Kim Dae Jung, South Korean Leader ( December 3, 1925 - )

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Unification is one thing, and stability in Northeast Asia is another thing.~Kim Dae Jung

One Thing Stability

And also, we are providing, you know, a nuclear power plant in the north, two light water systems, so some 4 or 5 billion dollars we are providing to meet with North Korean requests on the condition North Korea will not produce a nuclear weapon.~Kim Dae Jung

Light Power Water

Unification is not our present goal. That is a future program.~Kim Dae Jung

Future Goal Present

So in Asia I want to make - I want to succeed to make a model of what success, practicing democracy, and market economy. Then that will give a good influence over Asian countries.~Kim Dae Jung

Success Good Influence

If America would withdraw from South Korea, there could be a power struggle between such as China and Japan.~Kim Dae Jung

Power Struggle America

To realize peace on the Korean peninsula, and to develop exchange, cooperation between both Koreas, they are the, you know, immediate target of our government.~Kim Dae Jung

Peace Government You

But such IMF pressure is very much helpful for me to push such a, you know, reform. So in this sense I think IMF is very much helpful for alien society.~Kim Dae Jung

Society Me You

So if North Korea continues present isolation, then with such economic difficulties the North Korean government must meet a very serious situation in the future.~Kim Dae Jung

Future Government Present

Well, that is very imperative to let North Korea open door to outside.~Kim Dae Jung

Door North Korea Open

So South Korean ability is very much limited to handle North Korean, you know, difficulties. So we don't want to see an immediate collapse of the North Korea regime.~Kim Dae Jung

Want You Know

There is some sign that North Korea is changing recently. There is ongoing successful negotiation to have a military talk to Pyongyang, which has been stopped for seven years.~Kim Dae Jung

Successful Military Talk

So moderate is insisting that North Korea should open door to outside.~Kim Dae Jung

Door Should North Korea

You know, North Korea situation is far worse than East Germany, and South Korea is weaker than West Germany.~Kim Dae Jung

You Situation Know

So such an American troops presence in Korea in the South and Japan, total some 100,000 should stay there forever, even after unification of Korean peninsula.~Kim Dae Jung

American Forever Should

So now we are pushing economic reform, bank reform and enterprise reform. So we can finish that reform this year, in September or October. Then our economy may be much more, you know, normalized.~Kim Dae Jung

May Finish You

So for mutual interest, I do want American presence in this region.~Kim Dae Jung

American Want Presence

I think a major cause of present Asian economic difficulties that mainly come from, you know, lack of market economy.~Kim Dae Jung

Present You Think

American presence is, you know, the major cause of balance of power and the stability in this region.~Kim Dae Jung

Power Balance American