Lobsang Tenzin, Tibetan Leader ( November 5, 1939 - )

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If you are able to see the interrelatedness of mind and body, sensitivity towards your body becomes much sharper. Therefore, maintaining of good health also becomes easier.~Lobsang Tenzin

Good Health Mind

Communication will bring understanding and understanding will cause harmonious mutual relationships which can establish peace and stability.~Lobsang Tenzin

Communication Peace

You need not search for the compassionate mind from outside. To know yourself, to know your nature, your mind will automatically be the compassionate one.~Lobsang Tenzin

Nature Yourself Mind

People forget who they are; they always remain with an identity which is not the real self. It is just a projected self which does not exist, but they identify with this projected self appearance.~Lobsang Tenzin

Self People Identity

We shall have to practise to lead our life on the basis of our needs, not under the influence of our greed.~Lobsang Tenzin

Life Influence Greed

Because all the thought processes are limited, they are conditioned, and the thought does not touch directly with the reality, the truth; thoughts only grasps at the image of the truth.~Lobsang Tenzin

Truth Reality Thoughts

No one can avoid death; it is inevitable. Therefore, I should create in my mind a kind of willingness and accepting for that event without any fear.~Lobsang Tenzin

Death Fear Mind

To learn means by practice, by inquiring, by analyzing to find out what is, not what was.~Lobsang Tenzin

Learn Practice Find

Everyone needs an open mind and an accepting heart. With a combination of these two aspects, you will be able to communicate sensibly.~Lobsang Tenzin

Heart Mind You

For a person who is very much involved with the institution of religion but has lost the religious spirit, the 'religion' label is the real threat to liberty.~Lobsang Tenzin

Religion Lost Liberty

A religion must be instrumental in spiritualising the individual into a boundless and holistic nature.~Lobsang Tenzin

Nature Religion Individual

Faith and reason overpower each other throughout one's life, which results in contradiction, but the conflict never ceases in any sphere.~Lobsang Tenzin

Life Faith Conflict

The line of demarcation between history and legend is too thin to observe while writing; the two overlap each other unconsciously and unknowingly.~Lobsang Tenzin

History Writing Legend

Do not lose your independent mind, unconditioned mind. You have by nature a very powerful mind. You can find everything for yourself; you can know everything for yourself.~Lobsang Tenzin

Nature Yourself Powerful

Today, education does not give you the wisdom and the understanding; it only indoctrinates you to believe something. So the mind knows very less but accepts so many things; it may be science, it may be technology, it may be anything.~Lobsang Tenzin

Education Wisdom Science

Non-violence is the essence of the entire Buddha's teaching, and the practice of non-violence is the entire essence of the practice of Buddha dharma, Buddhist spirituality, in one's life.~Lobsang Tenzin

Life Practice Non-Violence

Every religion or every philosophy is an outcome of the human search for liberation.~Lobsang Tenzin

Religion Philosophy Search

Lack of understanding of interrelatedness has caused numerous divisions and conflicts that are the cause of many major challenges in the world such as war, violence, terrorism, economic disparity, and exploitation.~Lobsang Tenzin

War World Violence

Interreligious dialogue is extremely important for religious people as well as secular people or non-believers. They should participate, and they should be encouraged to have interreligious dialogue, because dialogue is a channel or an instrument to promote intimacy between individual.~Lobsang Tenzin

People Important Should

I do not think any religion encourages intolerance. Intolerance is the biggest mental defilement, and every religion tries to remove this defilement. So we must understand that whenever there is intolerance, this comes from an irreligious mind. It is not created by religion, and it is not in the mind of the religious person.~Lobsang Tenzin

Religion Mind Think

We can never protect the rights by only thinking about our rights. By performing the universal responsibility with a compassionate mind, you can protect your own right and that of others.~Lobsang Tenzin

Responsibility Thinking

For the exploitation of human greed, they have devised comparison and competition. Right from childhood on, we are indoctrinated to compare and compete, and there is a word, a phrase: 'free and fair competition.'~Lobsang Tenzin

Childhood Competition Free

In ancient times, we were users; we used the commodities in accordance to our needs. Using is not sufficient for the modern market; it needs consumers. Consuming means consuming things much more than the natural need of humanity or of any living being.~Lobsang Tenzin

Humanity Living Natural

Dying peacefully means to avoid any immediate cause for anger, fear, or strong desire.~Lobsang Tenzin

Fear Strong Anger

Bodily discomfort and emotional fear and attachment make the dying uncomfortable and fearful. So, to help those dying people, I think modern medical science has a lot of facilities to reduce pain, or perhaps not to reduce pain, but not to experience pain.~Lobsang Tenzin

Experience Fear Science

A compassionate mind is very difficult to cultivate because compassion demands a sense of equality between all living beings.~Lobsang Tenzin

Equality Compassion Mind