence.~Norman Lamm

Change Differences Accept

Not all Modern Orthodox Jews, at the present juncture, identify with what the Israeli government does. In Israel many religious Zionists strongly oppose the government because of the disengagement.~Norman Lamm

Government Present Israel

I was critical of the Israeli government, however, for not being prepared for the move. One does not uproot thousands of people without planning in advance what will be done with them. This was a political and human error in which the government functioned poorly.~Norman Lamm

Planning Political People

As far as YU faculty and students are concerned, the love for Israel is very strong. Probably about three thousand of our graduates have settled in Israel. On average, every year 650 male and female students study in Israel for a minimum of one year.~Norman Lamm

Love Strong Study

Most students have thoughts about emigrating to Israel. A significant number go on aliyah. We are proud of our Israel programs, which come at a considerable cost to the university.~Norman Lamm

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