Buck Leonard, American Athlete ( September 8, 1907 - November 27, 1997 )

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I only wish I could have played in the big leagues when I was young enough to show what I could do. When an offer was given to me to join up, I was too old, and I knew it.~Buck Leonard

Me Wish Young

In the Negro Leagues, I played every day.~Buck Leonard

Day Every Day Every

I was not bitter by not being allowed to play in the major leagues. I just said, 'The time has not come.'~Buck Leonard

Time Play Said

We in the Negro leagues felt like we were contributing something to baseball, too, when we were playing. We played with a round ball, and we played with a round bat. And we wore baseball uniforms, and we thought that we were making a contribution to baseball. We loved the game, and we liked to play it.~Buck Leonard

Baseball Loved Game