Eileen Myles, American Poet ( December 9, 1949 - )

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I tend to view my life as an accident, almost as a dream.~Eileen Myles

Life My Life Dream

As things get worse, poetry gets better because it becomes more necessary.~Eileen Myles

Poetry Better Because

Having big audiences when you're on a book tour is like Valhalla if you're a person who used to sell Girl Scout cookies on the side. Because you want to give the reading that will sell the most books.~Eileen Myles

Girl Book Reading

Older men get lovable, and older women get monstrous.~Eileen Myles

Women Men Older Women

If I had been a good student and an achiever, I might have been excited by a more systematic approach to writing than what I do.~Eileen Myles

Good Writing Student

To be a poet, it's a challenge to do it in poverty, to do it in wealth. To do it in the academy, to do it in a relationship where you're happy. Everything changes the game. To do it in the awkward state of love, despair, dying. You just have to work it.~Eileen Myles

Love Work Relationship

When I'm writing the poem, I feel like I have to close my eyes. I don't mean literally, but you invite a kind of blindness, and that's the birth of the poem.~Eileen Myles

Eyes Writing You

I love Canada, and I dated someone who was Canadian a few years ago, and she brought me into a deeper understanding of the greatness of the culture.~Eileen Myles

Love Culture Greatness

Living in literature and love is the best thing there is. You're always home.~Eileen Myles

Love Best Home

Poetry always, always, always is a key piece of democracy.~Eileen Myles

Poetry Democracy Key

The poet is like the earth's shadow. The sun moves, and the poet writes something down.~Eileen Myles

Sun Earth Shadow

Evolution is not an even process. There are surges, and there are micromoments. Certainly a career as an artist is that way.~Eileen Myles

Artist Career Process

I've grown to love Barack Obama. Hillary is no Bernie Sanders. But she's a politician, and she understands Congress. And I think with that kind of twisted beauty, she could lead our country.~Eileen Myles

Love Beauty Think

A vote should be generative, not like business as usual, which is what voting feels like for most of us.~Eileen Myles

Business Voting Vote

I really just love reading. It's my favorite thing, performing my poems live. Reading by reading, I just kind of follow my nose.~Eileen Myles

Love Reading Live

The thing about not being historically a mainstream writer is that everyone feels like you're theirs: you're their friend.~Eileen Myles

Friend You Everyone

Everybody loved me running for president in '91 and '92 because they never knew a presidential candidate before.~Eileen Myles

Loved Me Never

I thought 'Chelsea Girls' was going to change my life.~Eileen Myles

Life Change My Life

With Instagram, you're captioning a moment. Twitter is the caption without the image. Even if it's there, the words come first.~Eileen Myles

Words Moment You

I wasn't afraid of being poor. I didn't want to live in a big house. I'm the perfect size for poetry. I can move around.~Eileen Myles

Poetry Live Want

I always aimed at being a legend.~Eileen Myles

Legend Always Being

I've had a lifelong waiting-for-the-other-shoe-to-drop feeling when something good happens.~Eileen Myles

Good Feeling Something

I wake up with a sense of wonder. I don't dread the future. I like it.~Eileen Myles

Future Wake Up Wonder

Sunday is a likely day to write a poem. Because poetry is a piece of language flying around: you'll find notebooks, something on your phone. It's about finding them and getting them off that crumpled piece of paper and onto my computer.~Eileen Myles

Day Poetry Sunday

The first time I voted, I voted for Eugene McCarthy and I knew he wouldn't win, but it felt so great to vote for him, to vote for the right guy - the one who wanted peace.~Eileen Myles

Time Peace Great

Lyndon Johnson, I know for a fact, was a great president. And I don't mean by that he was a great man.~Eileen Myles

Great Man Know