Banks, American Musician ( June 15, 1988 - )

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I'm also not going to explain something just because I said it in a rap. Take what you want from it.~Azealia Banks

Want You Just Because

I don't want to talk about Nicki Minaj anymore.~Azealia Banks

Want Talk Anymore

The beats are like scripts, and the raps are my monologue.~Azealia Banks

Like Monologue Beats

Nowadays when I walk around, I get noticed, which is kind of weird.~Azealia Banks

Walk Weird Kind

I don't live on other people's terms.~Azealia Banks

People Live Other

When I rap, it's just an extension of how I speak, and that's how I talk. If you don't like it, don't listen.~Azealia Banks

Speak You Listen

Life is the same. It would be the same thing if I were still working at Starbucks, having to deal with a manager, and a shift manager. This is a job.~Azealia Banks

Life Job Working

I've been making music for a while. And I could read about myself on the Internet for a while.~Azealia Banks

Music Myself Internet

Being brave enough to just be unapologetic for who you are, that's a goddess.~Banks

Brave You Goddess

I always say my music is like dark blue or black, like a punch to your gut that feels really good.~Banks

Music Good Dark

I'm very moody, so I dress for whatever mood I'm in. Sometimes I want to be a little more boyish and flowy and comfortable. Sometimes I want to feel a little sexier and more composed.~Banks

Dress Want Mood

It's a big theme throughout my music to just embrace everything about your own mind and to always feel powerful. It's not just a feminine thing, but for men, too, whether they feel weak, or strong or crazy or reclusive. I want everyone to feel powerful no matter what little beasts they have in their head.~Banks

Music Strong Men

Every artist is an artist, and every heartbeat is a heartbeat.~Banks

Artist Heartbeat Every

When you broaden the little box that you've been living in for so long, it can be very uncomfortable at first.~Banks

Living Long You

I have freckles; I don't like covering up too much. I like things dewy and natural, and I think that having moisture in your skin is really beautiful and youthful - sometimes that's more important than coverage.~Banks

Beautiful Important Think

Nothing I do is thought out or planned or premeditated. It's just that I'm breathing and living! You just have to breathe and live.~Banks

Living Live Nothing

I like rap. I like anything with soul. I like anything you can feel, anything that makes you think that the artist had to make that song, or they were going to go crazy.~Banks

Soul Crazy Artist

Once I discovered how important writing music was to me and just what a huge weight it lifted off of me, I knew that it was going to be the biggest part of my life, the biggest love of my life, the biggest thing in my life.~Banks

Life Love Music

If you meet me, you might not get to know me. If you hear my music? You'll get to know me.~Banks

Music Me You

I grew up in L.A. I actually grew up in the Valley, which was a pretty amazing place to grow up because everybody has nice, big backyards, and I was kind of a little nature being.~Banks

Nature Amazing Grow Up

My voice has always been kind of distinct - even when I was four years old, my mom told me that people would be like, 'Why does your daughter always sound like a chain smoker?' I've always had this deep, raspy voice.~Banks

Mom Daughter Deep

It's so inspiring to be around other people who have ideas you haven't thought of, and all of a sudden you're like, 'Wow! That's so amazing!' I definitely want everything I do to just get better and better.~Banks

People Amazing Better

I got into writing music when I was, like, 14 or 15. It was a very private thing for me because I used it as an outlet and emotional release. I kept it very close to myself and didn't tell too many people about it.~Banks

Music Myself Writing

I'm very passionate, very emotional, very sensitive. I've always been like that.~Banks

Emotional Passionate

I love Lauryn Hill, Tracy Chapman, Fiona Apple. People like that. People you can really connect to on the most basic human level.~Banks

Love People You

I used to swallow people's energies, and then I learned, as I got older, that I'm too sensitive, and I had to stop doing that. Now I don't take as much in.~Banks

People Doing Now

I know every line to 'The Little Rascals.'~Banks

Know Line Little

I have a very feminine voice when I write, a very womanly point of view. My last name feels strong and powerful. To me, it's almost a bit masculine. I like the dichotomy of the two. Two sides perfectly represented within my name.~Banks

Strong Powerful Me

I love fashion. I like dressing how I feel, and my music shows how I feel - they go hand in hand. My performance style is pretty much the same as my everyday style.~Banks

Love Music Style

I tend to wear all black. I like feeling sexy, feminine, effortless, and real.~Banks

Sexy Black Feeling

I love grey. My mom told me that when I was younger, I would get mildly depressed when it was grey all the time. I'd be darker when it was dark out. But as an adult, I really love it.~Banks

Mom Love Time

I've never really been into social media - I don't have a Facebook; I don't do Twitter or Instagram or anything.~Banks

Social Media Media Never

When I'm writing, it's the weirdest thing: it's not even a conscious process. I'm not even thinking when I write, and then all of a sudden, I'll have a song that makes me feel so much better than I did before.~Banks

Thinking Writing Me

Music is almost like a therapy for me. It helps keep me centered and think straight. Before I discovered it, I was walking around, and it felt like there were 25 extra pounds of gravity on my shoulders. It's like you're mute or something.~Banks

Music Walking Me

Graffiti's always been a temporary art form. You make your mark and then they scrub it off.~Banksy

Art You Always

I don't know why people are so keen to put the details of their private life in public; they forget that invisibility is a superpower.~Banksy

Life People Details

All graffiti is low-level dissent, but stencils have an extra history. They've been used to start revolutions and to stop wars.~Banksy

History Start Stop

I wouldn't want to be remembered as the guy who contaminated a perfectly legitimate form of protest art with money and celebrities.~Banksy

Art Money Want

Should graffiti be judged on the same level as modern art? Of course not: It's way more important than that.~Banksy

