Bob Beamon, American Athlete ( August 29, 1946 - )

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In Jamaica High School in New York, my coach was Larry Ellis, and he said I could probably make the Olympic team. He gave me something to shoot for.~Bob Beamon

School Team High School

I like to listen to my iPod and also play music. I've been doing percussion since I was eight or nine. Rhythm is crucial in long jump but also in life.~Bob Beamon

Life Music Doing

My participation in the Art of the Olympians is a natural extension of my athletic career. I find creating a piece of art in many respects mirrors my long jumping efforts illustrating that hard work and inspiration will always be the foundation for success.~Bob Beamon

Success Work Hard Work

I had to get beat to understand how to win.~Bob Beamon

Win Understand Beat

I think track is still one of the most exciting participant sports, but we haven't been able to capitalize on that excitement through television and the print media.~Bob Beamon

Sports Media Television

Whatever you do, don't do it halfway.~Bob Beamon

You Halfway Whatever

Basketball is big stuff in New York. If you're good in it, everybody respects you. Nobody would want to ruin your shooting eye or your shooting arm.~Bob Beamon

Good Eye Basketball

I always look back at when I didn't have a dream, when I didn't have a spirit. I didn't know what the Olympics was all about. I was just hanging out on the street. I was not humble. I was not a nice person, doing things that were socially unacceptable.~Bob Beamon

Humble Doing Dream

When you can't read or write at 14 or 15, in most cases you're headed for trouble, and trouble was finding me.~Bob Beamon

Me Finding You

I've found that there's a lot to invigorate in any country or destination - it's all about how you look at it. I've never really had any difficulties anywhere I've been. As an athlete, I used to enjoy being on the road and meeting people.~Bob Beamon

Road Destination People

Sometimes when you've reached a peak experience, you look for other peak experiences... I'd always been interested in art. I was looking for other experiences outside of sports. Art was a form of expression I had always liked a great deal.~Bob Beamon

Art Sports Experience

I'm Chief Executive Officer at Art of the Olympians Museum in Fort Myers, Florida, which was founded by my Mexico City teammate Al Oerter and his wife Cathy in 2005. It shows that Olympians can have another life; we have got art from more than 100 Olympians.~Bob Beamon

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