Hans Adolf Krebs, German Physicist ( August 25, 1900 - November 22, 1981 )

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The research I have been doing - studying how foodstuffs yield energy in living cells - does not lead to the kind of knowledge that can be expected to give immediate practical benefits to mankind. If I have chosen this field of study, it was because I believed in its importance in spite of its theoretical character.~Hans Adolf Krebs

Knowledge Character Living

In the course of the 1920s and 1930s, great progress was made in the study of the intermediary reactions by which sugar is anaerobically fermented to lactic acid or to ethanol and carbon dioxide.~Hans Adolf Krebs

Progress Great Study

The concept of evolution postulates that living organisms have common roots, and in turn, the existence of common features is powerful support for the concept of evolution.~Hans Adolf Krebs

Support Roots Powerful

The existence of common features in different forms of life indicates some relationship between the different organisms, and according to the concept of evolution, these relations stem from the circumstance that the higher organisms, in the course of millions of years, have gradually evolved from simpler ones.~Hans Adolf Krebs

Life Relationship