Art Important Way

I give away thousands of paintings for free.~Banksy

Free Away Give

I love the way capitalism finds a place - even for its enemies.~Banksy

Love Capitalism Place

You live in the city and all the time there are signs telling you what to do and billboards trying to sell you something.~Banksy

Time Trying City

There's obviously nothing wrong with selling your art - only an idiot with a trust fund would tell you otherwise. But it's confusing to know how far you should take it.~Banksy

Art Trust Nothing

It's great, I guess, when your paintings are hanging up in a museum.~Banksy

Great Museum Up

I started painting graffiti in the classic New York style of big letters and characters but I was never very good at it.~Banksy

Good Style Painting

Since the beginning, Native Peoples lived a life of being in harmony with all that surrounds us.~Dennis Banks

Life Beginning Harmony

It is an understanding with the Great Spirit or Creator that we will follow these ways.~Dennis Banks

Great Understanding Spirit

Even the people who come our way look upon us in amazement, that we run only for the healing of Mother Earth.~Dennis Banks

Mother Mother Earth Earth

And Americans realized that native people are still here, that they have a moral standing, a legal standing.~Dennis Banks

People Legal Moral

In 1978, the tradition of running from village to village with a message was revived. that first run was from Davis to Los Angeles, a distance of 500 miles.~Dennis Banks

Tradition Distance Message

I have a Father's Day every day.~Dennis Banks

Father Father's Day Day

When you have a spiritual foundation, you look at poverty differently then.~Dennis Banks

Spiritual Poverty Look

The Sun, Moon and Stars are there to guide us.~Dennis Banks

Sun Stars Moon

In 1967 the last Unity Caravan was held.~Dennis Banks

Unity Last Caravan

It also called upon traditional people in the Four Directions to strengthen the healing ceremonies and asked people to heed the warnings of Mother Earth.~Dennis Banks

Mother Mother Earth Earth

To be selected was an honor, and in respect of the family member chosen to run, families held feasts and gave away prized beaver coats, quilled tobacco bags and buffalo hides.~Dennis Banks

Family Respect Honor

Most importantly, the meaning of spirituality lays the seeds for our destiny and the path we must follow.~Dennis Banks

Path Destiny Meaning

I'm on this road for the rest of my life.~Dennis Banks

Life Road My Life

When we arrived in Japan in 1988, we were not prepared for the overwhelming support shown to us.~Dennis Banks

Support Prepared Japan

Every man should see the birth of his children.~Dennis Banks

Children Man Birth

In 1990 we ran across Europe through 13 countries and covering 7,130 miles.~Dennis Banks

Europe Miles Covering

Many young Japanese were hearing for the first time the words of Native people from the West.~Dennis Banks

Time Words People

The Canadian run can be no different, at least in terms of actual running.~Dennis Banks

Different Run Running

I will never forget the pleasure and instruction I derived from working with a true master of his art, such as Edward G. Robinson was - and is. Surely his record for versatility, studied characterization - ranging from modern colloquial to the classics - and artistic integrity is unsurpassed.~Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Art Integrity Never Forget

I had no particular desire to be a personality like my father, nor was I equipped to be one. I was determined to be my own man, although having the Fairbanks name did make it easier to get into an office to see someone.~Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Father Personality Man

I was only saying to the Queen the other day how I hate name dropping.~Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Day Hate Queen

I never tried to emulate my father. Anyone trying to do that would be a second-rate carbon copy.~Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Father Trying Copy

I am not a socialite, though I seem to have got the reputation for being one. I have some very good friends who happen to be in so-called Society; but Society as such is a bore and holds no fascination for me.~Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Good Friends I Am

I never kissed my father until he was on his death bed.~Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Death Father Never

Curiously enough, I was one of the first to have some say in Hollywood. By sheer accident, I had four successes in a row in the early 30's and, although I was still in my 20's, I demanded and received approval of cast, story and director. I don't know how I got away with it, but I did!~Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Story Early Know

What has always been at the heart of film making was the value of a script. It was really the writer who could make or break a film. But as we all know, the writer has always been at the bottom of the creative heap.~Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Heart Creative Value

My father and Mary Pickford were the reigning stars of not just Hollywood but of the world. Well, to bear my father's name was hard enough, but to work in pictures to boot was pretty foolhardy. In fact, my father was totally against it. He thought I should be off getting a good education and go into some safe profession.~Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Education Work Father

I was a shy, awkward sort of a boy and my father's frequent absences from home, along with my hero worship for him, made me even shyer.~Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Home Father Hero

The Joan Crawford that I've heard about in 'Mommie Dearest' is not the Joan Crawford I knew back when.~Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Back Heard Joan

In my day, the only people who achieved real independence were my father, Mary Pickford and Charles Chaplin, who, with D. W. Griffith, formed United Artists. Other than that, everybody belonged to the big studios. They had no say in their own careers.~Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Father Day People

If you really want to know someone, you must see their emotions off guard. That's how I know Joan Crawford could never have been cruel to her children. I really knew her, when she was still Billie, as she liked to be called in the early days. In a relationship as close as ours, I had the chance to see her in every kind of personal situation.~Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Children Relationship

I've often accused my grandchildren of never having seen one of my films.~Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

Grandchildren Never Seen

Real laughter is spontaneous. Like water from the spring it bubbles forth a creation of mingled action and spontaneity - two magic potions in themselves - the very essence of laughter - the unrestrained emotion within us!~Douglas Fairbanks

Spring Laughter Water

Mind you, physical training doesn't necessarily mean going to an expert for advice. One doesn't have to make a mountain out of a molehill. Get out in the fresh air and walk briskly - and don't forget to wear a smile while you're at it. Don't over-do. Take it easy at first and build on your effort day by day.~Douglas Fairbanks

Smile Day Mountain

There is one thing in this good old world that is positively sure - happiness is for all who strive to be happy - and those who laugh are happy. Everybody is eligible - you - me - the other fellow. Happiness is fundamentally a state of mind - not a state of body.~Douglas Fairbanks

