Lydia Ko, New Zealander Athlete ( April 24, 1997 - )

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A 3-foot putt can be more nerve-racking than a 9-foot putt because a 3-foot putt you should be getting in. A 9-footer, there's a chance it won't go in.~Lydia Ko

Chance You Go

I'd love to go out on a Saturday night with my friends and watch a movie, but that happens really like once a year or a couple of times.~Lydia Ko

Love Friends Night

If I make a bogey or three putt I'm on fire inside. But it's not like you're going to play any better slamming your club or getting angry. So you might as well just keep it in. People say I'm pretty calm, but I do make mistakes and I do get angry, but I try and not show it.~Lydia Ko

Mistakes Fire People

One of my goals is to play the Olympics in 2016. If you're able to represent your country in the Olympics everyone will understand you as a player and not many people do get to go to the Olympics.~Lydia Ko

Goals People You

Everyone gets surprised because neither one of my parents play golf. Like I said in my speech, my aunt and uncle really love golf, and we visited them, and she gave me two clubs. Like people think when they don't know who my dad is, they think he's my coach.~Lydia Ko

Love Parents Dad

Um, yeah 15-year-olds don't lead at an LPGA event all the time. But like I said, I'm very surprised. I've been playing really good golf and I'm confident with my game.~Lydia Ko

Time Good Golf

I've got a golf scholarship for school, so they understand if I'm away. A couple of years ago they called to see why I wasn't at school, and now they're like, 'oh, she's at golf.' Sometimes I'm in class and sometimes the teachers don't realize I'm there. She goes, 'oh, Lydia's absent.' And I'm like 'no, actually, I'm here.'~Lydia Ko

School Golf Scholarship

Before, I was like 'Oh my God, I have to do this media, this media and this media,' but now I've learned these are stages you need to go through. If you play really good golf, you're going to get more media attention and more interest in you, and you'll get more confident handling it.~Lydia Ko

Good God Golf

Two weeks ago at the U.S. Amateur, my mom caddied, and that is kind of a different feeling, because she's your mom and you have to listen to her. It was really comfortable having my mom there, but it's also really relieving and comfortable to have someone that knows the course off their hat, really.~Lydia Ko

Mom Hat Feeling

Ever since they announced that golf would be returning to the Olympics, I thought, 'Hey, I wanna get myself on the team.' It has always been my dream.~Lydia Ko

Myself Team Golf

I've played such good golf, and it was hard coming up and it wasn't easy in any matches or any shots. It means a lot. I think hopefully it will mean a lot to New Zealand because I'm the next winner of the U.S. Amateur after Danny Lee.~Lydia Ko

Good Golf Think

Golf is like 99.9 percent of my life, and then there's school. I don't get much time to go out with my friends.~Lydia Ko

Life Time School

I can't say I'm not nervous at all with media and doing speeches, but I'm getting used to it and better at it, hopefully.~Lydia Ko

Media Doing Better

I have always wanted a dog, but we don't have anyone to care for it.~Lydia Ko

Dog Care Always

It's never easy playing 36 holes when you are concentrating so much for all the shots.~Lydia Ko

You Easy Never

It's important for me to understand more about my swing and my game, no matter who I end up working with.~Lydia Ko

End Game Me

When I was getting overly 'droppy,' that's when I was hitting shots left and right. That's what we were doing, so maybe if my swing was a touch flatter, I wouldn't drop the club as much.~Lydia Ko

Doing Touch Right

I feel like there are a lot of positives in my swing. I'm really going to work around the rhythm of my swing, being able to keep my rhythm and being more consistent. Consistency is what I'm looking for, performance-wise.~Lydia Ko

Work Looking Consistency

The best cure for a double-bogey is a toffee, or sugar - any type of sugar; I love my chocolate.~Lydia Ko

Love Best Chocolate