What information should I leave for my babysitter?

Checkout our collection of babysitter information sheets and babysitter checklist. Before you go out on your well deserved outing, please take the time and fill out one of these babysitter checklists in case it may be needed.

Babysitter information sheet / Babysitter checklist

A simple, handy babysitter checklist with lots of useful information available at a glance

Important info for your babysitter

You should always leave important information handy for your babysitter, every time, even for babysitters you've used in the past.In case of an emergency, the babsitter shall know to find all pertinent info on the checklist, rather than trying to look for it in a frazzled state. Include details like where you will be going, what time you will return, local police, and even poison control hotline. .

Important information for you

It is always a good idea to know if your sitter knows CPR. Write down important details about your babysitter like full name, drivers license number, car plate number, make and model.

Final thoughts

Enjoy your night out, though check in with your sitter once during the outing. If anything, your children will appreciate talking with you too. Its fun for them to tell you how thier little adventure is going.
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