Printable Rulers

Now why on Earth would anyone need a printable ruler? Sounds weird but I remember when I needed a ruler for my Third Grader's assignment, and there was not a single drawer in the house that wasn't rummaged. That's when I decided to look online and find some paper rulers to help out. So if you're in a similar bind, then you've come to right place. Our free printable rulers have been checked for accuracy against actual size rulers ( inch and metric ) and will most certainly suffice for your basic measuring needs. Any printer will do, but please print from the actual pdf to ensure accuracy. If you don't have a ruler, make one!

Printable ruler

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Printable protractor

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Printing tips Do not download and print from Adobe (could result in measure issues). Simply print the pdf from your browser, so you can size the output correctly. Do not "shrink to fit" etc, but rather print the image at 100% size. Always double check and test your paper printout by using a U.S. Dollar bill ( exactly 156 millimeters = 15.6 centimeters) , or some other standard sized object as a measure. Make some free printable rulers the easy way!