John Mott, American Leader ( May 25, 1865 - January 31, 1955 )

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Evangelism without social work is deficient; social work without evangelism is impotent.~John Mott

Work Without Social

A most highly multiplying trait in point of far-reaching influences is that of ability to discover and use strong men. This trait stands out impressively in Rothschild's 'Lincoln, Master of Men'.~John Mott

Strong Men Master

Among the qualities most needed among those who aspire to true leadership in the fostering of peace and goodwill among the nations and in overcoming racial and religious antagonism is the cooperative spirit and objective.~John Mott

Leadership Peace Racial

Foresight has been a distinguishing characteristic of all truly great political, religious, and social betterment leaders.~John Mott

Great Political Leaders

Of front-line importance among the most contagious and enduring traits of the leaders of nations and of all callings is that of spotless character.~John Mott

Character Most Leaders

While life lasts, I am an evangelist.~John Mott

Life I Am Lasts

It is a startling and solemnizing fact that even as late as the twentieth century, the Great Command of Jesus Christ to carry the Gospel to all mankind is still so largely unfulfilled.~John Mott

Great Late Jesus