Allan Sherman, American Musician ( November 30, 1924 - November 20, 1973 )

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You want to fall in love with a shoe, go ahead. A shoe can't love you back, but, on the other hand, a shoe can't hurt you too deeply either. And there are so many nice-looking shoes.~Allan Sherman

Love Shoes Hurt

I have always lived beyond my means. I am still trying to live beyond my means, but it is getting harder all the time. I am very rich.~Allan Sherman

Time I Am Rich

The difference between reality and unreality is that reality has so little to recommend it.~Allan Sherman

Reality Difference Little

Somewhere, over the rainbow, Way up tall, There's a land where they've never heard of cholesterol.~Allan Sherman

Rainbow Way Land

They sit there in committees day after day, And they each put in a color and it comes out gray. And we all have heard the saying, which is true as well as witty, That a camel is a horse that was designed by a committee.~Allan Sherman

Day Horse Color

Even if Scrabble had been invented then, I wouldn't have wanted to play Scrabble, because the highest triple word score in the world would not have expressed how much I liked the game Natalie and I played every afternoon.~Allan Sherman

World Game Play

Our act started at the bottom and went downhill.~Allan Sherman

Bottom Act Started

I didn't decide I was crazy until 1952. That's when I began making a steady salary and could afford to be crazy.~Allan Sherman

Crazy Salary Steady

Adultery - which is the only grounds for divorce in New York - is not grounds for divorce in California. As a matter of fact, adultery in Southern California is grounds for marriage.~Allan Sherman

Marriage Divorce Matter

It's a play where something went wrong, 'Cause it's five hours, twelve minutes long. If you sit there, my friend, From beginning 'til end, Then your bladder better be strong!~Allan Sherman

Strong End Beginning

In Hollywood if you are not working, you are a leper. True, you are probably living in the most expensive leper colony in the world.~Allan Sherman

World Living You

Success is like winning the sweepstakes or getting killed in an automobile crash. It always happens to somebody else.~Allan Sherman

Success Winning Success Is

When the great history of trouble is written, my family will stand extremely high in the table of contents.~Allan Sherman

Family History Great

Grandma cheated whenever she could. She cheated because it was a much more scientific and surer way of winning than trusting to luck.~Allan Sherman

Winning Luck She

I was having trouble making ends meet, and my beginnings weren't meeting either.~Allan Sherman

Meeting Trouble Meet

I had moved out of the Edison Hotel because I couldn't pay the bill and was living at the Lincoln Hotel, where I couldn't pay the bill either, but it was cheaper.~Allan Sherman

Living Hotel Lincoln

Well, you might as well imitate your own program because if you don't, someone else will.~Allan Sherman

You Someone Own