Printable Graph Paper

Can I print out graph paper?

If you have ever found yourself in a bind, and need some graph paper real quick, then don't worry, we got you covered. Our graph paper is available in several sizes, and is ready to print for free. Why buy when you can make your own graph paper free of charge. Graphing paper is used for many math, engineering projects by students of all ages. We have many line sizes and grids to choose from. Our standard size is 8.5 x 11. Hope you like our different options, please use as many as you want.

1 cm Printable graph paper

1 centimeter graph paper

5 mm Printable graph paper

5 mm graph paper

Quarter Inch grid Printable graph paper

quarter inch grid graph paper

Eighth inch graph paper

eighth inch graph paper grid.

Isometric graph paper

isometric graph paper

How do I print my own lined paper?

Do not download and print from Adobe (could result in measure issues). Simply print the pdf from your browser, so you can size the output correctly. Do not "shrink to fit" etc, but rather print the image at 100% size. Always double check and test your paper printout by using a ruler to ensure accuracy. Make some free grid paper the easy way, print as many as you want, and draw your math graphs with ease!

What is graphing square paper used for?

Graph paper is used to create scale drawings, mainly in math and engineering. Students learn to plot coordinates on axes. You could also draw basic bar charts by filling in squares. You could also make different kinds of mazes, games, art or anything you can imagine creating with lines and squares. Enjoy.