Bruce Smith, American Athlete ( June 18, 1963 - )

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I consider myself a gladiator.~Bruce Smith

Myself Gladiator Consider

I know I wore number 70 in high school, and then when I got to Virginia Tech, I decided to go with the No. 78, and from that point, I just fell in love with and I wanted to make that number special.~Bruce Smith

Love School High School

There's not a day that goes by that I'm not in pain. Multiple joints and things that I experience on a daily basis. It can be very frustrating sometimes and painful, but I'm very blessed.~Bruce Smith

Experience Daily Blessed

I forget a lot of things sometimes. I'm not one to sit here and complain. While I did not know the severity of what continuous head traumas could do to an individual and the mind and so forth, I'm not going to sit here and complain.~Bruce Smith

Mind Forget Know

The most I ever ate? In one sitting? Maybe four big plates of fried chicken, biscuits, chitlins, gravy. Then dessert. Apple pie, sweet potato pie. My mother cooked that stuff, good Southern food, and when I was 300 pounds, I never missed a meal.~Bruce Smith

Mother Food Good

As a kid, I'd eat at my mother's house, then go down the road to my girlfriend's and eat, and then sometimes go to my friend's house and eat again. I could gain five pounds in a day. In a week, there wouldn't be a scale to weigh me.~Bruce Smith

Mother Day Week

My parents did an excellent job of bringing me up with values.~Bruce Smith

Parents Job Values

Annie Lee Smith was my mother's name. My father's name was George Washington Smith. I have to tell you, I got all of my attributes from them, obviously, the tangibles, the intangibles. Particularly my work ethic, my dedication.~Bruce Smith

Mother Work Father

College can seem stressful, but you have just as much fun as you can. Those were good years. You didn't have to worry about bills or your 401(k). Life was so simple.~Bruce Smith

Life Good College