Burning Spear, Jamaican Musician ( March 1, 1945 - )

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When people see a legend, they call it a legend. But to be a legend, it's a lot of hard work and patience. You can't play for five or ten years and be a legend. It takes longer than that.~Burning Spear

Work Hard Work Patience

Dig into the roots of culture, and it will grow. It's like a grass that is growing, and it cannot stop, and music is like the fertilizer for that.~Burning Spear

Music Culture Roots

Some people see life as many steps up and try to forget where they are coming from, you understand? A little step in life on a commercial or a material level is a good step, but a big step does not mean a strong step - you tend to lose your roots - and if you don't be careful, you can fall.~Burning Spear

Life Good Strong

A lot of things encouraged me to start my label. I think it's very important for an artist to know how many records they've sold and where they've sold. I know that I have never been treated the way I'm supposed to be treated - like an artist. That's why I do things for myself. I feel like I'm a free man.~Burning Spear

Myself Man Artist

Rasta is to know. Rasta is to answer, which is the final step.~Burning Spear

Step Know Answer

I feel that no one should be ashamed or have fear or doubt within themselves when they speak about the roots or Africa wherein I and I originate from. It's like an individual who tries to disown himself, and to me, it is a form of defeat by disowning yourself.~Burning Spear

Fear Roots Yourself

I've been singing about love a long time now, because my kind of love carries a different flavor. My lyrics are not so outrageous as some. You have to think about a lot of different things. You get more mature with what you do - more experience, more capable, you know, the older you get.~Burning Spear

Love Time Experience

If I walk away from music, I walk away from myself.~Burning Spear

Music Myself Walk

Every musician tries to blend in some reggae. It's the only music that brings all people together, different races, different religions.~Burning Spear

Music Together People

I'm not a rich person financially, but I am in mind and soul. I have so much energy and strength, and I can do a lot of things that make me, and I think my fans, quite happy. When everything's gone, music alone shall live on.~Burning Spear

Music Strength Happy

When Marcus Garvey spoke about self-reliance, he wasn't only talking about people of colour. It's like self-reliance in general, for anyone. Just keep moving and moving within the right direction, and everything will be all right.~Burning Spear

People Moving Direction

Music is creation. In reggae the lyric, the music itself, arrangement, that vibe, such melody - everything within the music moves the people, understand?~Burning Spear

Music People Creation

Music is more than just listening to it. People use the music for them protection at times.~Burning Spear

Music People Listening

We don't need no more danger, we don't need no more difficulties, we don't need no more misunderstanding, and we don't need no more violence. We need the people to see each other and know of each other, feel each other, touch each other, share with each other, and change hearts with each other.~Burning Spear

Change Violence People

There's more to being a musician than just making music.~Burning Spear

Music Musician More

Reggae music don't really focus on one thing, you know. If reggae music is speaking about the struggle of people, and the suffering, it don't mean black people. It mean people in general.~Burning Spear

Music Struggle Focus

I usually listen to various kind of singers. Curtis Mayfield was my favorite. James Brown, Tina Turner, queen of soul, I started to get that musical essence from that time before I even do my first song.~Burning Spear

Time Queen Soul

Music is my work, writing songs is my work, touring is my work, going into the studio is my work.~Burning Spear

Work Music Writing

I believe music is like medicine. Like a good tonic, it can open your mind, strengthen and possibly even cure you. Music can work on many levels, and nothing I know of possesses the healing force that exists within music.~Burning Spear

Work Music Good

Music is supposed to create an associate level, wherein I and you and you and I can associate without any misunderstanding.~Burning Spear

Music You I Can

I love what I do: there is no pressure. The music doesn't like pressure.~Burning Spear

Love Music Pressure

I like any music I can feel.~Burning Spear

Music Feel I Can

I'm in control of myself. I take yes or no from no one.~Burning Spear

Myself Control Yes

Whatever I do, I do for the universal. It's not like an individual thing; it's not like something from me. What I present to the people is for all of us, you know. I present music for the people.~Burning Spear

Music People Me

People have been listening to Burning Spear for a long time now, and they know who I am and what I stand for. Yes, I do address many of the same ideas from album to album, adding only a little different flavor or coloring. Yes, the message has remained virtually the same because the issues haven't gone away yet.~Burning Spear

Time I Am People

As a person, I've been in the business since 1969, and I never remember getting an honest count based upon how many records been sold for Burning Spear.~Burning Spear

Business Remember Honest