Hermann von Helmholtz, German Physicist ( August 31, 1821 - September 8, 1894 )

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Windmills, which are used in the great plains of Holland and North Germany to supply the want of falling water, afford another instance of the action of velocity. The sails are driven by air in motion - by wind.~Hermann von Helmholtz

Water Great Wind

Each individual fact, taken by itself, can indeed arouse our curiosity or our astonishment, or be useful to us in its practical applications.~Hermann von Helmholtz

Curiosity Individual Fact

A moving body whose motion was not retarded by any resisting force would continue to move to all eternity.~Hermann von Helmholtz

Moving Body Eternity

Heat can also be produced by the impact of imperfectly elastic bodies as well as by friction. This is the case, for instance, when we produce fire by striking flint against steel, or when an iron bar is worked for some time by powerful blows of the hammer.~Hermann von Helmholtz

Time Fire Powerful

Not that I wish by any means to deny, that the mental life of individuals and peoples is also in conformity with law, as is the object of philosophical, philological, historical, moral, and social sciences to establish.~Hermann von Helmholtz

Life Law Conformity

Reason we call that faculty innate in us of discovering laws and applying them with thought.~Hermann von Helmholtz

Thought Reason Laws

The older view of the nature of heat was that it is a substance, very fine and imponderable indeed, but indestructible, and unchangeable in quantity, which is an essential fundamental property of all matter.~Hermann von Helmholtz

Nature View Property

Iron which is brought near a spiral of copper wire, traversed by an electrical current, becomes magnetic, and then attracts other pieces of iron, or a suitably placed steel magnet.~Hermann von Helmholtz

Steel Iron Electrical

But heat can also be produced by the friction of liquids, in which there could be no question of changes in structure, or of the liberation of latent heat.~Hermann von Helmholtz

Changes Question Structure

The law in question asserts, that the quantity of force which can be brought into action in the whole of Nature is unchangeable, and can neither be increased nor diminished.~Hermann von Helmholtz

Nature Law Action

A raised weight can produce work, but in doing so it must necessarily sink from its height, and, when it has fallen as deep as it can fall, its gravity remains as before, but it can no longer do work.~Hermann von Helmholtz

Work Deep Doing

I then endeavoured to show that it is more especially in the thorough conformity with law which natural phenomena and natural products exhibit, and in the comparative ease with which laws can be stated, that this difference exists.~Hermann von Helmholtz

Law Conformity Natural

Now, the external work of man is of the most varied kind as regards the force or ease, the form and rapidity, of the motions used on it, and the kind of work produced.~Hermann von Helmholtz

Work Man Kind

What appeared to the earlier physicists to be the constant quantity of heat is nothing more than the whole motive power of the motion of heat, which remains constant so long as it is not transformed into other forms of work, or results afresh from them.~Hermann von Helmholtz

Work Power Nothing

You all know how powerful and varied are the effects of which steam engines are capable; with them has really begun the great development of industry which has characterised our century before all others.~Hermann von Helmholtz

Great Powerful You