March 2018 calendar

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10 Best Printable Calendars and why you should use them daily

They say failing to plan is planning to fail. In the age of the smartphone, we are seeing more people going back to good old fashioned pen and paper for their organizational needs. A tad bit technophobic perhaps? or are they are just wired differently? It's almost as though for some people, a commitment isn't official until it's written on paper.
Let us explore some of our favourite printable calendars and advantages that paper calendar printables have to offer, to name but a few :

1. Your month is easier to reference at a glance.
I like to be able to see my calendar, my to-do list, random notes, inspirational quotes, etc. All on the same page and especially one week at a time. My schedule is laid out so I can see everything. I especially love to annotate meal planning so I can see when I have time to cook, or when I need to have something quick. I also use the day boxes to remind me of my monthly family happiness goals, as all work and no play does not end up well.

March 2018 calendar

If you need a simple printable blank calendar and looking to waste a ton on ink, then Look no further! This printable calendar template provides the most space for your notes with absolutely no clutter. Simple, minimalistic, no unnecessary wasted space. This is our classic March 2018 printable calendar. Click on the image and print it out....Always for free!

March calendar 2018

This calendar is a variation of our classic blank calendar. It features a larger title, slightly different format, but still has lots of room for your notes and chicken scratch. Its rapidly gaining popularity, get your's today!

2. The act of writing something down on paper helps me remember better.
I typically remember things better when I write them down, versus a typing quickly. Its very helpful to have a physical record of what I've done during the week. Besides, the act of picking up a pen and writing can work your mind differently than when you place your fingers on a keyboard. Crossing out previous days may help you keep better track of your days ahead.

3. You won't get inundated with beeps, alerts, messages, and they don't run out of battery life.
I think in this day and age, we may have become a bit too dependant on technology. Besides, I don't have to learn anything technical, I don't have to worry that my battery will die suddenly, and all of my appointments for the day will be inaccessible. Perhaps a step back every now and then is in order.

March 2018 monthly calendar

Our classic simple blank calendar in a light Gray banner and Black letters. Still easy on the ink, and provides a nice accent. Very nice.

4. Easier to actually create the reminder in the first place.
Just grab your pen and annotate. Additionally, printable calendars don't require updates, or giving anyone access to your daily schedule. I love the ability to see my full schedule, and adjust accordingly. No matter where I am, I simply pick up a pen and update my monthly plan.

5. If you're a project manager, you can weave project work into your day-to-day responsibilities, operational, and management jobs.
The calendar offers a big picture view of the project and helps me see deadlines, split up the month, so that the right tasks are done at the right time. It also helps define priorities for the coming weeks. Keep in mind that calendars are easier to use and plan with than Gantt charts as they show more than just tasks, but also meetings and milestones.

March 2018 calendar printout

Our free calendar template available is also avilable in medium Gray banner, with Black lettering. Very nice

March 2018 printable calendar

A bit heavy on the ink, but our classic free printable calendar looks good in dark Gray, with white lettering.

6. A collection of paper calendars double as an instant diary.
Revisit your adventures years later! Sometimes I pull them down and look through them and remeber things in my life I would have otherwise forgotten.

7. A similar diary stored somewhere in the cloud feels less tangible, less real.
Instead of sitting down and thinking, What should I do today? I already have a plan mapped out for the week, right at my fingertips. No need to log into anything. A physical, tangible calendar is readily available for me.

March 2018 free calendar printable

Our classic simple blank calendar printable in a Black and White banner, with gray shaded weekends.

March 2018 calendar printout

Our free calendar printable available in medium Gray banner, with light gray shaded weekends

8. If you're a stay at home mom, plan your activities with your children.
Indeed, you can plan your outings, play-dates, spelling words practice, children's chores and so much more. Mark your child's development milestones, first words, actions, spaghetti sauce stains etc, on our printables, then get yourself a nice journal and transfer your notes (minus the sauce stains) for a great keep-sake.

9. And the best reason of all, they are free to download and use.
Let's face it, expenses add up quickly. Why pay for a calendar? Print out our monthly calendar templates, or create your own custom photo calendars for free. Add Holidays as you see fit. Perhaps a nice life quote to inspire you toward your goals
March 2018 motivational quote of the day
Know one knows whether death, which people fear to be the greatest evil, may not be the greatest good. ~ Plato   More motivational quotes...  

March 2018 calendar template

Our classic simple blank calendar in light Yellow banner and Black letters. Easy on the ink.

March 2018 printable calendar template

Our free calendar printable available in light Blue banner, with Black lettering.

March 2018 calendar template printout

Though a bit heavy on the ink, our classic free printable calendar looks good in dark Blue.

Still can't find what you're looking for? then try to build your own calendar, by using our free calendar builder tool. Add an image or a motivational quote if you wish and print.

At the end of the day, do you choose paper or electronics? Your choice, I say different strokes for different folks! Do whatever makes you happy. If you're in the paper camp, check out our site for easy to use, minimalistic calendars with lots of room for notes, and start your March  planning today. Get motivated, get organized, and go get 'em!