Happiness Happy Good

Self-depreciation is a disease. Once it gets a hold on us - good-bye!~Douglas Fairbanks

Hold Disease Once

The man that's out to do something has to keep in high gear all the time.~Douglas Fairbanks

Time Man High

Indeed it is possible to stand with one foot on the inevitable 'banana peel' of life with both eyes peering into the Great Beyond, and still be happy, comfortable, and serene - if we will even so much as smile.~Douglas Fairbanks

Life Smile Happy

The man who puts life into an idea is acclaimed a genius, because he does the right thing at the right time. Therein lies the difference between the genius and a commonplace man.~Douglas Fairbanks

Life Time Man

We all have ambitions, but only the few achieve. A man thinks of a good thing and says: 'Now if I only had the money I'd put that through.' The word 'if' was a dent in his courage. With character fully established, his plan well thought out, he had only to go to those in command of capital and it would have been forthcoming.~Douglas Fairbanks

Money Good Courage

In taking stock of ourselves, we should not forget that fear plays a large part in the drama of failure. That is the first thing to be dropped. Fear is a mental deficiency susceptible of correction, if taken in hand before it gains an ascendency over us. Fear comes with the thought of failure.~Douglas Fairbanks

Fear Failure Forget

People are divided into two classes - those who profit by experience and those who do not. The unfortunate part of it all is that the latter class is by far the larger of the two.~Douglas Fairbanks

Experience People Class

The man who is gloomy, taciturn and lives in a world of doubt seldom achieves more than a bare living. There have been a few who have groaned their way through to a competence, but in proportion to that overwhelming number of souls who carry cheer through life, they are as nothing - mere drops in the bucket.~Douglas Fairbanks

Life Man World

Someone told me that having a baby is like having your heart walking around outside of your body, and I didn't understand it until I had a baby. Now, like, everything he does literally crushes my heart. In a great way. And then if he's in pain, it's like my whole endeavor is to make sure he's not in pain.~Elizabeth Banks

Heart Great Pain

I am not afraid of much. I kill all the spiders in my house, and I'm planning to go skydiving. I am into girl power, and I'm very self-sufficient.~Elizabeth Banks

Power I Am Girl

Normally for photo shoots I get a full wax, some tanning, a facial.~Elizabeth Banks

Photo Some Get

I don't stay in my trailer. I like to sit in video village, probably to the annoyance of some producers and directors, because they really love to talk about actors, and they can't in front of me.~Elizabeth Banks

Love Me Talk

I'm very genetically blessed; I cannot deny it, but I work hard at keeping myself together. Yes, I have nice cheekbones and skinny legs, but I can't take any credit for it.~Elizabeth Banks

Work Myself Blessed

Klutziness is endearing. I like imperfection.~Elizabeth Banks

Imperfection Like

My father always made an amazing meatloaf, and I've inherited his skill. Leftover meatloaf in a sandwich? Come on!~Elizabeth Banks

Father Amazing Skill

Predicting what content is going to fly is like looking into a crystal ball. I try not to say, 'Yeah, 'Bridesmaids' opened the door to make more movies about women.' I mean, did it? I don't know; where are they?~Elizabeth Banks

Women Fly Door

I'm not a fan of plastic surgery. Oh, and I've never had a wax in my life. Waxing makes no sense to me because you have to grow it out to wax it.~Elizabeth Banks

Life My Life Me

'Hunger Games' is a tried-and-true tale about a totalitarian society. It's more similar to China than America, but it's also similar to Nazi Germany and anywhere where the populace gets semi-brainwashed into serving the agenda of a very few.~Elizabeth Banks

Society America Hunger

My father is a huge horse racing fan, so I was introduced to the sport long before 'Seabiscuit.' But the role made me an even bigger fan. Horse racing is one of my favorite sports.~Elizabeth Banks

Sports Father Horse

One predictor for divorce is contempt, which to me is just another word for disrespect.~Elizabeth Banks

Me Disrespect Divorce

I love working with a stylist but I also love having personal relationships with designers. A stylist is great for pulling together an entire outfit, accessories included, and for shaking me out of my comfort zone.~Elizabeth Banks

Love Great Together

I like my coffee light.~Elizabeth Banks

Light Coffee Like

I actually think that secrets are just a part of human nature and that everybody should have some.~Elizabeth Banks

Nature Human Nature Think

I love physical comedy. I love Oscar Wilde, I love Shakespeare comedies, I love improv.~Elizabeth Banks

Love Comedy Physical

Every once in a while I play a true idiot, and they're really fun to play.~Elizabeth Banks

Fun Play True

When I was in college I was accused of being a goody two-shoes. But every goody two-shoes has a bad side.~Elizabeth Banks

College Bad Side

Your funny gets developed pretty early on. Comedy requires that you understand as much as possible about the viewpoints of all people and everything that's going on around you. It genuinely requires a true point of view, a real sense of your own view of things in the world.~Elizabeth Banks

Funny World People

You have got to have an agent. It's a business. But I think there is a way to be artful and commercial at the same time.~Elizabeth Banks

Time Business You

If I ever complain about yachting around the Mediterranean with Madonna, who I just idolized as a child, I should be slapped across the face.~Elizabeth Banks

Child Face Complain

I play Rock Band, which is Guitar Hero times ten. You can play with four people, so when you have parties, you have a real band. Nobody ever wants to sing, so I'm always the one throwing down on the mic.~Elizabeth Banks

Hero People Guitar

Most men I know rely on women to do all the literal dirty work.~Elizabeth Banks

Work Women Men

When you live in a leading lady's body, which I do, you have to constantly prove that you are funny.~Elizabeth Banks

