Breaux Greer, American Athlete ( October 19, 1976 - )

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I can look up in the air and see where the wind is gonna change direction.~Breaux Greer

Change Wind Direction

Hey, man, I toss a stick for a living. Gotta spice up that deal, y'know. Gotta stand out.~Breaux Greer

Man Living Stand

I can take more pain than anyone.~Breaux Greer

Pain I Can More

When you put a camera in front of me, I'm home.~Breaux Greer

Home Me Camera

I always had two or three jobs at the same time. I started doing yard work when I was 7 or 8. When I was 13, I got my first state job doing road construction. Between working, sports and school, I hardly ever had free time.~Breaux Greer

Work Time Sports

Even Spartacus needs a coach.~Breaux Greer

Coach Even Needs

I was not put here to be a background character in someone else's movie!~Breaux Greer

Character Someone Here

Dude, I throw a stick. Come on. I get paid a pretty good salary to throw a stick.~Breaux Greer

Good Salary Pretty

I could always throw stuff, starting with tantrums.~Breaux Greer

Starting Always Throw

Don't get me wrong. I want people to know who I am.~Breaux Greer

I Am People Me