Burgess Owens, American Athlete ( August 2, 1951 - )

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It was the understanding of the power of perception that allowed the Martin Luther King, Jr. generations to stay true to the strategy of non-violence, refusing to retaliate when every emotional instinct would justify them doing so.~Burgess Owens

Power Perception King

W. E. B Dubois used the NAACP platform for two decades to discredit the character, reputation, and fund-raising efforts of capitalist and Tuskegee University founder, Booker T. Washington.~Burgess Owens

Character Reputation

As a former NFL player, I am one American who will have nothing to do with any NFL Team that cannot find the corporate courage to stand for the millions of courageous past great Americans whose sacrifice gave meaning to our flag and national anthem and to the millions upon millions who still dream to come to its free shores.~Burgess Owens

Courage Team Great

I believe that my worth is not measured by what I do, by the honors that are bestowed upon me, or by material wealth that I might obtain. Instead, I am measured by the courage I show while standing for my beliefs, by the dedication I exhibit to ensure my word is good, and the resolve I undertake to establish my actions and deeds as honorable.~Burgess Owens

Good Courage I Am

It is no accident that this country has been blessed with its abundance and its history as the freest and most productive in the world.~Burgess Owens

History Blessed World

The NAACP was not a black-run, black-originated organization. It was run by 21 white, socialist, atheist, Marxist Democrats. It was the antithesis of Rev. Martin Luther King Sr.'s community at that time, which was capitalist, Christian, very pro-life, and pro-America.~Burgess Owens

Time Community King

In the decades since my youth, I've witnessed the explosion of fatherless families and an exponential increase in illiteracy and crime.~Burgess Owens

Youth Crime Exponential

We're dealing with whether we're going to accept the idea of socialism and Marxism and atheism. Or go back to the American way, Judeo-Christian values, which meritocracy is part of it. The idea that content and character and talent are colorblind.~Burgess Owens

Character American Values

The true fans were capable of not only painting their cars and homes their team colors, but also naming family pets and offspring after famous NFL all-stars.~Burgess Owens

Family Team Colors

On our way to the Super Bowl XV Championship, the Oakland Raiders played a frigid 1981 AFC playoff game in Cleveland, in which the temperatures plunged to -35 degrees. I remember looking up in the stands to see a dedicated Cleveland Brown fan celebrating topless.~Burgess Owens

Remember Game Looking

The Talented Tenth is alive and well today and visible in all arenas of prominence. 'That they may guide the mass away from the contamination and death of the worst, in their own and other races.' As they elevate themselves from the masses, they ensure their success and that of their fellow Talented Tenth friends.~Burgess Owens

Success Death Today

Dubois was the first black American to graduate from Harvard. He was accepted within the northern white intellectual circles as one of the 'best of his race.' As an avowed socialist, he was the only black member of the original 19 wealthy socialist founders of the NAACP.~Burgess Owens

Best Black American

Dubois, later in his life, would join the Communist party and renounce his American citizenship. His 'integration at all costs' message would, decades later, continue to influence the community's self-perception.~Burgess Owens

Life Community Influence

As a 10-year veteran of the NFL, I had a unique perspective weekly to see the heartfelt commitment of the fan. Regardless of years of disappointing and winless seasons, the true fans remained die-hard in their loyalty to 'the Team.'~Burgess Owens

Loyalty Team Perspective

As its citizens humbly recommit to an acceptance of guidance from the God of our fathers, our nation will once again see the miraculous resurrection of the proud, responsible, visionary black father. And with him, his family and community will be lifted.~Burgess Owens

Family Father God

One of these days, I'm going to stop learning through my errors.~Burgess Owens

Learning Stop Days

White Americans, stop apologizing; we live in the greatest country in the history of mankind, and it's there because of our ancestors - those who came to this country and did their very best. And every generation has gotten better at what we're good at.~Burgess Owens

Best History Good

It is not a fun process to run full-tilt toward guys who are running toward you full-tilt.~Burgess Owens

Fun Process You

We understood, growing up - 'cause it was taught in our family home, my mom and dad - to respect women, for instance. To respect yourself. That you respect your name. Those are the kind of things we were taught.~Burgess Owens

Mom Family Women

At the end of the day, there are risks; there's no question - in any sport, any activity.~Burgess Owens

Day End End Of The Day

Experience can be a great teacher.~Burgess Owens

Teacher Experience Great

I learned the major difference between college and pro football. In the pros, you're up against a top receiver almost every minute of time. In college, maybe one comes along every third game.~Burgess Owens

Time Football College

You learn in the pros that errors can be costly.~Burgess Owens

Learn You Pros

I played on the Jets during Namath's last four years, and we used to ask ourselves, 'When is it going to happen? When are they finally going to replace him?' We'd wait for it, week by week, but it never happened.~Burgess Owens

Week Wait Him

We don't have to wonder or drift with society; the Lord has a very strong and clear pathway of what is right and where blessings come from.~Burgess Owens

Strong Blessings Society

You learn after losing quite a bit, year after year, that you have to continue to work hard, stay tough, and endure to the end before it's going to work out.~Burgess Owens

Work End Work Hard