Funny Live Body

Violence against women is real and something I feel passionately about, and the gateway to all that is wolf whistling. It's allowing a man to impose his will on a woman who is just trying to walk down the street and live her life. It's all about unwanted versus wanted attention, and, of course, there's a fine line.~Elizabeth Banks

Life Women Woman

I suppose the best advice I ever got, frankly the advice that changed my life, came from my uncle who told me to go to drama school and study acting instead of taking a job, because he said the job would always be there.~Elizabeth Banks

Life Best School

It's a great day for a ball game; let's play two!~Ernie Banks

Day Great Game

Mr. Wrigley believed in this: Put all your eggs in one basket and watch the basket. They don't do that today. This is the old-fashioned way I'm talking about. He carried it on to his business. Do one thing and stay with it.~Ernie Banks

Business Today Talking

People ask me a lot about the values I got from playing for the Cubs for so many years. The value I got out of it was patience. A lot of people these days are not very patient.~Ernie Banks

Patience People Value

Loyalty and friendship, which is to me the same, created all the wealth that I've ever thought I'd have.~Ernie Banks

Friendship Loyalty Me

It was about 105 degrees in Chicago. And that's a time when everybody gets tired. I came into the clubhouse, and everybody was sitting around, and I said, 'Beautiful day. Let's play two!' And everybody looked at me like I was crazy. There were a couple of writers around, and they wrote that, and it stayed with me.~Ernie Banks

Time Beautiful Day

You must try to generate happiness within yourself. If you aren't happy in one place, chances are you won't be happy anyplace.~Ernie Banks

Happiness Happy Yourself

The only way to prove that you're a good sport is to lose.~Ernie Banks

Sports Good You

Awards mean a lot, but they don't say it all. The people in baseball mean more to me than statistics.~Ernie Banks

Baseball People Me

It's a beautiful day for a ballgame... Let's play two!~Ernie Banks

Beautiful Day Play

I learned from Mr. Wrigley, early in my career, that loyalty wins and it creates friendships. I saw it work for him in his business.~Ernie Banks

Work Business Loyalty

But it all comes down to friendship, treating people right.~Ernie Banks

Friendship People Down

Work? I never worked a day in my life. I always loved what I was doing, had a passion for it.~Ernie Banks

Life Work Passion

The Cubs are gonna shine in sixty-nine.~Ernie Banks

Shine Cubs Gonna

We lived near a supermarket, and whatever they threw away, we would get it, and my mother would make soup. Or she would get a big can of lard, a big can of meal, a big can of flour, a big can of beans, and fix the same meal for months.~Ernie Banks

Mother She Same

I don't try to hit home runs. I just try to meet the ball and get base hits.~Ernie Banks

Home Try Meet

My theme is, 'The spirit of friendship is the balance of life.' Not money. Not the World Series. It's friendship. The relationships I have with people, that's enough to keep me happy.~Ernie Banks

Life Friendship Money

Everybody believed you had to have a big piece of lumber and then muscle the ball over the fence. But by the time I and Hank Aaron - another guy who did it with his wrists - were through, there were a lot of guys ordering light bats and playing handball.~Ernie Banks

Time Light You

The riches of the game are in the thrills, not the money.~Ernie Banks

Money Game Riches

Another friend hired me to open doors for him in the moving and relocation business. I did that for 10 years, am still doing it. And I do some work for the Cubs, in community relations.~Ernie Banks

Work Business Community

Did you hear that? I didn't hear anything. Put that question another way.~Ernie Banks

You Question Way

I like my players to be married and in debt. That's the way you motivate them.~Ernie Banks

You Way Debt

The Cubs are due in sixty-two.~Ernie Banks

Cubs Due

No, I think the pitching today has more depth.~Ernie Banks

Today Think Pitching

During my time, there might have been one pitcher or two that were top pitchers on a team. Teams that won maybe had three, but today they have a lot of depth. They have a lot of long relievers, short relievers, and the strategy is different.~Ernie Banks

Time Today Team

It would be a lot different for me because there is a lot of information that you need to know about as a player. How pitchers are pitching you, how defenses are playing, certain situations about certain pitchers.~Ernie Banks

Me You Information

When I wake up in the morning, I feel like a billionaire without paying taxes.~Ernie Banks

Morning Wake Up Feel

I live for those who love me, for those who know me true, for the heaven so blue above me, and the good that I can do.~George Linnaeus Banks

Love Good Me

For the cause that lacks assistance, the wrong that needs resistance, for the future in the distance, and the good that I can do.~George Linnaeus Banks

Future Good Resistance

I live to hail that season by gifted one foretold, when men shall live by reason, and not alone by gold.~George Linnaeus Banks

Alone Men Gold

At that level, every goal is like a knife in the ribs.~Gordon Banks

Goal Knife Like

That save from Pele's header was the best I ever made. I didn't have any idea how famous it would become - to start with, I didn't even realise I'd made it at all.~Gordon Banks

Best Famous Start

I just think it looks so cool when a woman has a dirty martini. She looks so powerful.~Jillian Rose Banks

Woman Cool Powerful

Making music is an emotional thing. And when you're on a video shoot with 50 people there, you have to somehow, in a non-emotional way, say what you want and not feel guilty for it. And that takes growing up and that takes... not caring how people perceive you as much. And it just takes experience, I think.~Jillian Rose Banks

Music Experience Caring

I think social media is an interesting beast - you can't get too caught up in it. People can get caught up in it sometimes, but I think it's important to live in the present and not on the computer screen.~Jillian Rose Banks

Social Media People Media

L.A. is a really good home base. I've grown up here, and so sometimes I have wanderlust even though I tour. You think it would be cured by touring, but sometimes I feel like I want to be somewhere else.~Jillian Rose Banks

Home Good Want

I feel like my dream animal would be a mermaid that could fly and also live in the trees. She has a nest, almost like a bird. She feeds her babies like a bird, like, chews the food first and then feeds it to them through her mouth.~Jillian Rose Banks

