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As a music supervisor, you learn to embrace the best of every genre, and I really have to say there's nothing that I'm embarrassed of.~Alexandra Patsavas

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I listen to music two ways: As a person, you have an instinctive, personal, emotional response. But as a music supervisor, you have a secondary response, which is, 'Will this sit well under dialogue?' 'Can people die to this?' 'Can people kiss to this?'~Alexandra Patsavas

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I think it's important to remember that music supervision is not just about a fantastic record collection or knowledge of music, although that certainly helps for aspiring music supervisors.~Alexandra Patsavas

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In the old days, a TV sync was perceived as not so cool or whittling away at your indie cred. Now it's seen as much more of an opportunity than a sellout, as a way to find fans who wouldn't have ordinarily come across their genre of music.~Alexandra Patsavas

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The '60s were a time of great change in American music.~Alexandra Patsavas

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You know, I'm part of that first MTV generation.~Alexandra Patsavas

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I was crazy for music as a high school kid and a college kid.~Alexandra Patsavas

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I think that 'The Sopranos' uses music incredibly well.~Alexandra Patsavas

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