Looking for a simple pregnancy calendar to annotate events during your pregnancy? Perhaps you wish to use it as a fertility calendar, or even a baby calendar, as a way to quickly jot down cute things and milestones your child is achieving. We used baby calendars as a temporary journal, before finalizing our entries into a nice purchased baby book.

April 2020 pregnancy calendar

A simple pregnancy calendar for April 2020 with moon phases.

April 2020 fertility calendar

A cute fertility calendar with just the 4 main moon phases at a glance. April 2020 fertility planner with moon phases.

April 2020 cute baby calendar milestones

A simple baby calendar to mark baby milestones during April 2020

Having a baby is probably one of the most exhaustingly, gratifying pleasures of life. Children are truly a blessing! Have a calendar ready to capture key momemts of your planning, pregnancy, and baby milestones on your journey into motherhood. Transfer your rough notes into a nice, permanent, baby book at a later date at your liesure. It will make a great gift some day!