Food Bird Trees

My approach to beauty is all about moods. If you want to feel sexy, if you want to feel feminine or, I don't know, boyish - it's all about how you feel at that point in time. My mood changes.~Jillian Rose Banks

Time Beauty Changes

Femininity can be a powerful thing.~Jillian Rose Banks

Powerful Femininity Thing

The most personal thing about me is my music. The most honest, pure thing in my whole life.~Jillian Rose Banks

Life Music Me

One of my favorite things is to try delicious different fruits from different places, in Japan or other places that have different fruits you can't get in the States.~Jillian Rose Banks

You Favorite Try

It's a big thing in my music to highlight being human - being emotional and powerful, like a goddess.~Jillian Rose Banks

Music Powerful Goddess

There's no separation between electronic music and acoustic music. It's all one thing. Each song has its own heartbeat. Each song has its own soul.~Jillian Rose Banks

Music Soul Song

I definitely drink lots of water. I use this Decleor Neroli Oil to moisturize - no matter what the climate is, it always makes my skin really moist.~Jillian Rose Banks

Water Matter Skin

Real pain hurts so bad. When you've gone through something and you've overcome it, you're able to heal other people.~Jillian Rose Banks

Pain People You

I feel more comfortable being confrontational and authoritative. It's important for women in this business.~Jillian Rose Banks

Women Business Important

I get so many questions in interviews about feminism, and I think the second you start separating femininity and masculinity and giving one more power than the other, that's like - everyone is a person.~Jillian Rose Banks

Power Giving Start

My music is inspired by my life: the people in my life, the people I have relationships with, the people I love, the people that make me feel something.~Jillian Rose Banks

Life Love Music

There are definitely a lot of creative people I want to work with. I wanna work with Drake!~Jillian Rose Banks

Work Creative People

Fashion is a huge part of music and of who you are. It really sets the mood for a show, and it's fun to play around with it. You can get really creative in photo shoots as well. You know, just having fun with it.~Jillian Rose Banks

Music Having Fun Creative

The song 'Stick'? That needed to be chunky and sexy. It's human. It's human to be the girl in 'Stick' and feel spicy as heck.~Jillian Rose Banks

Girl Sexy Song

I like Australia, but every time I'm there, I feel like everybody's being sarcastic because everyone's so nice.~Jillian Rose Banks

Time Nice Feel

I like wearing oils. Perfume makes me nauseous sometimes. It's too strong.~Jillian Rose Banks

Strong Me Sometimes

My identity started developing through the songs I was writing.~Jillian Rose Banks

Writing Identity Started

Social media overwhelms me.~Jillian Rose Banks

Social Media Me Media

My music is 100-percent me, so it's just who I developed into as a woman. I feel really grateful that I waited until I did because I feel like I really found who I was by doing that.~Jillian Rose Banks

Music Woman Grateful

I listened to pretty much anything that I could really feel, where I felt like the artist had to write those songs, where you can feel their soul and the pain and the happiness and love and everything.~Jillian Rose Banks

Love Happiness Pain

I think doing things that scare you a little is a good thing. A little bit of fear is never a bad thing. A healthy amount of fear makes everything taste better.~Jillian Rose Banks

Fear Good Doing

I love Russell Crowe's line to Oliver Reed in 'Gladiator' where he asks him, 'Are you in danger of becoming a good man?' It's one of my favorite lines ever.~Jonathan Banks

Love Good Man

I grew up in Washington, D.C. Suffice to say, it was not a garden spot.~Jonathan Banks

Garden Washington Say

I honestly do feel - and I hope I don't gag anybody if they read this - but I feel like I'm one of the luckiest people in the world.~Jonathan Banks

Hope World People

I've died so many times. I'm 65. On my 40th birthday, my girlfriend gave me a reel with ways I had died, whether it was by knife, or electrocution or drowning or being thrown off a building or whatever it might have been. I've died a lot of times!~Jonathan Banks

Birthday Me Building

I have no trouble walking around. But every once in a while, somebody will come, during the course of the day, and say, 'Oh, I recognize you from such-and-such,' and yeah, they'll make a connection. I think for the most part, people don't go, 'Where do I know him from? Does he work at the bank?'~Jonathan Banks

Work Day Walking

Forty-five years since I made my first paycheck, and I'm telling you that 'Breaking Bad' is as good as it gets.~Jonathan Banks

Good You Bad

When I walk onto a set, no matter what it is, I always do the very best work that I can. But I'm not braindead, and I want to do things that I want to do, you know?~Jonathan Banks

Work Best Walk

I've got eighteen-year-old twins that need to go to college, so there's still a financial issue, but I could retire tomorrow and just count ducks by the side of the lake, and that would be just fine by me. I'm not a high-energy guy.~Jonathan Banks

College Tomorrow Me

Boy I could do this forever; I truly enjoy bad guys.~Jonathan Banks

Enjoy Boy Bad

I grew up in Chillum Heights in the Washington, D.C. area., and it was never a garden spot. When guys go, 'Hey, when I grew up, my neighborhood was tough, and it was this and that'... the reality is that it was just a terribly sad place. And thank God, I was able to escape it.~Jonathan Banks

Sad God Thank God

Thank God for theater and film and television and my very, very, very lucky life.~Jonathan Banks

Life God Thank God

The funniest guy I've ever worked with - it's just one of those things, again, where we look at each other and just laugh - is Jimmy Byrnes from 'Wiseguy.' Jimmy - we can't be in the same room together. He knows he can make me laugh just by looking at me.~Jonathan Banks

Together Me Laugh

'Wiseguy' for its time was good. It was really good. And it holds up still. But a lot of the restraints have been taken off now.~Jonathan Banks

