Dan Fouts, American Athlete ( June 10, 1951 - )

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I always loved going to Hawai'i; it was very, very special.~Dan Fouts

Loved Special Always

First of all, it was such an honor to be chosen. You had to be voted in by players and coaches that time. But having it in Hawai'i was a brilliant idea.~Dan Fouts

Time Honor You

I remember Terry being exhausted from his latest Super Bowl win and all the things that go with it.~Dan Fouts

Remember Win Go

I'm over it. You strive to win a Super Bowl and you do everything you can to get there. But being in the Hall of Fame, you never play for that honor. It's incredible.~Dan Fouts

Honor Win You

One of the great things personally coming to Hawai'i is my friendship of Jim Nicholson.~Dan Fouts

Friendship Great Coming

People ask me who he reminds me of. The way he's playing, I'd say he doesn't remind me of anybody. I've never seen anybody - running back, quarterback, wide receiver - make the plays that Vince Young made today.~Dan Fouts

Today People Me

When you work with a legend as I do, it's wonderful. There's so many things I've learned working with Keith. He's so patient, not only with me, but with everyone in our crew and with the audience and with the game. He has a style that is so easy and will never be copied.~Dan Fouts

Work Style Game

I try to keep an even keel.~Dan Fouts

Try Keep Even