Delmore Schwartz, American Poet ( December 8, 1913 - July 11, 1966 )

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Love is the most difficult and dangerous form of courage. Courage is the most desperate, admirable and noble kind of love.~Delmore Schwartz

Love Courage Love Is

Time is the school in which we learn, time is the fire in which we burn.~Delmore Schwartz

Time School Fire

Existentialism means that no one else can take a bath for you.~Delmore Schwartz

You Bath Take

What was the freedom to which the adult human being rose in the morning, if each act was held back or inspired by the overpowering ghost of a little child?~Delmore Schwartz

Morning Rose Freedom

The Jew is at once alienated and indestructible; he is in exile from his own country and in exile even from himself, yet he survives the annihilating fury of history.~Delmore Schwartz

History Country Exile

Major writing is to say what has been seen, so that it need never be said again.~Delmore Schwartz

Writing Said Say

All poets' wives have rotten lives Their husbands look at them like knives.~Delmore Schwartz

Look Wives Like

I always cause those who are near to me more suffering than pleasure.~Delmore Schwartz

Me Suffering Always

Even paranoids have real enemies.~Delmore Schwartz

Real Even

I am of Russian-Jewish distraction.~Delmore Schwartz

I Am Distraction Am

Order and disorder, form and formless must have profound psychological roots, nervous roots.~Delmore Schwartz

Roots Nervous Profound

In dreams begin responsibilities.~Delmore Schwartz

Dreams Begin

Sometimes even paranoids have enemies.~Delmore Schwartz

Sometimes Even

To be the child of immigrants from Eastern Europe is in itself a special kind of experience; and an important one to an author. He has heard two languages through childhood, the one spoken with ease at home, and the other spoken with ease in the streets and at school, but spoken poorly at home.~Delmore Schwartz

Home Experience School

I admired my father very much... at the age of sixteen. But now I see that he was a brutal and cruel man, - but not without remorse, and that was what tortured us, his alternations.~Delmore Schwartz

Father Age Man

All literature is an effort at the formal character of the epigram.~Delmore Schwartz

Character Effort Formal