Time Good Now

If you had told me in the Seventies and Eighties that TV would be as edgy or edgier than most films, and more intelligently written than most films, I wouldn't have believed it. There's great stuff out there.~Jonathan Banks

Great Me You

Every scientist would like to be able to move through research faster, to spend less time and money acquiring material or disseminating it.~John Wilbanks

Time Money Research

No pharmaceutical company is making money by selling biological knowledge - they make money by selling chemicals. So getting as much of that knowledge as possible into the efficiency of the Web-commerce world is going to make it faster to find those chemicals.~John Wilbanks

Knowledge Money World

If a scientist is reading a paper online and clicks through to purchase material, there's value there. It might be a business model; it might be enough to defray the cost of open access. I just want to create the infrastructure that makes movement and sharing easier.~John Wilbanks

Business Value Reading

O, how glorious would it be to set my heel upon the Pole and turn myself 360 degrees in a second!~Joseph Banks

Myself Turn Glorious

Who knows but that England may revive in New South Wales when it has sunk in Europe.~Joseph Banks

May New Europe

If you stay in one place, you can only rap about one thing because that's all you know.~Lloyd Banks

You Place Know

I take things like honor and loyalty seriously. It's more important to me than any materialistic thing or any fame I could have.~Lloyd Banks

Loyalty Honor Me

We got extremely lucky. It's a tough business to work with.~Lloyd Banks

Work Business Tough

I see myself as a flashlight in the dark. I'm not trying to be overlooked anymore.~Lloyd Banks

Myself Dark Trying

When you get money you're always a target because there's always somebody who needs money out there.~Lloyd Banks

Money You Target

Ultimately a genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.~Lloyd Banks

Leader Genuine Consensus

You know, I feel that God isn't going to put something in front of me that I can't deal with.~Lloyd Banks

God Me You

I have family in Ponce. It's a shame that my grandfather passed and I wasn't able to be there with him.~Lloyd Banks

Family Grandfather Him

A true revolution of values will soon look uneasily on the glaring contrast of poverty and wealth.~Lloyd Banks

Poverty Revolution Values

I feel like I made it already, because I got already what everybody on the corners of the neighborhood I grew up in is striving to get.~Lloyd Banks

Feel Striving Up

I've seen and learned enough to keep my music fresh and spread out.~Lloyd Banks

Music Enough Fresh

In all honesty, at that time, I never saw myself as an author... I was just a Mom in a state of panic, trying to enter a short story contest to win the prize money in order to keep the lights on in my home.~Leslie Banks

Mom Time Home

I love the paranormal, because there, every genre I write can become one beacon for my imagination.~Leslie Banks

Love Imagination Genre

The story grew, got way bigger than the contest rules called for, and next thing I knew I had a book.~Leslie Banks

Book Rules Story

It was all a back-handed blessing, and my friends were the ones who kept the faith, read my work, and urged me to submit it to publishers (by sending it out for me - they would not hear no for an answer.~Leslie Banks

Work Faith Friends

I look at life, the experiences I've had, at the human condition, the dynamics between people, the news (world news), and draw from the compelling realities all around us.~Leslie Banks

Life World People

That has always been it for me: family first.~Leslie Banks

Family Me Always

The '50s in general are written off as a boring decade following the turmoil of the Second World War and its immediate aftermath - the postwar Labour government, the cold war, the arrival of the New Look in fashion, etc. But I remember it as a very exciting time - a pioneering, rule-breaking time, especially for the young.~Lynne Reid Banks

Time War World

The BBC is very good at period drama - world-famous for getting the details right.~Lynne Reid Banks

Good Details Drama

I remember the mid-'50s well. It was when my life changed, and I left acting to become one of the first female television news reporters in the U.K.~Lynne Reid Banks

Life Remember My Life

Innocence is ignorance.~Lynne Reid Banks

Ignorance Innocence

I find writing for children much easier. I don't mean it's less demanding - you've got to have a talent for it and you've got to work very hard - but you don't have to pull your guts out and lay them on the line in quite the same way as when you're writing for adults.~Lynne Reid Banks

Work Children Writing

Anthropology is the science which tells us that people are the same the whole world over - except when they are different.~Nancy Banks Smith

Science World People

In my experience, if you have to keep the lavatory door shut by extending your left leg, it's modern architecture.~Nancy Banks Smith

Experience Architecture

You carry forever the fingerprint that comes from being under someone's thumb.~Nancy Banks Smith

You Someone Forever

Agatha Christie has given more pleasure in bed than any other woman.~Nancy Banks Smith

Woman Pleasure Bed

I've had lots of replies, we're into the double figures now. And the overall standard is very good. In fact I've been feeling a little guilty, because I haven't replied to anyone yet - it is something I will be doing.~Peter Banks

Good Doing Feeling

I've wanted to do it for years, but every attempt at it has turned into another tune. We have actually taken a different approach, we're doing a lot of sampling - we're even sampling bits of Flash!~Peter Banks

Doing Different Attempt

There's not a moment on it that will sound too familiar, as soon as it sounds comfortably familiar then we like to do something with it to take away that comfortable feeling.~Peter Banks

Moment Feeling Sound

I'm not altogether sure what I'm going to do for that. I think it will be a lot more low key than the other two I've done. Dare I say it, a bit more relaxing.~Peter Banks

Think Key Done

And out of a desire essentially to imitate what I was reading, I began to write, like a clever monkey.~Russell Banks

Reading Desire Monkey

The 60s passed and faded and I grew older, and in 1987 bought a house in upstate New York, and it turned out that John Brown was buried down the road from my house and that he had lived there longer than anywhere else and his house was still standing.~Russell Banks

Road Down New

Lists of books we reread and books we can't finish tell more about us than about the relative worth of the books themselves.~Russell Banks

Finish Worth Lists

So the same cultural and political issues that divided us in 1968 are still dividing us.~Russell Banks

