AJ Michalka, American Musician ( April 10, 1991 - )

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You kind of need to weed through who is wanting to be a true friend.~AJ Michalka

True Friend Friend You

My dream is to work with people like Meryl Streep, Michael Fassbender, Christian Bale and Cate Blanchett. To me, those are true storytellers - genuine people who have stories to tell and make incredible films.~AJ Michalka

Work People Me

I don't really have control over my path - only the Lord does - but I do have control over my decisions.~AJ Michalka

Path Decisions Control

I want make more records with my sister. I want to go on the road. I want to tour around the world. I want to continue to make great films and work with incredible directors that I respect and look up to.~AJ Michalka

Work Sister Respect

For me, I just want to continue telling stories - whether it's musically or theatrically, this is what I love to do. So, I want to create more.~AJ Michalka

Love Me Want

I don't think I have any celeb crushes!~AJ Michalka

Think Any Crushes

So many people grew up in the church, and you can have an awesome upbringing, but I made a personal conviction; I made a personal decision when I was very young. I enjoy going to church without my parents. On Sunday mornings, I want to go. Bible studies on Wednesdays... I have a relationship - not just through my parents.~AJ Michalka

Relationship Parents

I think you have to be guarded but not closed off.~AJ Michalka

You Think Guarded