Dak Prescott, American Athlete ( July 29, 1993 - )

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I've always had high expectations of myself. I've never felt that there was anything I couldn't do in this world.~Dak Prescott

Myself World Expectations

If you're a competitor, you want to win. That's enough to play for, simple as that.~Dak Prescott

Simple Win Want

I've been through a lot off the field. I think that kind of translates onto the field. Football serves for a lot of life lessons, and so it allows me to stay humble and continue to work.~Dak Prescott

Life Work Football

I want to go where I'm the difference. I want to make something out of nothing. I want to be the reason someone is great.~Dak Prescott

Great Nothing Want

There are a lot of guys who play in pro-style offenses who are not prepared when they come out of college. Either you're coaching the quarterback to be a quarterback, or you're not.~Dak Prescott

College Coaching You

I grew up in Haughton, Louisiana. I go to my white grandparents' house, and then I cross the railroad tracks and hang out with my black grandma. We have English teachers on my white side. My grandpa is a principal. And then you go to the other side, and people have been in jail.~Dak Prescott

People Black White

Being bi-racial and being from the country, I can talk to guys like Travis Frederick from Wisconsin and Doug Free from Wisconsin. And then I can go over and talk to Dez Bryant. I mean, think about the two different standpoints you need to have a real conversation with both, to really understand what they've been through.~Dak Prescott

Free You Think

I've always wanted to play quarterback, and I lucked out to be able to play for my favorite team - America's team. I'm just living the moment. I feel like all of this was supposed to happen. When you work hard, things work your way.~Dak Prescott

Work Team Work Hard

I am smarter because I stayed in school, and I am a better football player.~Dak Prescott

School Football I Am

A few weeks after my mom passed in November of 2013, I came back from an injury and entered the Egg Bowl in the second half against Ole Miss. I'll never forget the feeling when I walked back out on the field. As I walked into the Egg Bowl, the crowd stood up and clapped like they were enveloping me in a giant hug.~Dak Prescott

Mom Me Never Forget

I hate to lose. It's a bad feeling, but, I mean, it kind of gets you resettled, gets you back right.~Dak Prescott

Hate Feeling You

If we're doing a class project, then I'm going to be the one talking and taking the lead. I might not necessarily put all of the work in the project, but I want to help and do as much as I can and get everyone going in the right direction.~Dak Prescott

Work Help Doing

If somebody says I'm a leader or notices the things I try to do to be a leader, it's the ultimate compliment.~Dak Prescott

Leader Try Compliment

The game of football is something I dearly love, and there's nothing else I'd rather be doing.~Dak Prescott

Love Football Game

I don't think people know how much time and effort truly goes into the game and goes into simply just scoring a touchdown. So when you get that opportunity, you should be able to be free and be relaxed from all the pressure that went into scoring that touchdown and have fun.~Dak Prescott

Time Opportunity Fun

On the field, I went from an anonymous redshirt to a short-yardage specialist to a Heisman Trophy candidate. Off the field, I showed up as a wild kid and grew up.~Dak Prescott

Up Kid Wild

When I chose Mississippi State, of course I dreamed about being a big-time college football player. But I'm so grateful that actually became a reality - and it became a reality in a small town.~Dak Prescott

Grateful Football College

I've been in situations where I was the only black guy. We're in a time now where nobody wants to see that. But it still happens.~Dak Prescott

Time Black Nobody

If there's one perk, it's being the quarterback of America's team and being able to make a difference off the field.~Dak Prescott

Team Make A Difference

I will never have a sip of alcohol and get behind the wheel again. Regardless if I'm 300% sure that I just had a sip and I can drive. It doesn't matter.~Dak Prescott

Alcohol Drive I Can

I'm hard on myself. I'm my biggest critic.~Dak Prescott

Myself Hard Critic

I don't really put too much pressure on myself. The only time people feel pressure is when they put it on themselves and listen to the outside stuff. I have great teammates and great coaches that do the right things around me that allows me to just focus on the game of football.~Dak Prescott

Time Myself Great

Back when I was a senior in high school in Haughton, LA, I had a chance to go to LSU. Everyone I grew up with adored LSU, including my mom. But I chose to come to Mississippi State because I wanted to start a new tradition instead of perpetuating an established one.~Dak Prescott

Mom School High School

I'm just trying to win games and give my team a chance, win as many as we can week in and week out.~Dak Prescott

Week Team Chance

My dad was a diehard Cowboys fan. I was raised as a Cowboy fan, and I was forced to be a Cowboy fan.~Dak Prescott

Dad I Was Raised Cowboy

When I was younger, I used to pray that I would die before my mom. That's just how much my mom meant to me. I couldn't imagine being in this world without her. But then seeing cancer - seeing what it can do to somebody - as strong and as tough as she was, there was nothing she could do. Cancer is a dirty, dirty deal.~Dak Prescott

Mom Strong World