Political Same Still

Motivations are too tangled and complex.~Russell Banks

Complex Tangled Too

I much prefer working with kids whose life could be completely upended by a reading of a book over a weekend. You give them a book to read - they go home and come back a changed person. And that is so much more interesting and exciting.~Russell Banks

Life Home Book

If you dedicate your attention to discipline in your life you become smarter while you are writing than while you are hanging out with your pals or in any other line of work.~Russell Banks

Life Work Writing

For almost anyone who chooses to be a writer, since so very few writers are able to learn a living from their work that is equivalent to the living earned by the average dentist or accountant.~Russell Banks

Work Learn Living

John Brown first swam into my vision in the 1960s when I was a political activist in the civil rights movement and the anti-war movement at Chapel Hill, where I went to university.~Russell Banks

Vision Political Rights

I don't want it to be all that self-conscious or artificial, but it really grows out of my having invented myself as a listener so that I could hear her voice.~Russell Banks

Myself Voice Want

First of all it's usually women who run these higher primate sanctuaries, rarely men. They are white. They come from privileged backgrounds. They are educated.~Russell Banks

Women Men White

Chimpanzees are endangered. Severely.~Russell Banks


One of the things I have tried to do with this book and with all of them really is avoid that simple, easy, reductionist view of motivation and to show we do things for a complex net of reasons, a real braid of reasons.~Russell Banks

Book Simple Motivation

Nobody does anything for one reason.~Russell Banks

Nobody Reason Anything

The United States particularly abandoned Liberia after the end of the Cold War.~Russell Banks

War End Cold War

A couple of years I taught in graduate programs at NYU and Columbia, in the early eighties.~Russell Banks

Early Taught Graduate

The best thing about writing programs is that it rationalized the apprenticeship of a writer.~Russell Banks

Best Writing Writer

What I am finding now is that my audience is getting younger as I get older, which is a very good thing as you know - you don't want them to get older as you get older.~Russell Banks

Good I Am Finding

And there are people who want to be writers because they love to write. And they care.~Russell Banks

Love People Care

Through writing, through that process, they realize that they become more intelligent, and more honest and more imaginative than they can be in any other part of their life.~Russell Banks

Life Writing Process

I began as a boy with artistic talent... as a visual artist... I thought that was what I'd become and in my late teens drifted into reading serious literature.~Russell Banks

Artist Reading Talent

Although I still occasionally paint and draw, my life has now been shaped by my writing.~Russell Banks

Life Writing My Life

But really, it was reading that led me to writing. And in particular, reading the American classics like Twain who taught me at an early age that ordinary lives of ordinary people can be made into high art.~Russell Banks

Art Age Writing

It's hard to spend years at a time working in total solitude with no reality-check.~Russell Banks

Time Solitude Working

Storytelling is an ancient and honorable act. An essential role to play in the community or tribe. It's one that I embrace wholeheartedly and have been fortunate enough to be rewarded for.~Russell Banks

Community Play Embrace

But on the other hand, I don't actively seek out stories or hunt them down.~Russell Banks

Down Hand Seek

The Boss doesn't need friends, but the ones I do have, I keep very close.~Sasha Banks

Friends Boss Need

I call Boston home because it's where I started coming into my own.~Sasha Banks

Home My Own Boston

People are talking about women's wrestling, and that's all I've ever wanted since I was ten years old. I wanted people to talk about the women and all they could do. We're celebrating women's wrestling. People want to see us, and we're just doing our best.~Sasha Banks

Women Best People

When you have little girls bringing you your action figures for you to sign, it's like, 'Wow, things are happening, and dreams do come true.'~Sasha Banks

Dreams Little Girls Action

For me, I've always told myself, 'I can only do me in the ring.' When I go out there and perform, I can only do what Sasha Banks can do.~Sasha Banks

Myself Me Go

From my mom telling me 'no' to now telling everyone I'm the champion, and she's so proud of me, and to prove to a lot of people - who didn't believe in me, who didn't think I was going to be here - that I'm here, and I did it. It's been a roller coaster of emotions; it's amazing.~Sasha Banks

Mom People Amazing

I just remember that when I started at NXT, I had no character. I had nothing. I was just so excited to be here and just to be a wrestler.~Sasha Banks

Character Remember Nothing

We don't feel like we're famous. We just feel like we're doing what we love.~Sasha Banks

Love Famous Doing

Eddie Guerrero is my number one. He is the reason I am in the WWE - I wanted to be the female version of him.~Sasha Banks

I Am Reason Him

After a pay per view, I know there is TV the next day. But after Raw, I like to eat bad. I can have some pizza, French fries, a burger, live it up, a glass of wine - red, of course.~Sasha Banks

Day Wine Red

I told everyone that I was going to be a pro wrestler ever since I was 10 years old, and now I can show them that I did it.~Sasha Banks

I Can Old Now

It's really cool to see how many people try to imitate me or wear my stuff. I get a lot of Instagram videos of people doing my entrance. I think that's so cool. To see the variety of people, little girls, guys, doing it. I never really thought that would happen. It's amazing.~Sasha Banks

Cool People Amazing

I definitely would like to work with Nia Jax; she's something different that I haven't had yet. I didn't have someone like her to work with in NXT, so I think I would like to work with her next. I think that would be a great feud.~Sasha Banks

Work Great Think

I used to work at a hotel. I was the order-taker for room service. My mom worked at the hotel as an accountant.~Sasha Banks

Mom Work Service

First-ever woman to have an iron-man match. It's been such a long time, to be the second woman ever to main event a Raw.~Sasha Banks

Time Woman Long

I was born in California and moved around a lot. When I was 17, I moved to Boston because my mom got a job there. The moment I went to Boston, everything just felt right and fell into place on how I wanted it to be.~Sasha Banks

Mom Job Moment

When I was 12, I was living in Iowa, and I emailed so many wrestling schools, and one of them was actually in Boston. I joined it at 18 - the New England Pro Wrestling Academy. They were doing a fantasy camp. I was 17 about to turn 18. I told my mom, 'I'm 18 now. I just signed these papers by myself, and I'm going to do this.'~Sasha Banks

Mom Myself Living

I was in the independent scene for two years before I got the call from the WWE.~Sasha Banks

Independent Two Call

I've always known that I wanted to be different. I wanted to stand out, so my gear is very elaborate, very blingy, very loud, because I want people to notice me, want to look like me. The Boss necklace, the ring. I want everything big.~Sasha Banks

People Me Be Different

Back in the day when I started on the independent scene, guys would not watch women's matches, and if they did, they would do it to make fun of us.~Sasha Banks

Women Day Fun

I didn't want to walk into WWE and be someone who just does bikini matches and played second fiddle to the guys. I wanted to stand out, make people excited to see women's wrestling, and show them we can be better than the men.~Sasha Banks

Women Men People

The Divas Revolution didn't have the great start that I wanted it to have, but through time, it has got to where I want it to be, starting with the Triple Threat Match at Wrestle Mania. Our faces were in the middle of the stadium, which proves we are getting equal opportunities.~Sasha Banks

Time Great Opportunities

We are at a point now where people respect us and respect our work - the guys want to sit down and watch women's matches.~Sasha Banks

Work Women Respect

I get people who come up to me and are like, 'You make me wanna live my dream.' I was them, so I'm like, 'Me, out of all people? No way.' Eddie Guerrero did that for me, so to have little girls and guys tell me I inspire them, I didn't know that came with the job, but it's so cool.~Sasha Banks

Cool Job Inspire

I went from two-minute matches when I started with NXT to eight, to 10, to 12.~Sasha Banks

Started Eight Matches

It's really cool, the opportunities that NXT brings. Who would ever thought that Jushin Liger would be in this company, Samoa Joe, Sami Zayn? It's crazy. Man, I don't know, bring anybody. I want to wrestle with everybody. Even I want to wrestle Jushin Liger, so I'm jealous.~Sasha Banks

Cool Man Crazy

Self-love has very little to do with how you feel about your outer self. It's about accepting all of yourself.~Tyra Banks

Self Yourself Self-Love

I love the confidence that makeup gives me.~Tyra Banks

Love Confidence Makeup

Don't contour with blush - that's so eighties. It was an amazing trend then, but it's not hot now. Instead, go for a neutral contour color that's one or two shades deeper than your skin tone.~Tyra Banks

Amazing Color Go

I am a businesswoman who goes to work every single day.~Tyra Banks

Work Day I Am

It's not like I want to hop on a bandwagon, because I said it 15 years ago - bringing a child into your life who is not genetically yours is one of the most beautiful things you can do. But I'm also interested in having my own baby, too.~Tyra Banks

Life Beautiful Child

I've always seen modeling as a stepping stone.~Tyra Banks

Modeling Stone Always

I used to really panic about finals. I didn't understand the concept of how you could have one test that encompasses the entire semester.~Tyra Banks

You Test Understand

I don't wake up with naturally sculpted cheekbones - I paint them on!~Tyra Banks

Wake Up Up Paint

It's so important to understand your good attendance ups your chances of graduating.~Tyra Banks

Good Important Understand

You don't have to have a ring on your finger to say, 'I love you.'~Tyra Banks

Love I Love You You

Global warming will threaten our crops, so natural food will be scarce. Hourglass, curvy bodies will be the aspirational beauty standard, representing that those women have access to bounties of fulfilling yet healthy food, which means they are affluent.~Tyra Banks

Beauty Women Food

I wish I was harder; I wish I didn't care so much about being the nice girl all the time because a lot of the time people can take kindness for weakness, so I wish I had a little bit more 'oomph' in me.~Tyra Banks

Time Kindness Girl

Believe it or not, I don't wake up looking like a supermodel.~Tyra Banks

Wake Up Believe Looking

I grew up wearing a uniform to school, and now I have my stylist come to my apartment and create outfits for me to wear. Otherwise, I'd never get dressed.~Tyra Banks

School Me Create

Don't save bold lashes and red lips for nighttime - do it in the day!~Tyra Banks

Day Red Lips

Black women don't have the same body image problems as white women. They are proud of their bodies.~Tyra Banks

Women Black Proud

I haven't seen the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, the Louvre. I haven't seen anything. I don't really care.~Tyra Banks

Care Tower Notre Dame

I look at myself and pick out the things I don't like. No matter how much I work out, I never get muscle tone in my butt and hip area.~Tyra Banks

Work Myself Look

I love food and feel that it is something that should be enjoyed. I eat whatever I want. I just don't overeat.~Tyra Banks

Love Food Want

You can't model for the rest of your life, so it is important to diversify your career.~Tyra Banks

Life Rest Important

There's always going to be dreams and goals I have, but I never really tell people what they are.~Tyra Banks

Dreams Goals People

I'm competitive with myself. I always try to push past my own borders.~Tyra Banks

Myself Past Push

Models now need to promote themselves, think like businesswomen and diversify their careers by doing other things. Chances are very slim that a mere model will become a household name today.~Tyra Banks

Today Doing Name

I'm trying to build a strong business. I want to create new stars, new shows and new products for my audience and create a legacy that outlives me. There are so many other ways I want to reach women besides doing a talk show.~Tyra Banks

Women Business Stars

Smiles come naturally to me, but I started thinking of them as an art form at my command. I studied all the time. I looked at magazines, I'd practice in front of the mirror and I'd ask photographers about the best angles. I can now pull out a smile at will.~Tyra Banks

Smile Art Time

I'm a perfectionist. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it's okay if there are flaws here and there.~Tyra Banks

Myself Flaws Sometimes